Life 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...


Puella Magi
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Jan 20, 2006
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1 am male  ;)
2 am 16 years old  :eyeroll
3 live in the netherlands  :p
4 am kinda addicted to addictions!  :blink
5 read manga  :smile-big ( surprise surprise -- Naruto, Bleach, DeathNote, School Of Water Business, D.Gray Man ( only just started )
6 play warhammer  :)
7 am a nintendo fanboy! ( gba sp + ds + gamecube)  :smile-big
8 read a lot of fantasy books  :eyeroll
9 listen to linkin park A LOT ( and fort minor/ snow white tan and other stuff the bandmembers do )  :o
10 love to hang out online doing absolutely NOTHING USEFULL hehe :ossu
11 have brown hair and eyes  :notrust
12 play korfball if anybody knows it, really big sports in the netherlands, never heard of in other countries besides belgium
13 a really lazy when it comes to school, but still happened to get into the 5th of 6 years of gymnasium ( highest middle school in the netherlands, dunno how schoolsystems work where you come from...)
14 am active on so-called MOO's ( MUD (Multi-User Domain) Object Oriented), let's call them vitrual non-grafic communities ( chatbox + programming the world around you textbased )  :eyeroll
15 favorite character from naruto would be ehmz... Kabuto or Deidara i guess, though i resemble Naruto himself the most ( get that result from ALL character tests ) ...  :oh
16 am ( or so they say ) kinda childish and annoying at times
17 Like to watch a lot of movies, all genres but romance...
18 also ( like Calibur ) like the VGcats -- webcomic
19 am too boring to write 50 things about!!
20 at one points in elementary school liked to draw these simple cartoons
21 like to twiddle with pictures in good ol' MS Paint
22 like windows still more then linux and stuff
23 believe to be straight, but destined to be the everlasting single guy ...  :oh
24 seem to be quite a easy-to-read writer, am 'busy' writing some fantasystory, but as with most people... never gonna finish it! ( at least i have the world and background for characters i use, the name Khaludh for example  :tem)
25 seem to be using more and more smileys these days  :s
26 don't drink that much alcohol either
27 like easy to make and eat foods ( like pizze, pasta, wraps, other fastfoods and stuff) but don't get to eat all that much of it ( mom looking after my health yeah right  :mad )
28 am about 183 cm tall ( long live the metric system!! ) which makes me about... 6'1" ?
29 finally found out what ossu! and wtf?! were...
30 love to direct people with 3:33 minutes of free time to, though it has nothing to do with naruto... ( goku makes a cameo though... so there's a bit of manga in it... 's a flash movie)
31 believe yamato to die within this arc... somebody dropped the 'expendable'-stamp right on his forehead...
32 like to play good ol' boardgames, like risk, monopoly, colonists of catan ( there's like a real non-pc-games revival going in europe right now... )
33 am following the 5th year of gymnasium right now ( 5/6 ), so at the time of writing, if all goes well, i wil have graduated on the highest type of school in one and a half year, while going lazily trough the classes doing nothing at all...
34 whatever my username might make you think, i'm not arab, i'm, like, really really dutch...
35 hate it when Khaludh is misspelled, and that happens an awful lot!! Right, eileenting88 and Hermie?!
37 don't like the number 36, so i'll just ignore it...
38 do like the number 38, especially when it means a length in centimetres... ( only dutch people who know the "vliegende panters" will know what i mean, don't even bother to google it up, you won't find it - or be able to read it at least :p)
38 like i said, i like the number of 38, so i'm just using it to get back to a normal counting again... oh, and i have been really addicted to pokémon cards at primaire school... i'm so ashamed... NOT! :darn


Scientist of Anthropology
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Jan 5, 2006
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Isle of Man
1. I'm Latvian.
2. I'm a student.
3. My hair color depend on the season, but it's various shades of light brown.
4. Don't know Am. system of measurement of feets and inches.
5. Height 1.81 m.
6. Belief - Ignosticic.
7. Like self made pizza the best.
8. Don't do sports at gym too often.
9. Don't like public transport.
10. Don't have a car.
11. Considering previous, move around city by feet, doing sports that way.
12. My active hobby is crossbowing (real not the medieval one).
13. Have a nice talent called Autodidactics.
14. I simply loove good humor.
15. Very moderate consumption of alcohol.
16. Have no pets.
17. Never have had pets.
18. Favourite clothing - T-shirts and jeans.
19. Dislike winter.
20. Favourite season is spring (aka end of winter).
21. Like to outsmart others.
22. I don't hold grudge is someone outrsmarts me.
23. Admited flaw - Lazy.
24. Have no favourite band.
25. Currently my main activity is getting good in Japanese by myself.
26. I think loyalty is one of the most important characteristics.
27. I have sharp senses and high endurance level of pain. Strange combination, but very convenient.
28. Haven't been ill since I was 12.
29. Love strategic games the most.
30. I study the sciences of leadership and will specialize in international relations.
31. I don't become addicted, so I use this advantage to study addiction (got 9 on my high school graduation research).
32. Like number 9.
33. Someone really has to be persistent to piss me off.


