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  1. Arjuna

    Discussion Sting Eucliffe Discussion Thread

    I noticed Sting doesn't have a thread of his own.As he is an important fighter in the fight against Acnologia i decided to create one Sting Eucliffe Guild Master of Sabertooth Magic White Dragon Slaying Magic White Shadow Dragon Mode Dragon Force
  2. Ebony Maw

    Discussion Sabertooth Guild Thread

    Since the Sabertooth Guild seems to be among the more popular guilds outside of Fairy Tail, I thought I'd make this thread to discuss topics about the Sabertooth guild and it's mages. Something I've wondered about for a while is the possibility of Rogue's shadow to reappear as in the GMG it was...
  3. Holt

    Discussion Strongest Guild outside FT?

    I was wondering, Fairy tail (prior to disbanding) was clearly the strongest guild but which guild is next in the FT world? Personally I think its between Crime Sorcière and Sabertooth. Perhaps lamia scale could be in the mix thanks to Jura. Prior to the GMG, sabertooth was top and lamia scale...