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Mar 23, 2006
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1.i'm asian
2.i'm chinese
3.i'm a girl
4.i'm 18
5.learning economics, business studies and math in school
6.i'm a positive thinker
7.i'm naive
8.i laugh a lot
9.i believe in destiny
10.i get tired easily
11.i can sleep all day
12.i love drawing
13.i'm trying to improve my creativity (do anyone know how?)
14.i would like to post some fan arts but i'm busy with my schoolworks
15.i want to be a wedding planner or fashion designer (dream on) english sucks
17.i hate school
18.i hate my math teacher math teacher hates me just because i complained him once!!
20.i hate homeworks
21.i hate writing essays
22.i lost my mobile on valentine's day favourite show is desperate housewives
24.currently i'm watching naruto and bleach friend envies me because i have ipod mini,apple G4, wi-fi, mini fridge and ps2 in my room?


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Feb 28, 2006
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Costa Rica
Hi everyone....!
This is my try...

01. I'm latin
02. I live in Costa Rica
03. I'm 18
04. I graduated last year from high school
05. I LOVE manga, anime, j-movies and all that...
06. I'm terrible writing in english
07. I now work on a market
08. LOVE to play videogames (I even own a Xbox, PS2 and a NGC)
09. I hate downloading... my bandwith is VERY slow.
10. I just bought MGS3: Subsistence. Awasome game...
11. My memory card is almost full
12. My HD is also full
13. 40 games for XB and just 1 is original.
14. Evangelion, huge fan...
15. I don't have my ID yet. I'm asking for it since last month. And guess what... it's not going to come since next month. DAMN!!
16. I love the iPod Video, but I don't have one.... s***!
17. I'm not very photo-friendly. I suck in pictures....
18. I'm a begginer fansubber. I just got part in a group named NIKAI. A spanish fansub. Very cool.
19. Not very famous around here... (just 3 ki's and 64 post)
20. I hate homework. Thank God I'm not in school anymore.
21. I love programming. Like a month ago I made a simple keygen. =)
22. -Eliminated-
23. Tall, well, avarage. Around 1,75 m.
24. -Eliminated-
25. Thinking... thinking... thinking... Ah!
26. Two brothers.
27. One mom, one dad. (don't know what else to write)
28. I like Amai_Tenshi (a girl from Nikai)
29. I think that GK and Miso are the coolest persons on earth.
30. Around 43 games for PS2 (Non of them original).
31. I think this is the best forum ever created.

Well, I'll think more next time...


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Mar 12, 2006
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1. My name means "bright nobility"
2. My name in Japanese is Arubaato :p
3. My mom is from vietnam and my father is persian
4. My first anime was GetBackers
5. I like soccer, paintball, chess, risk and warcraft
6. I'm from montreal
7. I'm 17 years old
8. Rampage is my online alias (not to be confused with a certain group ;) )
9. My favorite characters in Naruto are Orochimaru, Itachi, Ino and Anko
10. I also hate harry potter
11. I was accepted in college this week :)
12. I speak 3 languages and am learning 2 more! (vietnamien, english, french and spanish and japanese)
13. I don't like to remember things
14. I enjoy hip hop, rock, rap, reggae and some jazz, classical music
15. I absolutely hate country
16. I'm an atheist
17. My horoscope is Leo and Snake.
18. I think my blood type is AB (lol@kabuto in chapter 302)
19. I am on a quest to finding the secret to not laugh in comical situations
20. I'm optimistic usually
21. I never kept any friends for longer than 3 years
22. My favorite quote is: "Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall where it will. And outlive the bastards!

That's all for now! :)


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Mar 11, 2006
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1) I live in sweden, though my mom is finnish
2) I go to a swe/fin-school
3) I've got a parrot
4) I'm about 180 cm tall (how much is that in ft/inches?)
5) I play guitarr
6) I'm lazy as hell
7) I love reading manga but i dislike anime
8) I love music, I listen to it all the time :D
9) I'm pretty well built
10) My grades are a bit over the average
11) I don't study alot
12) I've got a couple of best friends, one is here on the forum :)
13) I've got bad eyesight (going to buy contacts* soon)
14) I'm spending my money too fast :(
15) I live with my family
16) I've got one sister, 18 yrs old
17) I hate people in my age that are too loud, too annoying, too "look at me, I've got no brains wiee" and so on
18) I feel that I'm pretty smart... but maybe everyone feels that way
19) I can speak three languages (swedish, finnish, english)
20) I suck at my fourth language (french)
21) Favorite type of music is rock
22) I'm a male
23) I'm fifteen years old
24) I should be doing some homework today
25) I'm not going to do it