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Jan 14, 2006
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Well i'm bored
1.I'm an anti-social guy
2.I admit to being a game addict
3.I'm a chinese
4.Friends wonder if i am a chinese
5.i think of anything to earn fast cash
6.I play WoW (not a chinese gold farmer mind u)
7.I suck at my mother tounge
8.I have a dream of traveling
9.I have no religon
10.My hobby is to make friends life miserable
11.I'm a hypocrite
12.I have a negatve world view
13.I'm a student
14.I'm lazy to the bone
15.I hope to learn spainish one day(no idea why)
16.My hair is extremely messy
17.My loyalty is to be questioned(really)
18.favourite food is pasta
19.I play badminton sometimes.
20.I hardly read anything unless its really good
21.I'm in born eight months
22.My Bday is 30th of december
23.youngest of 3 siblings
24.My mom's after me for being negative
25.Dad's after me too
26.In fact my whole familys after me :o
27.I draw naruto characters to waste time
28.hate racist class has an irritating hitler fan.
30.Hates being dragged out for shopping
31.Hardly studies and aces subjects
32.loves rap
Yes this post is negatve but it's true :smile-big


Intl Translator
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Dec 22, 2005
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1. Real name is Marc
2. I'm a male (however in the weekends I tend to be female :D j/k)
3. I'm 18 years old
4. My girlfriend is very beautiful and cute and adorable (and so on and so on)
5. I'm a dreamer
6. Passion for writing
7. I like to party and go out with my m8s.
8. Following the course International Business Administration on the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam (completely in english :p)
9. gonna be the boss of a multinational, with retail in the whole world :D :D
10. Like pizza and Italian food
11. Dislike fish
12. Battlefield 2 and Final Fantasy VIII  4ever!!
13. Dress to impress :)
14. Loves his girlfriend very much (L)
15. has two younger sisters who are twins (so it is always two against one :()
16. Want it to become spring
17. very dark brown hair
18. Brown eyes
19. Belief - myself
20. totally forgotten: I AM DUTCH :D
21. Disrespects people who use drugs (although I'm dutch)
22. Dislikes Alcohol, but tries to like it (and trust me, it is working :))
23. Wants to sleep now
24. Has a boring job on Saturday
25. Like to take pictures with my digital camera

changed braun to brown... twice :D - K


MH Senpai
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Jan 2, 2006
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United Kingdom
Wow my turn :P

1: im from England - yes the island that nobody likes :P
2: I work in a pub/bar
3. im a Barman
4. im 20 years old
5. im a bloke/man/guy
6. i love football/soccer
7. i love photoshop
8. i love manga
9. i love music 70's Rock
10. my fav song is Child in time by Deep Purple
11. i want to learn japanese
12. i like Philosophy
13. i never been in a fight :)
14. id love to be chased by the police in a fast car (Adrenaline rush oh yeah!!)
15. i love drinking (comes with my job lol)
16. somtimes i drink to much and run around naked ROFL
17. i cant cook
18. Final Fantasy 7!!!!!!
19. Unreal 2 XMP is the greatest Shoot em up ever made
20. i love live music
21. im going to reading festival this year :)
22. im traveling the world for a whole year somewhere between 2007 - 2008
23. im about 6ft
24. im Single and loving it had enough of relationships for the moment
25. im a very laid back guy

No OnE

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Dec 1, 2005
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United States
Meh, here goes nothing... (Updated 9/25)

1. I'm a man
2. The man is 18 years old
3. I'm an admin at (and its forums)
4. I enjoy making stuff in Flash Pro
5. That avatar, it's the man himself, Gunther.
6. I'm probably the best drummer that you'll ever know (I'm not joking)
7. I don't like Yoroi (the reefer glasses guy who sucks chakra during the chuunin exam and current filler)
8. Senior in high school
9. Brown hair
10. Damn sexy if I can say so myself
11. Got a full-ride scholarship to college :D
12. Got a 34 on the math portion of the ACT exam (basically the USA's college entrance exam, highest possible score = 36)
13. ^number 11 and 12 prove that I'm a genius
14. Live in the USA
15. Computer freak
16. I used to hate Sai, now I forgot about him since he disappeared.
17. I speak English, and I forgot all the spanish I learned
18. I wish I knew Japanese, but there's no Japanese classes at my school
19. 6 feet 2 inches tall
20. I used to work at a pizza store, I delivered pizzas and I was very proficient at it
21. I almost never pay for music or software (surprise surprise)
22. Metallica & Tool = best bands
23. I'm a semester ahead of everyone in my college year.
24. Chick magnet (I'm not joking)
25. Bday = June 9



MH Senpai
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Dec 30, 2005
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I'll do it as well.

