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mirajane strauss

  1. BluePegasus

    Fantasy Battle of the Queens

    Battle of the Queens The queens of Ishgar fight it out in a battle royale. Erza Scarlet Magic Requip: The Knight Mirajane Strauss Magic Take-Over: Satan Soul, Take-Over: Sitri Soul, Take-Over: Seilah Soul, Take-Over: Alegria Soul Lucy Heartfillia Magic Celestial Spirit Magic, Star...
  2. Hermit

    Fantasy Bradman vs Mirajane

    Participant 1: Mirajane Strauss Participant 2: Bradman These 2 duke it out. Who wins? EDIT: No restrictions. They can use all the techniques in their arsenal.
  3. Crimson Ice

    Conditional Mirajane vs Ajeel

    Location: Where Erza vs Ajeel happened Distance: 5M Mind-Set: In character Restrictions: For the sake avoiding the NLF nonsense Macro is restricted Condition: Mira can use Algera Soul for as long as she wants. So does Mira do better than Erza did against the Sand King?
  4. Arjuna

    Fantasy Mirajane runs a gauntlet

    Mirajane: Power: Take Over: Satan Soul; Halphas; Sitri; Seilah; Alegria. Intent: To defeat. Intel: What they know to each other. Location: Where Mirajane fought Irene underling. Distance: 40 metes. Restriction: Macro. Others: - Mirajane start on her Satan Soul form. - She can use Alegria form...
  5. Ultimateasus

    Discussion Mirajane Strauss thread

    Does Mashima hate Mira? Ever since her fight with Freed she never got a good fight and sometimes he makes her look weak when she is supposed to be stronger. Erza stole her fight with Azuma because Mashima loves her. With Seilla, I was extremely annoyed when Mira was defeated easily (and wanted...
  6. Summer

    Fantasy Mirajane vs Jellal

    No restrictions . They are as strong as in the current arcs. Mirajane have sayla and curse.
  7. Arjuna

    Fantasy Ajeel Runs a Gauntlet

    Location: Tartarus' base Intel: As per manga Intent: To win Starting Distance: 20m Round 1: Kagura & Mirajane (Tartarus versions) Round 2: Kyouka & Knightwalker Round 3: Zero & Jose Round 4: Ikusatsunagi Round 5: Jura Round 6: 3 Ishgal Gods He Gets Rest and Recovers after Each Round and Fights...
  8. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Erza vs Natsu and Gajeel

    Takes palce in the Alvarz arc . Which team wins ?
  9. BluePegasus

    Discussion S-Class Ranking

    I was wondering in which way the S-Class Wizards from Fairy Tail should be ranked. Now, there are five S-Class Wizards in Fairy Tail which are: Gildarts Laxus Erza Mirajane Mystogan What is your top 5 S-Class Wizards ranked from the strongest to the weakest? This is mine: 1. Gildarts 2...
  10. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Gray vs Ogra and Cheria

    A battle between Demons and God's . Takes place in the Alvarez arc . Which team takes the win ?:)
  11. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Kagura vs Erza and Minerva

    No healing allowed . All have 2nd origin . Who do you think will win??
  12. goldb

    Fantasy Laxus and Mirajane vs Jellal and Erza

    And now is their turn! These two couples are often touted as parallel badass couples. No restrictions. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  13. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Juvia vs Erza and Lucy

    Conditions *Lissana never ''passed away'' * near the sea *lucy and juvia have 2cnd origin *lucy has stardress and aquarias , mira has seliah takeover Which team will win ?
  14. Mystic Mistral

    Fantasy Erza and Mirajane vs Ultear and Kagura

    Mira has seliah takeover Ultear is still young Which team do you think will win
  15. goldb

    Team Mirajane & Lisanna Strauss vs Angel and Yukino Aguria

    The battle for best sisterhood; Takeover magic vs Celestial magic. How will these two pairs fair against each other? The fight lasts until there remains only one team; there is no time limit and the mages are all at full strength. Place your bets for hottest pair winners.