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Apr 9, 2006
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1. I´m a male
2. I´m 16 years old
3. I´m from Finland
4. I´ve got a pet-lizard
5. I like manga/anime
6. Fav. music genre is rock
7. Love playing floorball and badminton
8. Thinking about learning how to play tennis
9. I hate underage people who drink and screw around for popularity points
10. I´m about as lazy as you can get
11. I have 1 older half-brother, 1 older half-sister and 1 younger half-sister
12. I live in Sweden
13. I´m a bit anti-social
14. Even though I´m lazy, I have huge dreams
15. I don't smoke
16. I have a lot of pride
17. My horoscope is Leo
18. I think I´m addicted to sugar
19. I´m blonde
20. I got my hair cut today, now it looks stupid (Damn girl was a beginner :( )
21. I´m not a virgin
22. I´m in a dark room right now!
23. I hate mustard and onions
24. I love meatballs
25. My friends say I´m weird :(


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Apr 1, 2006
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Lol i'm really bored so, i'll probably try this...

1. 21/M/Brisbane
2. Born in Indonesia
3. No Indonesian Blood, pure Chinese..
4. But i speak really crappy chinese.. 3 months worth.. unable to read at all.. learnt japanese in uni (introductory level 1 only  :p) i can read hira, kata, and maybe 70+ kanji only... and simple conversation.. that's about it..

5. Studied secondary school in Singapore when i was 13..
6. Had my 1st gf when i was 15...
7. No experience with girls at all.. I acted nervous/awkward around her all the time (like all harem mangas :noworry)... we broke up after 1 month... she can't stand it.. was depressed for quite some time..

8. Moved to Brisbane, Australia when i was 16...Lived in a dorm..
9. Met a girl who used to be my senpai in Singapore.
10. She was having a relationship with a married guy, but i talked her out of it..
11. I went out with her and moved in to her place..
12. She cheated on back with that married guy after 1 year of relationship.
13. Stayed in my cousin's house, turned suicidal, started smoking and failed 4 of my subjects in 1 year...

14. Met a girl (who's currently my fiance :smile-big) in my friends' bday party.. she's my life saviour...
15. Graduated from Griffith University, Bachelor of IT majoring in Computer Science & Software Engineering
16. At the age of 19 :D
17. Started Master of IT and currently doing a thesis on Virus Detection..

18. Well that's about my life story.. I really like Sushi
19. I've worked in a japanese restaurant before, so i'm good at cooking simple japanese food.
21. Countries I've been to.. Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, China

21. I had a band in Singapore, called Infinity, we're crappy...
22. I was a drummer, but if i'm forced to, i can fill in bass and guitar as well..
23. I just had my Sonor drum set last christmas... graduation present from my parents.
24. I like Visual Kei rocks... Dir en Grey is my favourite band... I worshipped Yoshiki from X-Japan though.. damn..ART OF LIFE...

25. I have lots of plushies on my bed.. my GF gave it to me.. I attached some of their pictures in the post.. :D these are just a few of the cute ones... love them so much..

26. My dad has high blood pressure, my mom has low blood pressure.. i'm balanced? no way, i have really low blood pressure...
27. That's why i have migraine almost daily... it makes me really moody..

28. I really like soccer...represented my school back in singapore..
29. Meh, we only won our 1st match.. we sucked..
30. Oh yeah,  btw.. I'm rooting for Japan this world cup..
31. 1stly, cos they're from asia...
32. 2ndly, well.. they're also up against Australia..

33. My GF bought me a real expensive Japanese team jersey (which i could never afford) for me to wear on 22nd of June
34. 22nd of June? of course Australia Vs. Japan... :D I'm gonna go out watch it in a pub/cafe... think they're gonna kill me?