1. I'm a girl.
2. I'm seventeen, turning eighteen this year.
3. I'm a small person :crying only 1,57m
4. I'm German.
5. I have a 13-year-old brother.
6. I do Ninjutsu.
7. My hobbies are photography and reading.
8. I listen to Rock, Metal and Punk music.
9. I drink absolutely no alcohol, but I have no problem with other people doing it as long as I don't have to carry them home afterwards.
10. Martial arts movies are the best.
11. I'm in love with Australia.
12. I wear glasses, because I'm short-sighted.
13. I'm currently studying three languages: English, French and Japanese
14. I can't stand most of my female classmates.
15. I have a phobia of crowds.
16. I love soccer. Dortmund pwns Schalke!!!
17. I think my Ninjutsu trainer is the world's sexiest man alive. :love
18. Spiders scare the hell out of me.
19. I hate Maths, because I suck at it.
20. I have a stuffed dog in my bed, that I take with me on holidays as well. (The dog, not the bed)
21. My favourite actor is Alan Rickman. You just got to love his creepy voice. :p
22. I keep everything organized except for my room.
23. I can spend an hour looking extremely busy, but actually doing nothing.
24. I hate being late and therefor I'm usually early.
25. I hate humourless people.


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Dec 19, 2005
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about the little old me...

1. i'm a girl
2. i prefer not to tell much about my personal life
3. i'm proud to be a filipina..
4. but i was interviewed for naturalization few weeks ago..
5. so i'm gonna be a US citizen soon (not sure if i'm thrilled about it)
6. i'd rather be with a guy with a quiet confidence in him, someone who will do something sugoi w/out bragging about it.
7. i'm crazy about football
8. but i don't play, i just prefer watching it..
9. instead of getting hit and for me to fly away 3 feet the opposite direction..
10. coz i'm tiny (less than 100 lbs)
11. i have a very light skin with a long black straight hair (thinking of cutting it).
12. i'm also crazy about potter, booksnmovies..loved the last book coz the cover is purple.
13. i love chocolate..any kind, in a bar, flavor of ice cream or'll be gone in a blink of an eye.
14. i have a special pillow since i could remember..still can't sleep w/out it. (wierd huh)
15. i love chem and bio..but physics? nah
14. i hate math (failed once in my calc class) and see i don't know how to count!!!
17. i was introduced to naruto and bleach at the same time
18. i'm still not done watching all the naruto episodes
19. i liked bleach first :amuse
20. but after 130+ episodes of naruto..i don't know which i prefer anymore, naruto or bleach
21. i hate fillers..and i try not to watch them. its more like seeing that long dragon chase scene in GOF that doesn't have to do with the book.
22. because of that,i turned to manga to know what will happen next.
23. i started coloring during the winter vacation..and i was lucky enough to join zarosaki.
24. when it comes to music. i have a mix taste. atm i love listening to john mayer and gwen/no doubt.
25. my real name sounds simple but it has a wierd spelling.that was my biggest problem in the first grade, how to fit my name, 2nd name, middle inital, last name, grade and section name in one paper...the name is Kahreen btw.:amuse


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Jan 5, 2006
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1. I am a guy.
2. I am 18 years, 5 months, 5 days, 1 hour and 31 minutes old at the time of this post. [As per Indian Standard Time]
3. I am an Indian [From India. Its a fairly decent sized country in south asia, the bottom half pokes out of the continent like a peninsula, above sri lanka, (look it up in a map if the location still makes no sense ) and it does NOT have elephants roaming all over the place. Also, 95% of the people do NOT wear turbans.]
4. <insert random comment here>
5. I enjoy reading manga and watching anime [fairly obvious as I visit on this website]
6. I like the lord of the rings, however I have never gotten around to reading the whole book. I saw all the movies though. that said, I did read all of the hobbit and I liked it.
7. I am ambidextrous.
8. <insert more random comments here>
9. I used to sing.
10. I have a very bad memory for names and faces. I however have a very good memory for random facts and figures.
11. I used to play football [soccer] when I was in school. I stopped playing it long ago as I basically sucked.
12. I have studied Shotokan Karate two times in my life. Both times the dojo I was studying at closed down a few months after I got in it. Both instances happened nearly a decade ago.
13. I hate summer. [You'd hate it too if it went to 35 degrees C with a near 100 percent humidity]
14. I am running out of things to add to this list.
15. I am 175 cm tall and I weigh 63 to 64 kilogrammes.
16. I cannot drive, nor do I own a car.
17. I hear a lot of people complain that they cannot download anime on dialup. However I downloaded the first 60 episodes of naruto on dial up. It was extremely tedious, but I did it. an episode in around a week [these were compressed episodes in rmbv format, around 60 MB each].
18. I work out more than I ought to and this leads to often muscle cramps and general injuries.

