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Translations: Gintama 490 by Bomber D Rufi

Beelzebub 2

Child Carrying Gang Leader Starts

+ posted by squirrellord as translation on Feb 28, 2009 23:35 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 2

02/1/1 Full of evil! In this outrageous school...
02/2/1 This is the prefecture's most evil
02/2/2 120% Delinquency Ratio Dilenquent School
02/3/1 Ishiyama High
03/3/2 Even more evil is...!?
02/4/1 Hey, look

03/1/1 It's Oga
03/1/2 Oga...
03/1/3 That legendary...
03/1/4 Kata Middle School's Demon, Violent Ogre...
03/1/5 Shh, he'll hear you
03/1/6 He seems to be in as bas a mood as always today
03/3/1 Sa
03/3/2 Sa Sa

04/1/1 Yo, Oga
04/1/2 Hehe, well aren't you full of yourself?
04/1/3 Today we kill you
04/4/1 Gah-
04/4/2 A shiv?!
04/4/3 Idiot, that's against school rules!!
04/5/1 Rattle

05/1/1 A...
05/1/2 Rattle...!?
05/4/1 Move yer ass
05/4/2 Hebu-
05/5/1 ...Wh...
05/5/2 Why a rattle...!?
05/6/1 -Geeze

06/1/1 What would you have done if you'd gone and woken Bably Be'El up?
06/1/2 Snore
06/2/1 Abu...
06/2/2 Snore

07/1/1 --Hey
07/1/2 My name's Oga Tatsumi
07/2/1 Do to some unexpected events, I became a father
07/2/2 I'm just a normal, run of the mill high school student
07/3/1 ----You
07/3/2 Why'd you bring it?
07/3/3 The demon king...
07/4/1 This guy is the idiot Furuichi
07/4/2 Yo
07/4/3 Just by looking at him you can see he's an idiot. Idiot idiot idiot iiiidiot
07/4/4 You're thinking of rude things right now, aren't you?
07/5/1 --Or rather!!
07/5/2 I'm asking why you brought that thing to school!!
07/5/3 Furuichi... Listen
07/5/4 My house is no-go now
07/5/5 Huh?!

08/1/1 My place's been....
08/1/2 Hijacked by that demon...
08/1/3 Give me a break
08/1/4 My place is far worse
08/1/5 It was half destroyed the day before yesterday!!
08/1/6 Hey, listen, c'mon
08/2/1 Flashback in place of discussion---...
08/1/1 Oga
08/4/1 Fuggedda'bout it
08/5/1 ---And
08/5/2 That's how it is

09/1/1 From today on, this child and I will be in your care
09/1/2 I am called Hildegard
09/1/3 Ada
09/1/4 I may be a little rough around the edges, but we're counting on you
09/3/1 Hey
09/3/2 Wait wait, saying it like that'll just cause misunderstandings...
09/4/1 Hm?
09/4/2 Is there a problem?
09/4/3 A big one
09/5/1 Look!!
09/5/2 All of them, without exception, are stunned stiff, aren't they!!?

10/1/1 ---But...
10/1/2 I heard this is how things are done in this country...
10/1/3 Who told you that, dammit!!
10/1/4 They've gotten the wrong idea from the very beginning
10/2/1 This country...? Is she a foreigner?
10/2/2 To think that Tatsumi would bring home a girl...
10/2/3 More so, a blond bombshell
10/2/4 Look at those knockers
10/3/1 Wait, even more important
10/3/2 This kid is...
10/4/1 I already said it, right!?
10/4/2 I won't accept being the parent!!
10/4/3 Parent...!!
10/4/4 Fufufu (the laughing next to Hilda's bubble)
10/4/5 What are you talking about all of a sudden...
10/5/1 After doing even up to that...
10/5/2 Up to that....!!?

