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kunimitsu tezuka

  1. tieuta

    Match Tezuka Kunimitsu Vs Yukimura Seiichi

    Nuff said, who is stronger at it current stands? and who will win if they were to face off in the main tournament? Please give your input, also Fuji Shuusuke vs Atobe Keigo as current, New Atobe vs New Fuji, Q.P vs Ryoga?
  2. Kaoz

    Special Move Howling

    Let's talk a bit about Howling. What we know: 1) In order to activate, both partners must have skills that "attract each other." 2) Those skills will then be combined and both players benefit from the combination. The only Howling we've actually seen so far is Tokugawa and Yukimura's. It's...
  3. Character How does Tezuka win a grand slam

    So we all know there's a picture of Tezuka winning a major when he's older (think it was Wimbledon?) Now Tezuka certainly is good enough, but given in POT literally anyone can suddenly have surpassed Tezuka, what kind of circumstance would be needed for Tezuka to actually win? We'll just stick...
  4. ybr99

    Discussion The rivals

    Please only vote once for each pair Kaidou vs. Momo Chitose vs. Tachibana (going all out) Tezuka vs. Atobe Atobe vs. Sanada
  5. Fuuji Genichiro

    Theory Atobe vs Tezuka? or Fuuji vs Tezuka?

    I don't know which one i wanna see more, or which one Konomi will bother doing if ANY at all. Heck we could see japan losing to USA , and Ryoma playing Tezuka, japan isn't like the protagonist after all, its USA now. Or even a TnK battle with...errr, *cough*, sorry there, But which match do you...
  6. -Ken-

    Character Which 2nd year was already "Tezuka" level as of the current time.

    Now, the title is a bit misleading, but I don't have much space for it. By this I means the place where Tezuka is at the begining of the series. Kantou-Tezuka or whatever. This is so that we can knows which 2nd year is in a good place right now. As of now if they continue to play tennis they...
  7. Kaoz

    Match Tohno/Ochi vs Tezuka/Chitose

    Been ages since I made one of these. For reference: This is a 3 set match. Please consider Ten'imuhou to be banned. Discuss, vote etc. Also, I guess this is as good of an opportunity as any to mention that the Unvote option is now enabled for all polls in this subforum.
  8. jimtors

    Special Move Tezuka's TnK

    Dear Shin Tennis Lovers, I'm just curious how Tezuka exited the series since he wanted to be a pro. Aren't Byoudin or Oni stronger than him? Shouldn't he have beaten all the best players in U17 camp first before going pro?
  9. ashore

    Character Seigaku players full of copiers?

    out of all the middle schools, what do you think about seigaku having the most players of any other major jr high tennis club to copy and evolve other people's special moves.?
  10. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Singles 1

    Determine the strongest Singles 1 player of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  11. kaibaman

    Special Move Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection)

    so far the only two that can used Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection) are Ryoma and Tezuka, but what about ryoma's brother ryoga do you guys think reached Teni Muhō No Kiwam?
  12. Kaoz

    [Round 2 - Team 1 vs Team 12 Singles 1] Tezuka vs Fuji

    Singles 1Tezuka KunimitsuFuji ShuusukeTitle - ProdigySchoolSeishun Gakuen 3rd YearSeishun Gakuen 3rd YearHeight179 cm167 cmWeight58 kg53 kgDominant HandLeftRightPlaystyleAll RounderTechnical Counter PuncherTechniquesZero Shiki Drop Shot Tezuka Zone Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami Saiki Kanpatsu no...
  13. perroloco

    Theory What do you think are the team line-ups one year from the series start and one year after the series

    I.e. since Prince of Tennis began in 1999 (IIRC) then the year the series events occurs is 1999 (If stated to be other year please say so). In your opinion what would the teams line-up look in 1998 and 2000? (If you want to especulate about other years like.. Dunno 1996 or 1997 Seigaku, please...
  14. Fuji Shusuke

    Character Since when did Yukimura scare everyone off?

    Yukimura, he is undoubtedly one of the best players of the series. However, why does no one have any beef with him? He is stronger than Sanada, Atobe and probably Tezuka for a while. However, no one wants to challenge him or wants revenge. Everyone looks up to Tezuka. A lot of players have...
  15. Fuji Shusuke

    Special Move Zero-shiki Serve was returned?

    I know this was a long time ago but the Zero-shiki Serve should be unreturnable. Hits ground, rolls backwards yet somehow Sanada returned it. Shouldn't a rally be over COMPLETELY if the ball stops bouncing?
  16. Kaoz

    Discussion Court Numbers

    What do you people think, what is the highest court the characters (winners, loser, highschoolers, doesn't matter) can get to and what is their current level? I think Irie and Oni are court 1 material and the rest of the current 5th court could be 4th court just as well (maybe 3rd court but...
  17. -Ken-

    Match Tezuka+ Fuji vs Sanada+ Renji

    Who would win? I don't know how to add a poll here, or maybe I can't since I'm a new member. I actually keen on saying 'Yukimura+ Sanada', but that'll make the result way too clear, I don't thinnk Seishun would stand a chance that way, so it's renji. As for my opinion, I think Sanada +...
  18. Kaoz

    Tezuka vs Tachibana

    Who do you think would have won if Tezuka and Tachibana had played Singles 1 in the prefectural tournament? I think it would have been Tezuka, Zeroshiki Drop and TZone should have been enough to handle Tachibana at that time. I'd imagine a close result like 6-4 or something like that, though.
  19. Kaoz

    Discussion Final Match

    Well, I was wondering what the final match in SPoT might be. Ryoma vs an already known character, vs a new one or maybe him being the final boss while we get a new main character, who knows? I personally think it will be Fuji, he has been hyped up throughout the whole series and the two of...
  20. Jyten

    Match Atobe vs Sanada/Tezuka/Fuji Rematch/Match!

    Basically, while doing the complete tier list I started thinking whether or not Atobe should be in a tier lower than Sanada/Tezuka. I mean he does have a plothax power (World of Ice) and he's constantly going on about how Tezuka is his rival. Plus, its the U-17 finals now. So, he could be as...