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lightning dragon slayer magic

  1. Arjuna

    Fantasy Laxus vs Gray

    Participant 1 Laxus Dreyar Participant 2 Bloodlusted Darkness Gray as seen in chapter 504 Location Hargeon No restrictions Who wins?
  2. Fantasy Lucy vs Laxus

    Has Lucy improved enough to beat Laxus 1v1?
  3. Nemispelled

    Conditional Laxus vs. Zeref

    Time period: Current Restrictions: PoF, Nakama Power, PiS, CiS Location: Wasteland Starting Distance: 130 m. Everything else is fair game.
  4. BluePegasus

    Fantasy TO Sherria vs. Laxus

    First participant: Chelia Blendy - Sky God Slayer Magic - Third Origin Second participant: Laxus Dreyar - Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic - Red Lightning - Dragon Force Takes place at the battle field from Hargeon. Restrictions: Fairy Law. Both of them have defeated a Spriggan. But which mage...
  5. Ice devil slayer

    Fantasy Laxus dreyar vs God serena

    Participant 1 God serena : Dragon slayer magic Participant 2 Laxus : Lightning dragon slayer magic Who wins ?
  6. Dranzer

    Fantasy Tenrou Laxus vs Tenrou Bluenote

    The setting is on Tenrou, neither side is disadvantaged or advantaged. Intent is to kill and neither side is giving in. I personally think the fight would be incredibly close. I doubt that Bluenote's gravity would have too much of an effect on Laxus but Laxus doesn't seem to have a counter...
  7. Arjuna

    Fantasy Natsu Dragneel Vs Laxus Dreyar

    Natsu Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Lightning Flame Dragon Mode Dragon Force laxus Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic I Think Natsu will win This Fight.It is no mystery that laxus is Stronger Than Base Natsu.But in His DF His Energy increases 3 Times his Base Energy.Natsu told Gajeel that he is holding...
  8. Arjuna

    Canon Wahl Icht VS laxus dreyar

    This Fight will happen in Few Chapters. laxus Lightning Dragon Slaying Magic Wahl Super Long Distance Anti Material Magic Canon(potential City Buster) Weakness Magic He can create Robots who can use i)Magic Nullification. ii)Weakness Magic iii)Resistant To Lightning and Poison If His Robots...
  9. goldb

    Fantasy Laxus and Mirajane vs Jellal and Erza

    And now is their turn! These two couples are often touted as parallel badass couples. No restrictions. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  10. Dranzer

    Fantasy Gildarts Clive vs Laxus Dreyar

    The fight takes place around the time of the Alavarez arc. Who will win out of Gildarts the ace of Fairy Tail and Laxus who beat the the 5th wizard saint?
  11. goldb

    Fantasy Jellal Fernandes vs Laxus Dreyar

    On one corner, we have the former Magic Council and Wizard Saint, Jellal Fernandes and on the other corner, S-Class mage and Fairy Tail mage, Laxus Dreyar. The fight occurs after the 7-year timeskip; with Jellal now being with Crime Sorciere, and the fight is held at the Domus Flau arena...