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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 444


+ posted by cloneofsnake as translation on Apr 17, 2009 04:05 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 444


Number 444: Answers

Naruto draws closer to Nagato!!

Nagato: オレが憎いか? Do you hate me? / 仇を目の前にし...復讐を成しとげたいだろう Arch enemy right before your eyes, you probably want to carry out your revenge, right?

Naruto flashback ( Pain: The chain of hatred begins )

Konan: Even if you take revenge and kill Nagato here right now, nothing will change in this world / All you'll get is self-satisfaction

Flashback (Pain: I formed "Akatsuki" in order to stop this chain of hatred )

Flashback (Minato (Naruto's dad): as long as this Ninja system exists / this monster called hatred will continue to give birth to people like Pain )


Nagato: You couldn't find the answer, therefore you can accomplish nothing / お前の役目はオレの創り出す平和のために犠牲になるというのが正解なのだ I was right to say that your role is to sacrifice yourself for the peace that I'll be creating


Nagato: At this distance / I can use my chakra to control your every move with my mind

Nagato: 安心しろ急所は避けてある Don't worry, I avoided your vital organs / 大切な人柱力だからな you're our important Jinchuuriki after all.


Nagato (He... on purpose...)

Konan: What's going on, Nagato?

Nagato (SFX: Puru Puru): ... ...

Naruto: I err... did plan to come here to talk to you / ... but there's also something I wanted to find out

Nagato: something you want to find out?

Naruto: I wanted to find out my feelings... / if my foe stands before my eyes... what will I do? I really don't know...

Nagato: ... ... and?


Naruto: I can't forgive you after all...!

Naruto: I can't stop shaking... 'coz I want to kill you...!


Konan: Impossible..! / he shouldn't be able to fight off Nagato's Chakra at this distance...!

Naruto flashback (Jiraiya: It's a good thing I have you as my apprentice!)


Naruto: 本当の意味で理解しあえる時代がくる When the pervert-senin said "the era when they'll understand the true meaning will come" / .... I said I believed him

Naruto: 適当にしか聞いてなくて When he said that, I wasn't really paying attention... / やり方の答えを託すって he entrusted me with that vision... / but I was just happy 'coz it seems he finally recognize me as his pupil


Naruto: as it turns out now... I finally understand pervert-senin's meanings / "it ain't that easy" ...

Nagato: Yet it still doesn't change the fact that you can't forgive me / キレイ事で許せるほど人の愛情は安くはない a beautiful experience to the extent of forgiveness, love isn't enough to do that

Naruto: yeah... / you're certainly right

Nagato: What Jiraiya sensei said was his idealism that is behind the times / the reality is way different

Nagato: You said you wanted to kill me / and bring peace to the Shinobi world, right?

Nagato: Even if that's the stance you take so you could satisfy you need to take revenge on me / if that's your justice then that's fine / ... you are no god


Nagato: 目の当たりにし This reality is right before your eyes / 戯れ言 Do you really believe in Jiraiya sensei's joke?

Naruto: ... When you told me you are also a pupil under pervert-senin... / there was something that I just have to ask you...

Nagato: What's that?

Naruto: As pervert-senin's pupils, how did you guys ended up like this?.... / I know nothing about you guys...


Naruto: I want to hear about it / and then give you my answer

Nagato: Fine / I'll tell you about our pain

Konan: That'll only waste time Nagato! Let's just get him now----

Nagato: Wait Konan...

Nagato: I want to know his answer


Nagato: There are two most painful experiences for me

Nagato: One is the death of my parents / かつて大国に巻き込まれ戦場となった雨隱れでの話だ That's the story of the hidden rain village which got dragged into becoming a battle field by the big countires

Ninjas: 何かあったか? Found anything? / ああ、缶詰だ! Yeah, some can food!

Ninja1: 四日ぶりに食事にありつける It's been about 4 days since we last found food!

Ninja2: いや、三日ぶりだ No, about 3

Ninja1: どうでもいい、早く食っちまおうぜ もう限界だ Whatever, just eat! I'm starving! / 後で別の所も調べてみるがまだ何かあるかもしれね We'll search another place afterwards, there may be more.

Nagato's Dad: Let's sneak outside now

Nagato: What if they spot us? I'm scared...

Ninja: うめ〜〜 This is good~~




Ninja: Who's there?!

Nagato's Dad: UOoooooooo!!

Ninja: Damn'it! The enemy?!

Nagato's Dad: Run! Now!!


Nagato's mom: Nagato, let's go!

Nagato: !

Nagato's mom: !

Nagato: Uwa!

Nagato's mom: Nagato... / quickly... run...

Nagato's dad: How dare you..!!


Nagato: aa....

Ninja1: he... is... / a kid...?

Ninja2: What's going on... these folks aren't Ninjas!

Ninja1: どうすんだよ?! What should we do?! / なんでこんな事に..! くそ! Why did it come down to...! Shit! / 敵と見間違えるなんて! To be mistaken as an enemy!

Nagato: pant... pant...


Ninja1: We couldn't have imagined there are still civilians living in a war zone like this / I'm sorry boy...

Text: A young Nagato, drowning in pain!!

Nagato: UWAAAaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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