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izou hakamada

  1. Kaoz

    Bonus Round Doubles - Fuwa/Yamato vs Hakamada/Taira

    Doubles - Bonus VERSUS Serve order: Fuwa -> Hakamada -> Yamato -> Taira Have fun discussing.
  2. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Doubles 1

    Determine the strongest Doubles pair of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  3. Kaoz

    [Round 1 - Team 11 vs Team 12 Doubles 1] Hakamada/Mitsuya vs Tachibana/Chitose

    Doubles 1Hakamada IzouTachibana KippeiTitle - Wings of KyuushuSchoolHigh School 3rd YearFudomine 3rd YearHeight???179 cmWeight???67 kgDominant HandLeftRightPlaystyleAggressive BaselinerAll RounderTechniquesVanishAbare Jishi Abare Dama Moujuu no Aura Moujuu no Synchro - - - - Mitsuya...
  4. Ninomiya

    Character Forgotten Character Discussion

    This is a thread simply for the issue of Characters that seemed awesome but have been forgotten or left behind and other queries. To begin with, the likelihoods of Zaizen, Yushi, Jirou, Hirakoba, Ibu, Kamio, Sengoku appearing again? The likelihood of High Schoolers that have been defeated...