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juvia lockser

  1. thatsvicchan

    Discussion Unexplored magic: water and water make

    It's been a while since I wanted to make this thread, so yeah, here it is. Let's put Gruvia and her flaws aside for a moment and let's talk about Juvia Lockser aka the only pure water mage on Earthland (not counting Jellal and God Serena because their aren't solely water mages, iywim). She...
  2. Arjuna

    Team Natsu and Lucy vs Gray and Juvia

    The Battle of Two Ships Natsu Fire Dragon Slaying Magic DF FDKM Lfd Lucy Celestial Spirit Magic Star Dress Gray Ice Magic Ice Devil Slayer Juvia Water Magic No Restrictions Apart from Igneel's power and CSK All In Their Current Powerlevel Natsu can use Fire Dragon King Spells(Note This is...
  3. Cat Sidhe26

    Juvia has the same illness as Laxus?

    Juvia’s Possibly Illness Some of you might hate me for this but I really need to get this out. Here we see Laxus reacting to the Demon Particles inside him. As we know, he sucked the Demon Particles into his body where he got very very ill. But you know who else sucked/absorbed Demon...
  4. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Juvia vs Erza and Lucy

    Conditions *Lissana never ''passed away'' * near the sea *lucy and juvia have 2cnd origin *lucy has stardress and aquarias , mira has seliah takeover Which team will win ?