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baam twenty-fifth

  1. kkck

    Prince of the tower!

    Ok, I think we need a thread to discuss this topic. Since the second season began one of the main plot points (to the chagrin of many but w/e) is the whole prince of the tower thing. It was first mentioned by repelista some time ago. Apparently the prince is returning or something. The series...
  2. khaja_200923

    Discussion Molic one P.GR

    Po bidau gustang the leader of bidau family is being called as young man here and he calls the person on the radio as old gentle man. from the conversation between gustang and the other person, the least that can be said about the other person is way too older than gustang to the point where he...
  3. Art Jyu Grace Viole OST

    Hey guys! I recently composed a song for Jyu Grace Viole. Any comments and criticism are welcome. Hope you guys enjoy. And is it possible that I can post this on the naver blog? (I already tried to open a naver account and failed miserably) I...
  4. Jammin

    Discussion Tower of God Pairing Thread

    Imagine my surprise to look around in the ToG forum and find no pairing thread. Sure, Tower of God isn't super romance focused but that's no reason we should pointlessly obsess about that aspect of the series right? So which pairings in ToG tickle your fancy? I'll go with... Ship Leesoo X...
  5. Nii

    Discussion Baam's encounter with his old group

    I feel like this was mentioned a lot lately - how will Baam encounter his old group? And when will it happen? What are the his reactions and the ones of the old members? Personally I don't feel like he will meet the whole group at once but only a few persons - my guess and favourite would be...
  6. Host Samurai

    Discussion The Official FUG Discussion Thread

    Since we know that there exist another organization that is against Zahards regime. I thought it's a good opportunity to start a thread about it. For further discussions, because it's a given that this organization will be more focused on, due to Baam/Viole being a member of that group...
  7. shaheer

    Discussion Official Baam Discussion Thread

    our Fav chara Baam s discussion thread is open guys fire away with your posts
  8. Uriel

    Discussion 13 Month Series Discussion

    I'm interested in these weapons, since they hold more relevance than I originally thought. They seem to hold more power than anything and it's weird that it's delivered only to princess. If they're only deliver to princess why Black March has preferences to males? It's like it was never meant...
  9. ErosVp

    Discussion Irregulars

    Irregulars are without a doubt the most exciting characters in the tower. So let's speculate, make predictions and discuss about them! An Irregular is a being that has forcefully entered the Tower without being chosen. All the known Irregulars that have entered the Tower are famous for being...
  10. Nii

    Discussion Official Rachel Discussion Thread

    Probably the most discussed character right now. She always seemed like a kindhearted person and took care of Baam for a long time so everyone was surprised when she What are your thoughts about her? Was she a cruel/calculating person right from the start or did the tower changed her...