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jellal fernandes

  1. lord zeref

    Discussion Natsu Dragneel/E.N.D Thread

    Natsu Dragneel/E.N.D Thread Place to discuss Natsu/E.N.D, theories and predictions etc. Hi guys , i have a crazy theory about E.N.D if we rotate the word " E.N.D" we get this result as you see the letter E became M and N is Z as for the D let's...
  2. Laxus chan-yo

    Discussion Jellal Fernandes Thread

    This is a general thread for discussion regarding Jellal Fernandes. ~ahmadrizqik Actually Jellal was not able to defeat a Spriggan on his own. Kagura helped him by taking Simon out when Jellal was vulnerable so as of now Laxus is the only person with that honor.
  3. Discussion Jellal = Itachi

    As you all know Itachi played a great role in fourth great Ninja war. When Kabuto created edo tensei , he was there to stop the edo tensei and now in the latest chapter of fairy tail one of the Spriggan 12 Neinhart created Historia Magic on the battle field which brought back loved ones and...
  4. Summer

    Fantasy Mirajane vs Jellal

    No restrictions . They are as strong as in the current arcs. Mirajane have sayla and curse.
  5. Cat Sidhe26

    Simon revived by the Tower of Heaven?

    Ok first of all I wanna clarify that this is just a theory ,I´ve come up with through the hints given in the manga. None of this is a 100% confirmed to happen, Anime only watchers may get spoiled in the future,since I will be using and updating info till the latest chapter. Everyone who likes to...
  6. Arjuna

    Fantasy TOH Jellal VS Tenrou Bluenote

    TOH Jellal Heavenly Body Magic Abyss Break(Featless But Erza Believed It Would Have Destroyed Tower) Tenrou Bluenote Gravity Magic My Take is That Bluenote will win This Fight Low To Mid Difficulty.He will use Gravity Magic to pin down Jellal from using Meteor and Defeat Him.
  7. Arjuna

    Fantasy GMG Jellal VS Future Rogue

    Jellal Heavenly Body Magic Future Rogue Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Shadow White Dragon Mode My Take is Future Rogue will win this Fight Mid To High Difficulty.
  8. goldb

    Fantasy Laxus and Mirajane vs Jellal and Erza

    And now is their turn! These two couples are often touted as parallel badass couples. No restrictions. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  9. goldb

    Canon Jura Neekis vs Jellal Fernandes

    A battle of Wizard Saints; one current and one former. Having previously already met in the Grand Magic Games, with Jellal under the guise of Mystogan, this rematch will allow Jellal a chance to try and best the earth magic user. The battle again is held again in the Domus Flau arena, with...
  10. goldb

    Fantasy Jellal Fernandes vs Laxus Dreyar

    On one corner, we have the former Magic Council and Wizard Saint, Jellal Fernandes and on the other corner, S-Class mage and Fairy Tail mage, Laxus Dreyar. The fight occurs after the 7-year timeskip; with Jellal now being with Crime Sorciere, and the fight is held at the Domus Flau arena...