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  1. Match Higa versus Hyotei

    Who would win in a match between Higa and Hyotei. I'm not sure what the match card would be, but I would think: Singles 3: Kabaji versus Hirakoba Doubles 2: Mukahi and Oshitari versus Aragaki and Tomoya Singles 2: Jirou versus Kai Doubles 1: Shishido and Ootori versus Tanashi and...
  2. Discussion POT from coaching point of view

    It's pretty clear during POT apparently most teams knows exactly the order your opposing team will play and can plan out their strategy exactly, probably because otherwise it wouldn't be too interesting if Tezuka constantly draws the fodder player of the opposing team. But let's say you don't...
  3. -Ken-

    Discussion Power Level Comparision (Schools)

    What school do you think will win? Feel free to make your own line-up, or used line-up from the manga. This include Shitenhouji Singles 3: Shiraishi Doubles 2: Konjiki-Hitouji Singles 2: Gin Doubles 1: Kenya or Chitose-Zaizen Singles 1: Kintarou Singles 3: Kintarou Doubles 2...
  4. Jyten

    Favorites Favorite Team

    So, what's your Favorite Team?? Hikogashima Tsubakikawa Gakuen Echigo Daira Daini Aihara Daiichi Fudoumine Ginka Gyokurin Hyoutei Gakuen Ikari Itoguruma Jousei Shounan Kakinoki Kasumi Daiyon Kyouyou Midoriyama Nashikari Gakuen Ooguchi Minami Rikkai Daigaku...
  5. Sherlock Holmes

    Discussion Nationals 3rd, 4th and 5th places.

    Who got them? (Assuming they even had 3rd,4th and 5th places in the first place) I mean, Shiten probably got third since Krauser is the only decent player in there. The only question is "WHO GOT CRUCIFIED?" Though Shiten couldn't use Gin because he broke his wrist against Kawamura. And the...
  6. javimgol

    Discussion What line-ups would be the best for each team?

    Seigaku: (3 singles matches plus Golden Pair, almost sure victory) S3: Fuji D2: Inui-Kaidoh S2: Tezuka D1:Golden Pair S1:Pinaccle of Ryoma Rikkai: (3 demonS in singles, a great D1 and and surprising D2) S3:Renji D2: Nioh-Kirihara (wouldn´t you love it?) S2: Sanada D1: Bunta-Jackal...