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floor guardian test

  1. TheBoss

    Discussion Headon Mystery

    Ok, Simple the most mysterious and omnipotent being in the tower. He is the one that chooses all the regulars, he can teleport to all the floors of the tower, basically he is the caretaker of the whole tower. The thing is: Do you remember that he was the one that made possible Rachel...
  2. kdowns

    Discussion Floor Guardian's Test.

    With Headon's test on the first floor where Baam had to enter the cage of the Steel Eel and pop the balloon with brute force. Then with the Second Floor's Guardian had Baam and Rachel enter a Shinso Bubble to get eaten by the Whale Queen and had to rely more on the help of his friends to...
  3. ErosVp

    Discussion Floors, Rulers and Guardians

    Basic info: For more info about the Tower structure: Tower of God's Author Blog Entry Translations Rulers and others High Rankers: The high-Rankers and Rankers Thread and others useful links: http://towerofgod.wikia.com/wiki/Floors http://towerofgod.wikia.com/wiki/Ruler...
  4. phio_chan

    Favorites Our favorite ToG tests/levels!

    Tower of God is known for the interesting tests and challenges in each level of the tower, with the level of hardship rising even higher as it advances. What is/are your most favorite battle(s) or level(s) in the world of the tower? What do you think so? Is it because of the interesting...