chin sai

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Mar 1, 2006
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32 been training now for about 8yrs
31 i like cheeeeeeese, no seriously
33 psychotic martial artist dbz nuzzi
34 olympic coach
35 elder scrolls ; oblivion fan boy 3/21/06- the wait is killing me..agony, agoniiie
36 fighting monk
37- 39 going to see the shaolin monks up close and personally learn crap from them when i go back to china baby)
40 just came back from 8 days touring china woo,..wooo.beijing in the house
41 i train, i breath, i eat
42 i spend day and night trying to figure out how to be stronger
1 hey i am chin sai
2 performance enhancement specialist
3 corrective exercise specialist
4 sports nutrition specialist
5 certified jeet kune do instructor/specialist
6 taijutsu specialist
7 ultimate fighter
8 dbz psycho
9 fight geek
10 physiology geek
11 anatomy geek
12 human motion geek
13 physical therapy geek
14 athletic training geek
15 bruce lee wannabe
16 motion analyst
17 gymnastics practicioner/trainer
18 combat tactics specialist
19 all 'round goofball
20 exercise fanatic
21 training fanatic
22 over energetic
23 total badboy
24 absolute dude
25 sometimes quiet
26 most times rude
27 same to lude
28 i do exude arrogance
29 i appreciate it in others
30 ok i appreciate confidence even over confidence
43 i love when people have faith in themselves it makes me feel good
44 like when i get a client past a certain perception of themselves, and they push past thier "barriers"
45 i like it when it doesn't hurt when i move as fast as i can while fighting
46 when i can throw up 375 lbs and not die catching it( really proud of that actually)
47 i laugh when my opponents can't keep up,..yeah i know that's bad but i can't help it
48 luuv naruto, for the last couple years it's been my crack addiction, EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT FORMERLY AT NARUTO FAN luuv manga helpers
49 i even have a personal training phase i call 9 tails
50 i live to perfect my ability
51 i live for that place where i stop thinking and it's just pure motion
52 i geek out on physical academics, to surpass my current physical limit
53 oooh, i got this hot ass tai chi sword from shanghai...nice, next is damascus steel baby
54 am partial to hennessey and alize
55 my motion tracking abilities r'zock, y'zo
56 am happiest when training, my wife hates that
57 have orgasmic sparring sessions
58 dream about fighting, y'know like the tetris dream where the blocks are falling, hahahahahah and you can't stop them
60 prefferred the animation they used for oro and sasuke's fight in the forrest of death, rocked baby ROOCKEDD!!!
61 just started an incredible career as a travel agent, ( how i got to china dude)


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Nov 24, 2005
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United States
Well, the guilt of my laziness is setting in...

1) I'm a male
2) I'm about 5'10
3) I'm African-American
4) I'm a Christian
5) Only 145-150 pounds
6) I love sports (Mostly Basketball)
7) I'm 17 years old (for 3 more months)
8) I'm in my fourth year of French in High School.
9) I love to play the piano.
10) Like anime, but Naruto's by far the favorite.
11) Had strayed away from Anime for awhile before I stumbled upon Naruto.
12) I like Italian foods.
13) I like R&B, Rap, & Gospel music, though I can listen to anything. As long as I can hear the words and
      understand what it's saying, then I'll be fine.
14) I have an EXTREMELY bad-temper.
15) [But] It is pretty hard to make me angry. But when I am, nothing good happens.
16) Been suspended from school more times than I can count because of temper with people.
17) Haven't been mad or angry for a few months now.
18) I am a nice guy deep down inside. :p
19) Love girls though I probably shouldn't mention that.
20) Can be very lazy at times.
21) Have heart problems, though not serious yet - have Father's cardiolic history, and he has big heart
      problems. Average heartbeat should be between 60-100 beats per minute, but mines beats around
      45 normally, and low 30s when I sleep.
22) Have an "above average" IQ, though my laziness causes me not to apply myself all the at times.
23) Sometimes mistaken as shy, though that's not even close. It's just basically: If I don't know you, then I
      won't talk to you.
24) Almost forgot! I'M COLOR-BLIND!
25) I am a member of Zarosaki (very ironic!)


