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lucy heartfilia

  1. BluePegasus

    Fantasy Battle of the Queens

    Battle of the Queens The queens of Ishgar fight it out in a battle royale. Erza Scarlet Magic Requip: The Knight Mirajane Strauss Magic Take-Over: Satan Soul, Take-Over: Sitri Soul, Take-Over: Seilah Soul, Take-Over: Alegria Soul Lucy Heartfillia Magic Celestial Spirit Magic, Star...
  2. Conditional Lucy vs Mard Geer

    Is the current Lucy strong enough to fight the King of the Underworld? Location: Where CSK and Mard Geer fought Intel: To Kill Restrictions: None (Lucy can summon CSK and Mard Geer can use Etherious Mode) Feats only
  3. Star Frost

    Team Brandish & Lucy vs. Dimaria & Wendy

    Intent: To defeat and win Intel: They know all about each other Location: Where Natsu and co. fought Avatar Restriction: Dimaria's Age Seal, Brandish enlarging internal organs, and CSK Others: Must use feats they've shown
  4. Fantasy Lucy vs Laxus

    Has Lucy improved enough to beat Laxus 1v1?
  5. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Kagura Mikazuchi vs Lucy Heartfilia

    Yes... another Lucy vs thread... Kagura vs Lucy Feel free to continue using this thread when characters get more feats. Both characters are X792 versions Location: Alvarez (in the crater of Laxus' nuke) CSK restricted until Lucy is shown to be able to summon him without breaking a key Any...
  6. Arjuna

    Team Natsu and Lucy vs Gray and Juvia

    The Battle of Two Ships Natsu Fire Dragon Slaying Magic DF FDKM Lfd Lucy Celestial Spirit Magic Star Dress Gray Ice Magic Ice Devil Slayer Juvia Water Magic No Restrictions Apart from Igneel's power and CSK All In Their Current Powerlevel Natsu can use Fire Dragon King Spells(Note This is...
  7. Summer

    Fantasy Gajeel Redfox vs Lucy Heartfilia

    Fight - GmG battlefield Restrictions - no restrictions aka going all out Lucy got Aquarius and star dress Intention - to kill Who would wins? I love gajeel but Lucy......
  8. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Juvia vs Erza and Lucy

    Conditions *Lissana never ''passed away'' * near the sea *lucy and juvia have 2cnd origin *lucy has stardress and aquarias , mira has seliah takeover Which team will win ?
  9. Holt

    Discussion Lucy's Star Dress

    Star dress is when Lucy gains the power of her Spirits and also their clothing style like a re quip. I initially thought that the first time she used it was in Leo's form after the TS but during tartaros battles when she summoned the spirit king, he granted her the ability to use Aquarius' magic...
  10. Sky

    Conditional Yukino Aguria vs Lucy Heartfilia

    This is the battle between the only mages with golden celestial spirit gate keys! In the one corner, we have Yukio from Fiores formerly strongest guild: Sabertooth and in the other one Fairy Tails #1 cosplay mage: Lucy! This fight is held at the Domus Flau Arena. Both mages are at full strength...
  11. shuha27

    Discussion The Official Lucy Heartfilia Thread

    Well I just wanted to get people's opinion about Lucy. I mean what does she have to do with the whole dragon's disappearing, is her mom linked to it because she died the same year the dragons disappeared or was it all just a coincidence. How do you guys think her role will change in the future...