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  1. Hannibal Psyche

    Theory Kaido: Strongest Creature ≠ Strongest Pirate

    Introduction In order to understand the nuance between the titles "Strongest Creature" and "Strongest Pirate", it's necessary to glean background information of who Kaido and Whitebeard are, to construct a lucid and clear understanding of why they were attributed these titles (which many...
  2. Discussion Luffy Next Animal-based Villain

    Nearly all villains Luffy has face or the villains of arcs have been mostly based off animals. While not all are animals the majority are. Buggy-Clown Kuro-Cat Don Kreig-Knight Arlong-Saw tooth Shark Smoker-Not being counted Wapol-??? Crocodile- Is named Crocodile Enel-God Rob Lucci-Has Leopard...
  3. McNuss

    Theory Scratchmen Apoo is working with Moriah to take down Kaido

    This is a crazy theory that I saw on a one piece blog (can't remember which one) like three or four months ago. Because Scratchmen Apoo apparantly became Kaido's underling, this theory becomes even more likely. It all started before the timeskip. Scratchmen Apoo and the On Air Pirates were...
  4. Holt

    Discussion Shanks Vs Kaido, what really happened?

    At the marineford war, after WB and Ace died, Shanks showed up to put an end to the war. Before that, we know that Kaido attempted to clash with WB and was intercepted by Shanks. Shanks and Kaido apparently fought with shanks managing to get Kaido to retreat while he still managed to get to...
  5. Fuuji Genichiro

    Discussion Kaido Thread

    Because we DEFINITELY need a kaido thread