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初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
Mar 14, 2006
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1. I'm very independent and have been since I was little.
2. I taught myself how to walk.
3. I have a very sensitive digestive system. Very sensitive. Not fun.
4. I've never left California.
5. I love the smell of my bed.
6. I won't let anyone else touch my bed for fear of this scent going away.
7. I collect blankets and pillows. (I steal them from the rest of the family...)
8. I cannot fall asleep if my fan and TV are not on.
9. I love to sit in the bathtub for hours and read.
10. I've had a crush on Conan O'Brien since I was 8.
11. I cry a lot when it comes to anything fictitious.
12. I constantly procrastinate.
13. I'm very slow. (Sorry if you have to explain things to me!) :sweat
14. I'm twitchy and shaky all the time.
15. I'm normally awake for about 5-6 hours of the day.
16. I'm teaching myself Japanese and plan to take classes in college.
17. I'm (trying) to improve my drawing skills.
18. I like anything that's controversial.
19. I have the worst short-term memory but my long-term memory is rather good.
20. I hate sharing my room but love bunk-beds.
21. I'd like to travel the world and study animals for a living.
22. I love action series and prefer them over romance, though I have been known to enjoy a good love story now and then.
23. I much prefer animation over live-action.
24. I love fantasy/sci-fi.
25. I love the rain and wind, and I'm abnormally happy on cloudy days.
26. My favorite color is gray.
27. I'm afraid of the dark. :p
28. My nickname is Sissy.
29. I use beeinblue a lot because it was a random phrase that popped into my head one day and stayed there.
30. I like singing badly.
31. I'm close-minded when it comes to music.
32. I do enjoy mixed-music though, (i.e. the usage of a violin in a rock song), and Tribal music.
33. I hail from Europe.
34. Mary Todd Lincoln is my ancestor and I'm proud of that, even if Abraham Lincoln was a republican. :p
35. I'm American and only slightly proud of that.
36. I've been known to dislike organized religion but would never try to convince others that their beliefs are idiotic.
37. My punches really hurt because I have bony hands. :amuse
38. My brother and I went to the hospital a lot when we were kids because we were always beating each other up.
39. He gave me a black eye once.
40. I was raised in a very sexist household by my mom but my dad and brother were always really rough with me. (My mom isn't like that anymore.)
41. When I was little I ran straight into a pole in the middle of an open field and broke my nose.
42. I tend to cling to my blankets and tangle myself up.
43. My favorite blanket is one I've had since I was 7; I plan on taking it with me to the grave. :smile-big
44. I love Broadway Musicals.
45. I'm very nitpicky when it comes to censorship in literature and comics.
46. My spine sticks out slightly and causes me a lot of pain.
47. I get dizzy a lot; I'm dizzy right now.
48. I didn't know I could list so many things about myself.
49. When I was little I planned on being Pocahontas when I grew up.
50. I'm awful at sports and don't enjoy them.
Oh, and 51. I'm currently in love with Franky from One Piece, despite what he did to Usopp. (I'm waiting for an apology...)

The Boff

MH Senpai
有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity
Jan 22, 2006
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ok... this will not go smoothly....

1. im a dude
2. I almost only drink coca cola and tea(sometimes beer)
3. I love sleeping. sleeping is like the best thing in the world
4. I am not in any sense musical when it comes to instruments, but i can sing pretty well
5. I am a coach for a school female swedish-rugby team.
6. Ive played swedish-rugby for 5 years.
7. i trained kickboxing for 1 year(I sucked!)
8. I cant train kickboxing or play rugby anymore because i was in a car accident this summer... that was fun :smile-big
9. I have a pretty big family 4 brothers and 1 sister
10. I cant cook.... anything
11. i am currently creating a pen and paper rpg of naruto.
12. I work at a cinema as a projektionist
11. im trying to get some animes to my cinema so we can have a convention type thingie for fans all over sweden.
12. My dream is to try every extreme thing in the world. and with that i mean bungy jumping and that kinda stuff.
13. I smoke.
14. I love movies. i have a huge collection of dvds and old vhs movies.(and yeah i work at a cinema)
15. the first anime i saw was starzinger. i was like 5 years old, been hooked ever since.
16. Many many people call me crazy for some reason... :blink
17. i am currently watching friends on the tv. joey is getting picked on by rachel.
18. my computer has broken, need to get a new fan for it
19. i love it when people tell me im funny. its one of the best feelings in the world.
20. ive always wanted to be a stuntman. stuntmen kick ass!
21. i listen to a lot of punk music.
22. i play warhammer 40k, tyranids for the win!
23. Ive read almost every Terry Pratchett novel there is. I advise everybody to read them!
24. I am also currently creating apen and paper rpg for star wars.
25. my english skills arent the best!

ill add stuff when i think up stuff


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Jan 7, 2006
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ok i ll try to do as many as i can.

