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sanji vinsmoke

  1. Special One Piece Greatest Challenge of the Year - Wedding Crashing!!!

    When we were in Zou Island, Capone Bege came announcing the arranged marriage of Sanji and Purin, and took Sanji away. Everyone was totally shocked by the news. So was the bridegroom-to-be! The bride was unknown to Sanji and the Straw Hats. Who is Purin? Big Mom's daughter? So she is the...
  2. Discussion Awesome revelations from Oda about Sanji.2016 is Sanji's year.

    Hello my dear one piece friends. Oda made a comment on the manga’s future in Jump Festa 2016 which was held on 19/20 December 2015: “My readers ask me “When will Sanji appear?” again and again these days. Hirata-san (Sanji’s voice actor) also asks me “When the heck will Sanji appear?” Finally...
  3. Sachsenhesse

    Fantasy Sanji vs. Sai

    Its time for an interesting fight. Both are martial arts user who deal the most damage with their feet and excel at this. I think most guys will tend to Sanji but dont forget that Sais kick is equal to a hakicoated gear3 attack. (Don Chinjaos head) Also sai has shown to be quite fast and...