11/1/1 It was honestly amazing...
11/1/2 Tatsumiiii!!
11/2/1 A bastard like you...
11/2/2 Doing that kind of thing, and this kind of thing, to such a beauty...
11/2/3 plus
11/3/1 Going as far as m-m...making a baby
11/3/2 Then on top of all that
11/3/3 You won't accept being the parent!!?
11/4/1 Wa-
11/4/2 No, wait!! That's wrong
11/4/3 What's wrong!?
11/5/1 Look at the kid!!
11/5/2 No matter how you look, it's yours isn't it!!
11/5/3 It has your eyes!
11/5/4 Aaa
11/6/1 It does not!! Take a good look!!
11/6/2 Oh, it really does
11/6/3 Let me see Let me see

12/1/2 Ahahaha, realy, how shameless
12/1/3 It reminds me of Tatsumi when he was young
12/1/4 Buuuu
12/1/5 So, what country are you from?
12/1/6 The Netherworld
12/1/7 The Netherlands?
12/1/8 Hee, your Japanese is pretty good
12/2/1 Ah... This makes me an aunt huh
12/2/2 Our women...
12/2/3 They accepted her so fast
12/2/4 Someone like me, an aunt...
12/3/1 Hi-.... Hi-
12/3/2 Hildegard.... San!?
12/4/1 Really, let me apologize for my disrespectful son
12/4/2 I'll raise him to accept the responsibility
12/4/3 Hey, you put your head down too!!
12/4/4 It'll be our plesure to welcome you
12/4/5 Oh wow (this conversation is the mother and sister)
12/4/6 A sliding bow
12/4/7 That's hard to do

13/1/1 ----No,
13/1/2 the pleasure's all mine...
13/2/1 Please, call me Hilda
13/4/1 You...
13/5/1 Cut the crap
13/5/2 You've completly gotten to my family
13/5/3 Do you seriously want to settle down here, you sonnova
13/6/1 There's no helping it
13/6/2 You were chosen by the Young Master
13/6/3 And, the dinner was delicious
13/6/4 You're taking advantage of us, both of you!!
13/6/5 *Sip* (Hilda)
13/6/6 Burp (Be'el)

14/1/1 ---Hmph
14/1/2 Besides
14/2/1 If I left with the young master
14/2/2 The one who'd worry would be you, right?
14/3/1 Huh
14/3/2 Whaddaya mean, worried...
14/3/3 Aaaa
14/4/1 Da
14/4/2 Piggyback requesting eyes
14/5/1 Don't tug on my leg!!
14/5/2 MYO
14/5/3 ...Wh-
14/6/1 What did you... You made him cry!?
14/6/2 Like I care!! Cry if you want!!
14/6/3 Uuuu
14/7/1 ... But... if the Young Master cries...
14/7/2 What

15/1/1 Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
15/3/1 ---... Something like that...
15/3/2 Don't "like that" me!!
15/3/3 You did that on purpose
15/3/4 There there (Hilda)
15/3/5 Sniff
15/4/1 I said it'd worry you...
15/4/2 By the way
15/5/1 If you go farther than 15 Meters away from the Young Master
15/5/2 Be aware that he'll cry at such a level that you'll die instantly
15/5/3 That's something to worry about, isn't it...!!

16/2/1 ---- And that's how it is...
16/2/2 This current circumstance...
16/2/3 Aaaa
16/3/1 ...Wa
16/3/2 Wait a second...
16/3/3 Then what?
16/4/1 You're under the same roof? With that Gothic Loli-chan?
16/4/2 With the Gothic Loli Gigaboobs-chan?! And your family approves!? That stalker wife?
16/4/3 What is this!?
16/4/4 What is this, this Love Comedy development!?
16/4/5 While my house is half destroyed, and I'm going through such hard times...
16/4/6 Why only you!?
16/4/7 That's what you got out of all this?
16/5/1 Are you an idiot? This is my life on the line, you know!?
16/5/2 It's not that carefree a thing at all!!
16/5/3 Aaa
16/6/1 ... Do you sleep together?
16/6/2 NO WE DON'T
16/6/3 Auuuu
16/6/4 Doki Doki
16/6/5 Flutter

17/1/1 SQUISH
17/1/2 HO!?
17/2/1 Oi Oi, seriously?
17/3/1 There's seriously a little kid here
17/3/2 Wonderful
17/3/3 I told ya, right?
17/3/4 If we want to get Oga, now's the time...
17/3/5 Kiddy, where ya goin'~
17/3/6 Baaa
17/4/1 Muuu

18/2/1 Grrrr
18/2/2 Grrr
18/3/1 Yoooo, Oga-kun
18/3/2 We heard you became a papa?
18/5/1 That's no good yo~~
18/5/2 You have to really watch kids close
18/5/3 Uuuu

19/1/1 Don't move!!
19/1/2 ---That's right, don't move...
19/1/3 ---er, huh?
19/2/1 I understand...
19/3/1 I undestand, so don't move any farther than that...
19/3/2 If you move, I'll beat you to death
19/3/3 O.... Ou....
19/3/4 Such intence force...
19/3/5 Isn't that what I'm supposed to be saying?
19/4/1 If you go more than 15 Meters, Instant death
19/4/2 15 Meters....!!
19/4/3 Shit... How many meters is it now... Dammit
19/5/1 Fufu... Oga's panicking...
19/5/2 Yeah... We can do this
19/5/3 ---Wait
19/6/1 Huh?
19/6/2 Who is it? We're in the middle of something...

