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About LazyPrinzez

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From years of watching anime, I came to learn basic Japanese including grammar, syntax and tone patterns.

As far as translating goes, I'm totally a newbie, but I've first tried translating when I was a confused typesetter who didn't know what text to put in those unfortunate bubbles that were sometimes forgotten to be translated by the translator.

Last year I took up a Japanese subject course at school to stabilize my knowledge of the language. I now know how to read Hiragana and Katakana. Because the course was only for one semester, I only learned a few Kanji characters, but I'm getting by with the help of those little furiganas. I look up unfamiliar Kanjis with Google Translate and other online sources.

As for English, I'm pretty confident with it. I'm actually good at writing rather than speaking in English. Our country is weird: it kind of prioritizes International Communication skills so it's part of our education system to be taught English from day one at kindergarten; and there's that Neo-colonialism mindset, so yeah, rest assured, my English is good enough...well maybe except for a few typos. :D


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