1.naruto is the first manga i have ever read(good palce to start).
2.i am a university student(first year).
3.i have brownish skin with dark black hair and a beard.
4.i wear glasses sometimes.
5. i am not very social.(i dont know why i just am)
6.i speak two languages including english.
7. i have one niece.
8.i love the metal gear solid video game series.
9.i dont read a lot of books.
10.i used to play bascketball a lot and almost got to my school team,neverthe less i quit for my studies.
11.i dont have many friends but the few friends i have are closer to me than family.
12.i like jackie chan movies.
13.i like swimming and have a swim whenever i can.
14.i like pasta. eyes colour is uncertain.they seem to change between brown and green.but really there in the middle.
16.its so damn cold over here right now.
17.i like super hero movies ,like batman begind,the hulk,dare devil(the ones with the sense of justice mixed in them).
      more coming soon.


英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
Jan 29, 2006
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United States
Wee what a fun way to get to know all about the memebers here. So I shall give it a try.

1. I am female
2. I stand at a short 5'0 ( I prefer the term vertically challenged)
3. Blue eyes
4. I have a pet bunny. (He is a Netherland Dwarf and absolutly adorable!)
5. I work full time (L'Oreal USA)
6. I go to college part time (Major: Chemistry)
7. I just got engaged! <3
8. I am American
9. I have lived on both the West and East coasts.
10. I had an ex who I dated for 7 years that was a Marine. (Camp Pendelton, CA)
11. I love to read
12. I love anime and manga (Naruto, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist etc)
13. I met my fiance online and am still amazed to this day how good we are for each other
14. I like to snorkel
15. I miss the ocean :(
16. I have never been out of the country unless you count Mexico for like 30 min before I got scared and ran back across the border
17. I once got stuck out in the Mohave Desert at night (hike gone waaaaay wrong x_x)
18. I rescued a cat from a tree last summer (then fell out of said tree and got impaled in the leg with a stick - I still have scars)
19. My youngest brother is Autistic
20. I am the only girl and the oldest. I have three brothers
21. I once fell down a sandy cliff side to get down to beach in front of a large group of people (very embaressing - I did not see the stairs to my left)
22. My screen name is from Edar Allen Poe's poem entitled "Tamerlane" (I get teased a lot and called a Mongolian warlord Rarrr!)
23. I like heavier music (Rammstein, System of a Down, Korn etc.)
24. I met Korn in person at a radio shoot, they are all very nice guys!(got my shirt autographed)
25. I have only been in two relationships in my entire life
26. I am a hopeless romantic ( I have a bad habit of looking for relationships in every anime I see >_> )
27. My favorite authors are Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Stephen King, and many many others. @_@
28. I read Watership Down when I was in the 3rd grade and loved it ( then read it 27 more times and lost count after that)
29. I was described as gifted when I was younger ( hahahaa if only they could see my grades now)
30. My dream is to be able to travel and visit other places!
31. I grew up in the welfare system (blah)
32. I was raised in a Amish Community ( I am not Amish however, just most of my neighbors were)
33. I do not smoke or do drugs (sometimes drink but that is very rare)
34. I drive a 97 Dodge Neon (that little car is tough! o_o)
35. I have driven across country.....and thus spent 2 and half days in my car, I will never do that again.
36. I like hiking and just being outdoors
37. I love to swim
38. I like to do crafty things around the home ( I grew up thinking that sewing your own curtains was normal - Thanks to the Amish for that.)
39. I am not very religious, just have strong morals and want to be a good person
40. I am not very political (politics = eww)
41. My brother keeps pestering me to learn Spanish or Sign Language since he has complete fluency in both =/
42. I used to play the violin and would love to pick it up again if I had the time.
43. My Mom is attending the same collge as me trying to finish up her Nursing degree (She is a straight A student...=/ )
44. I like to read fanfiction, and am very picky about it
45. I am almost a complete vegetarian (I only eat chicken and turkey and even that I pick thru)
46. I have more stuffed animals than I have skin cells
47. I used to be a decent artist, just have not done it in years
48. Some favorite movies are The Abyss, Lord of the Rings, Serenity, etc
49. I am big fan of the series Firefly!
50. There is not sufficient information to make 50 facts about myself. x_x

HA! I did it! :whoo


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上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member
Mar 12, 2006
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United Kingdom
guess i'll give it a go