20/1/1 Uuu...
20/1/2 You guys are...
20/2/1 Ishima's Two Headed Dragon...!!
20/2/2 The Sanada Brothers!!
20/2/3 We're the ones who get to kill Oga
20/2/4 2nd Year Sanada Ryuuichi
20/2/5 2nd Year Sanada Ryuuji (TL: Their names mean First Dragon and Second Dragon, respectfully)
20/3/1 Who?
20/3/2 OiOi...
20/4/1 You shouldn't one up me ya know...
20/4/2 2nd Year Abe
20/4/3 Killer Machine Abe!!
20/5/1 ---Oh my
20/5/2 2nd Year Shimokawa
20/5/3 Don't be forgetting about me
20/5/4 Even Good Night Shimokawa!!

21/1/1 Wha... What the hell...
21/1/2 This is all of the 2nd Year Leaders, isn't it!?
21/1/3 Yeah, who?
21/1/4 This school is...
21/2/1 Wha... Whadda we do...
21/2/2 This is bad...
21/2/3 ....Ku....

22/1/1 Welcome Home!!
22/1/2 I'm home
22/2/1 Matsukata-
22/3/2 You...
22/4/1 The next time you go away on your own, I'm gonna stomp you flat
22/6/1 Aaaaa
22/6/2 We're going home.... Geeze
22/6/3 You made me shit myself I was so scared

23/2/1 Hmph...
23/2/2 You're the invincible Rookie Oga Tatsumi-kun... right?
23/2/3 Though I don't think you look all that special
23/2/4 Is that really your kid?
23/2/5 We dun care 'bout that
23/2/6 Fight, Fight us!
23/3/1 Aaa?
23/3/2 What a pain
23/3/3 Yo... Don't you understand the situation!?
23/3/4 No matter what, this is bad...
23/3/5 Matsukata---
23/4/1 Don't you know!? These guys are Killer Machine and...
23/5/1 Ka...
23/5/2 Ha...

24/2/1 In...
24/2/2 Instant kill...!!
24/2/3 Alright, shall we go home?
24/2/4 Da
24/2/5 *gag*
24/3/1 ...Hee
24/3/2 Not bad, Rookie
24/5/1 Sanada Brothers!! Alright!!
24/5/2 These guys don't hold back!!
24/5/3 Yeah... The knife weilder older brother and....
24/6/1 I'll cut ya and the kid right in two

25/1/1 T...There it is--!!
25/1/2 Elder Sanada's Texas Chainsaw!!
25/2/1 Front and back Wave Attack!!
25/2/2 Dieeeeeeee
25/2/3 Even if it is Oga, this is...

26/1/1 In the way
26/5/1 Let's go
26/5/2 Da
26/6/1 Rattle Rattle
26/6/2 ---...Thus
26/6/3 Breath...
26/6/4 In one breath...
26/7/1 The legend of the delinquent leader,
26/7/2 who will shoot all of the country's delinquents to the deepest level of fear...
26/7/3 Child Carrying Gang Leader Beelzebub...
26/8/1 ...Hmph
26/8/2 Began

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#1. by Maxy Barnard (Scanlator)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
amazingly efficient Squirrellord!
thanks for keeping it up
#2. by dohlkg (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
Good work, but the 3rd panel of page 19 (the middle panel) is missing 2 thoughts bubbles (untranslated)...
#3. by squirrellord (Translator)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
Whoops, you're right! Sorry.

10/3/4 Extreme force...
10/3/5 Isn't that my line?
#4. by gumin/zx (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
#5. by Mr. Death (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
Hey you are missing text on page2, all of it wasnt translated...
#6. by jester_agr (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
the pages 25 and 26 are mixed
And the first page is missing

Thanks for translation

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