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  1. Aonori

    Favorites You favorite Quicke

    So, just wanted to get this topic adressed after we got so many quinckes revealed so far especially after the nuts quincke was revealed:cheez and from all of those you´ve seen so far + any possible future ones, which are your favs?
  2. Byron

    Discussion Why was it Shirazu that got Nutcracker's quinque?

    I mean like seriously. Now that we've seen how Saiko fights we know that she was the one who defeated Nutcracker, I don't care if it was some kind of collaboration or what, it's painfully obvious that Saiko was the one who knocked her out. So, my question is this: why did Shirazu get her...
  3. Discussion Your Quinque/Kagune (and Poll about favorite Kagune-category)

    Because we had the "Who would you be?"-thread by IXA recently, I thought about making a thread about your ideas about Quinques or Kagunes you would like to see/have on/as a tokyo ghoul character. Feel free to post your "blueprints" below :^_^
  4. Agent Phrank

    Theory Arima's IXA, Kaneki's Memories, Anti-Ghoul (RC suppresant) serums

    Just some theories/thoughts on TG 1. Arima's IXA, papercut nostalgia From 7 to V14 (the vault where Arima vs Kaneki).. another number's game.. 21's next? - I'll get back to that later. http://medieval-castles.org/index.php/knighthood_during_the_dark_ages Kaneki is 18 at the beginning of...
  5. TheLuffySmile

    Theory Arata Kirishima - Ayato's goal?

    Arata Kirishima, dead... Or victimized? What do we really know about him? We know that he was out scavenging for food to feed his family when he was attacked and subsequently defeated by CCG investigators Shinohara Yukinori and Kureo Mado. It was and has not yet been confirmed that Arata...