1. dula is short for my real name abdulahi
2. i m a guy
3. im a london man (england, London)
4. i have the darkest brown eyes ever, everyone thinks their black
5. hight of 5'8
6. wight of 12stones (put on a stone in a 2months :o)
7. in full time education
8. also work part/full time (depending on the week and how i feel)
9. i play loads of sports, love to try new sports out
10. i've traveled twice to and stay in holland for 2months each time (netherland rules)
11. i was in kenya for 3months of my summer last year
12. got the greatest gal in world :hearts
13. i eat more then i should but i've never been able to get fat
14. i never smoke or drink
15. fav saying ''NEVER SAY NEVER''
16. got great upper body strength
17. i live in the most multicultural city on earth
18. i have a great mix of friends, all races religion sexuality gender etc etc
19. i couldnt live without eatin meat with my meals( minus pork)
20. i have been nicknamed the lazy chief, cos im a really good cook but just really lazy
21. nothing beats naruto at the moment
22. currently trying to open my own business but still loads to be done
23. from a family of scientist and mathematicians
24. mother speaks 7 languages, sister speaks 6
25. and heres me with only 2 languages
26. i hope to learn 3 more languages in the 6years(arabic, japanese and french)
27. i part take in loads of community activities
28. very social, outgoing guy
28. love dancing
29. highly energinetic personality and gets along with everyone
30. i have a bad habit of over analysising films
31. currently trying to put together all the IDEOLOGIES AND REPRESENTATIONS of NARUTO(is there a thread of something like that already?)
32. was really good on trampolinie
33. i have part taken in almost all sports i know (minus winter sports)
34. only recently found the joys of reading
35. love fantasy comady books
36. i have a geniune love for computers and i love to know how programs work, also do bit of programing at times of need
37. just finished watching ichigo 100% anime and enjoyed it, now reading the manga.
38. ex gymnast, hence im still kinda flexible and nice agility
39. i always do my work on the last minute
40. im a street fighter pro(2, alpha 2 n 3, and 3rd strike). i need to start entering some ranking comptetion
41. also very good at dbz budokai 3 on ps2
42. im currently editing and putting together my fav (funnest) clips from bleach and naruto e.g. like how ichigo is greeted by his father in the begining of the first episode :loool i'll post it up somewhere when i finish but it wont be soon
43. honesty is the best policy
44. im completely against those who judge without knowing. hate nagavtive sterotyping
45. im pro believer of multiculturalism
46. i have a little nephew who is like a mini me, in personality tense not looks, his to cute
47. future plans to marry at 28 and start family at 30
48. target - to become more of a active member on here
49. addictied to naruto and bleach manga at present, really cant wait for next chapters ( both so intense)
and 50. its my absolute pleasure to be here, im started to being fond of forums for the first time

thanx for reading. cant believe i reached 50 :Gaipose :vash :leepose :ossu


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Mar 24, 2006
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United States
I shall try :D

1. I'm downhill ski, triple blacks are fun :D
2. I have read LOTR 8 times (yes I mean all three eight times :D 3x8=24 books in total
3. I have been drawing for around 4 years
4. I used to only draw Sonic!
5. I'm one of the top three customers at the local book store
6. I'm watching Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo
7. I'm 6'1"
8. I have a older brother
9. I have 2 iPods...Video and Mini
10. I really really really like Hellboy comics
11. I almost never draw fanart
12. I have Final Cut Pro 4. Some of you know what I'm talking about ;)
13. 13 is my favorite number
14. I work in retail
15. I don't like harry potter
16. I hate iBUYPOWER!!!!! evil stupid computer company
17. I used to have white hair. I was outside so much my hair got bleached ;)
18. I think Luigi is better than Mario
19. I've beaten halo on legendary
20. Riddick is my favorite movie character
21. I'm 17 until May :P
22. I like Mozart
23. I have a manga collection of 150 books
24. I have a PSP
25. I don't think the PSP is that great
26. I never where a hat
27. I think this is weird
28. I like
29. My brother and I still play Super Mario World
30. I have to many games...snes, GBC, GBA PSP, PS2, XBOX, Laptop...
31. I'm a legend in my own mind
32. I'm starting to run out of ideas...
33. I'm homeschooled
34. I have hit a tree going 20mph on skis
35. I like mint cookies :D

well thats all I have time for for now :D


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初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
Apr 3, 2006
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Oh boy, I'll give this a shot. @_@

1) I'm a girl
2) I'm currently undergoing the torture of college searching
3) I love music (who doesn't?) and will listen to pretty much anything.
4) I need a job and will be getting one soon, even though I don't much care about monetary things. ^^;;
5) Writing is a secret passion of mine which I forget about from time to time, only to remember when I get bored.
6) I love to be near water (especially lakes).
7) I like to understand people and be understood, so I always try to be open to everyone.
8) It's very hard for people to annoy me or make me angry.
9) I have two brothers who are completely insane. XD
10) I have hazel eyes, but they sometimes change to green or blue. I've never figured out what triggers them to change color. =P
11) 11 is my favorite/lucky number. ^^
12) I'm blonde, but I try not to be figuratively blonde. @_@
13) I'm very afraid of heights.
14) I tend to do crazy but harmless things just for kicks. Similarly I'm easily amused.
15) I tried to do a three-point turn on the highway once. It wasn't a good idea.
16) I once had a pet squirrel which my family adopted, but we let it go shortly after. It was found half dead, so we nursed it back to health.
17) Reading is probably my favorite thing to do on a rainy day...or any day really. I grew up reading constantly.
18) My brother introduced me to manga and I'm forever grateful. ^_^
19) I love to analyze aspects of life, and immediately love any movie or book which causes me to ponder deeply on an idea.
20) I'm very liberal but refuse to ever let myself get involved in politics, because I hate them. x_x
21) I'm a short 5'3", and used to be touchy about this fact, but I've come to terms with it.
22) I'm technologically challenged, but I know the basics for things so that I can use them.
23) I clean my room when I'm stressed or frustrated. But only sometimes when I'm stressed or frustrated. =P Most times it stays messy.
24) I treasure friendship, and find it easy to love the people I care about.
25) Swimming always made me think I was in space, because when you're under the water you can go in any direction, unlike when you're on land. Because of this, I love it. ^^