35. Speaking of which.. my GF's family is really rich.. her dad's family owned a recording label which produced famous Indonesian bands..
36. and her dad owns an airline company across asia...AirAsia rings a bell? he has several other big businesses in Indonesia too..
37. That's why it's really hard for me to gain favour..since i'm poor..  :crying

38. I really like dogs...I have a Dalmatian back in Indonesia...
39. Which i really can't tell the difference between the dog and a cow.. she's so fat!
40. Of course i can't own a dog here.. i'm living in someone's place...
41. And for the same reason, I can't bring my beloved drum set here too..

42. My dad gave me his used laptop last year.. a pretty good one, Toshiba, pentium 3... 1.13ghz, 512mb ram...
43. Much better compared to my old laptop.. 5GB HD, pentium celeron... i can't even run MS-Word.. unbelievably, I survived secondary school and bachelor degree with it..using wordpad instead of MS-word..and if format is not really necessary..notepad.. no music playing while doing assignment.. don't need to ask why :D

44. I always wore accessories.. the fight against poverty rubber band, a chain of love, 2 necklaces and a watch from my GF
45. Btw, chain of love is a pair of bracelet I shared with my GF... which one is a padlock bracelet..and the other is a key bracelet.. i can't open my bracelet unless my gf opens it for me (looks like NANA's pair of necklace..but this is a bracelet)
46. Strangely enough, the maker made it out of silver coated with white gold... of course it's doesn't shine anymore...and it's turning black.. i can't take it off, remember.. i still love it all the same.. my devotion to her.. :amuse

47. Current situation.. I only have $18 in my bank account...$40 in my wallet.... and a debt worth $50 from my gf  :darn (in reality i only have $8)
48. I have to survive till next month when my parent's going to send me money... I can't work at all due to all the assignments and workloads from master studies...

49. The name Karasu? well... my name is Dirga.. my friends often called me Ga in short... and repeatedly.. Ga Ga.. (Gagak) which actually means Crow in Indonesian... that's how i chose the nick anyway...

50. hosh hosh....50...last one? Hm.... maybe this is a good conclusion: I can proudly say that i'm probably the only IT graduate (especially computer science major) in the world... that has never tried to format a computer, assemble pc or installed an OS... embarassingly, when someone asked me to do it, assuming i know everything about computer coz i'm an IT graduate, of course i don't know anything about it... lol.. shameful..

that's about it...well another one maybe.. the only programming languages i know are Java and Visual Basic... they never taught us anything else and I haven't any initiative to learn more..which i should have..  :blink

PS: sorry if some things are not interesting/ not about myself.... just had to fill in 50  :p

woo.. i just realised that 50+ is allowed... here we go again..I'm still bored

51. I'm a manga freak.. marchen awaken romance, one piece, flame of recca, black cat, eyeshield 21, meitantei conan, tantei gakuen Q, fantasista are among my favourite mangas
52. I still read death note, despite the fact that i hate mangas that scratches off a very important character in the middle of the story.. (I like it better if the manga stopped when L died...)
53. And also, i hated mangas which extended too long and started to lose its focus.. Ryuuroden.. for example..

54. I like novels too.. crime fiction in particular...Dan Brown, James Patterson and P.J. Tracy are my favourites...
55. I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie when I was a kid... but not anymore, since i realised how painful reading Hercule Poirot can be...
56. I like classics too.. 3 musketeers, Man in iron mask, King arthur, Phantom of the opera, etc...
57. And for that reason I hate movies which remade their stories, but swerved the true story.. (King Arthur, First Knight [King Arthur let Lancelot to marry his queen Guinevere...YUCKS!])

58. Speaking about movies, I'm really picky about my choice of movies.. I hate teen movies... I hate movies with weak plot twist..
59. V for Vendetta was quite good.. i liked that movie..

60. I'm a Catholic..can't say i'm being a good one though..
61. I believe in Him.. but I do believe that it isn't as important as caring for others...

62. I used to like video games so much... now i don't have the time..
63. I really like playing musical arcade games.. Drum Mania and Guitar Freaks... don't play as much as i used to.. played a lot in Indonesia since it's cheap.. (arcade games normally costs about 10 us cents to 30 us cents per game)
64. For those who knows the game.. I can do DM up to difficulty 80 with auto bass and 60 without.. and about difficulty 70 in GF.. not that good considering the level people played here..

65. urgh.. i'm out of stuff to write... hm... well.. I'm a logical and practical person, hate to see people doing inefficient stuff.. but on the other hand, i'm lazy myself..

okay..that's about it then...


