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grimoire heart

  1. Orgastthemage

    Team Ajeel and Neinhart vs entire Balam Alliance force

    What if two spriggans, mainly of the lower section of spriggan power levels, take on the entire pre-timeskip balam alliance. This includes all dark guilds associated with the alliance. Zeref wishes to test those who so diligently saught him throughout their lives, as Zeref fans. He sends to...
  2. Dranzer

    Fantasy Oracion Seis vs Grimoire Heart vs Tartarus

    Now I understand that this is a lot of people/demons to account for and there really isn't a way to logically get an answer because of various Time-Skips ect. But it would be interesting just on opinion. Time of the fight: Alavarez arc Place: All of Fiore (I understand it's large but there is...
  3. kkck

    Discussion Fate of Grimoire Heart?

    Ok, as of the end of Grimoire Heart there were a few members of the former guild who survived and whose fates remain unknown. The main members were zancrow, kain, meldy, urtear, azuma, zoldeo, rustyrose and hades along with bluenote. Out of them hades seems to be definitely dead. His soul...