To be continued I guess. =P


Itachi's Hat Maker
MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted
Jan 27, 2006
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United Kingdom
There is no way I could think of anything past 10 that is remotely interesting about myself. Here goes:

1. My first anime was the 1972 Gatchaman (still is the best!)
2. I hate fantasy novels - love fantasy movies
3. I collect quality fan art
4. I cook (decently)
5. I go to the hairdressers about twice a year
6. I think Terminator 2 is actually a brilliant commentary on the human condition (it really is!)
7. I no longer own a car; don't drive and don't miss it neither
8. By choice, I do not own a credit card (and life has never been better)
9. I live in London which is the best city in the world
10. The next best place to be, is a sandy beach with a nice swell


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初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
Apr 5, 2006
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1. Currently playing Kingdom Hearts II ( 16:34 hours, lvl 29 & Just beat The Pride Lands )
2. I am typing this in my bath robe.
3. I am already 15 minutes late to class.
4. I have a myspace:
5. I like to take pictures.
6. I don't know what I want to do in the future, I know I just will be great.
7. I'm not cocky, but confident. (small difference).
8. The last manga series I finished reading was: Touch
9. My favorite mangas are: 20th Century Boy, Monster, Hajime No Ippo, Shamo, Naruto, One Piece, and a few more I can't remember.
10. I wear contacts.
11. I love to play football, american football, I have a purple belt in Shotokan and box.
12. I workout for 2 hours a day, half a hour which I run.
13. I drive a white 1991 Honda Accord LX but am currently looking for a new car.
14. I am now 22 minutes late to class.
15. I sleep, eat, and poop alot.
16. I have awesome hair.
17. I am patient.
18. I am cool.
19. I am 6 ft. tall
20. 190lbs
21. One sibling; 15 year old brother.
22. Oh yeah, I'm 18 years old (19 in August).
23. I own 66 games (well around there):
01) Blinx
02) Burnout 3
03) Burnout Revenge
04) Colin McRae Rally 2005
05) Crimson Skies
06) Dead or Alive Ultimate
07) Deus Ex: Invisible War
08) Def Jam Fight for New York
09) Dragonball Z Sagas
10) Fight Night Round 2
11) Fable
12) FIFA Street
13) Fight Night 2004
14) Formula 1 Racing 2001
15) Full Spectrum Warrior
16) Halo
17) Halo 2
18) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
19) Marvel Nemesus
19) Jade Empire
20) James Bond: Everything or Nothing
21) Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
22) Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
23) MechAssault
24) MetalGear Solid 2: Substance
25) Morrowind
26) Mortal Kombat Deception
27) Need For Speed Underground 2
28) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
29) Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
30) Chronicles of Riddick
31) Secret Weapons over Normandy
32) Shadow the Hedgehog
33) Shellshock NAM'67
34) Splintercell 2
35) Splintercell Chaos Theory
36) Star Wars Republic Commando
37) Star Wars KOTR
38) Star Wars KOTR 2
39) Strangers Wrath
40) The Matrix: Path of Neo
41) Tony Hawks Underground 2
42) Unreal Championship
44) X-men Legends

44) Dot.Hack Infection Part 1
45) DragonBallZ Budokai
46) DragonballZ Budokai 3
47) DragonQuest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
48) Dyansty Warriors 3
49) Final Fantasy X
50) Jak II
51) Kingdom Hearts
52) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
53) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
54) Radiata Stories
55) Socom: US Navy Seals
56) Zone of the Enders
##) Kingdom Hearts II
##) Phantom Brave

57) Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
58) Phantasy Star Online: Episode I&II
59) Soul Calibur II
60) Super Smash Bros. Melee
61) Tales of Symphonia
63) Zatchbell: Mamodo Battles
(the numbering is messed up only because I tried to add more games and was to lazy to update the #'s)
24) I love to draw
25) I am now 30 minutes late to class. :(

If I can think of anymore I'll continue this latttttooroorrrrrr Cya!