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Mar 24, 2006
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Ok hear it is

!. A guy
2. I'm 25 (guessing one of the older ones here)
3. I'm mixed. A whole lot of mix. I live in america Nyc
4. 5'7"
5. Love my fam and friends... too much sometimes
6. I'm very well traveled. Been to most of europ, carribian, japan & Rio
7. Have just about a member of my family from every place in the world.
8. Hate racis people (gee didn't see that coming)
9. In college studing physcial therapy
10. Work at a broadway theater plays and all that (this is the most scandalis place on earth actors, manegment eveyone here) :blink
11. Gladiator and batman are my fav movies
12. Stewie is the funniest charater ever to me. (so i watch family guy)
13. My first anime was ninja scroll
14. I Was married ( too young didn't work out. Growing pains) This is much easyer to to tell to people I don't know :)
15. Neji is my fav naruto charater. (I know I know but I have naruto up. But I like that one and the ep.Sad moment)
16. Omg do I hate fillers!! I really do  :notrust
17. I'ma nice person...deep down inside some where
18. I know english and spanish fluently. Japanese only enuff to get by.Same with french & Italian
19. I'm really layed back and love to studie people
20. KTFS stands for Kakashi the field scarecrow (If anyone was woundering)
21. I go out a lot. Very social person.
22. This number is the day I was born.month sept.  Same birthday as Shikamaru. I'm not as lazy as he is but some days I wish I was. :amuse (thanks to Ayah for the reminder!!) :smile-big
23. Play rpgs non stop when possible.
24. Suikoden is my fav rpg seires.
25. When I was a kid I had 2 iguanas (blue & mondo), and a 2 hamsters (Lord and lady I miss them). My mom hated the iguanas
26. Football is my fav sport ( I can die a happy man now that the steeler won). I play football for fun.
27. I had a huski named sage who can escape from anything. I mean that too. one day I left here home for an hour when i came back she was outside. I was like WTF?!?. the next day i left her in her room ( yes she had her owen room) same thing and there was no way she could have opened the windows or the door. Oh and she think she's human which made for alot of funny moments.
29. I draw (toon types) and write poems (all types).
30. If Anne Rice wrote it. I read it ( Interview with the vampier author)
31. X-men are my fav comic (Gambits the man. Logan is too)
32. I'm picky when it comes to a girlfriend. Not just looks everything else smarts how she carries herself and if you like having fun.
33. I like having as much fun as possible.
33. Thunderstorms are cool to me. Nature is cool to me. Just to get away every now and then from city life. I like bening outside more then inside even if i'm doing nothing. Most likly reading a book if bored. (Kakashi isn't the only that carries a book with him)
34. My Mixed self. Grand parrents mom side: Grandpapa Spanish/Italian. Grandmama Spanish/portuguese. Dad side Granddad Dominican/Pueto Rican. Grandmom taino/black. Ok so i'm guessing the percent for me is 25% Spanish ,everyththing  else is 12.5 % each :amuse
35. I just realized that Shikamaru everyones fav lazy person has the same b-day as me . I am lazy but not that lazy.
36. I got a negative ki as soon as I logged in today. (someone hates me)o_0
37. Got back on and 2days later i'm back at zero ki.(now someone likes me. i'm so confused)


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Feb 11, 2006
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Before, I really wanted to keep my identity in MH at the very minimal as possible…
then I had so much fun, so... I told myself to reveal a little bit of me after my 500th posts.

1. I’m Filipino
2. I’m almost 6 feet in height
3. I’m 50% Malay, 20% Spanish, 20% Chinese, 10% Indian
4. I’m living within Metro Manila, Philippines
5. I’m male (straight)
6. But I do have friends who are gay, mostly from High School
7. I enjoy dating and conversing with women
8. I’m fluent in English and Filipino
9. I’m teaching Journalism and Mass Communications in one of the country’s State Universities
10. This is spoiler tagged so that only a few students of mine may find out about my other activities :D
11. I used to be a reporter/writer at the Business Star and Money Asia (both defunct) covering the Securities Exchange Commission
12. I’m presently working as a Public Relations and Advertising consultant (Spin Doctor)
in a PR and AD firm specializing in Information Technology in Makati City
13. I love jazz, bossa nova, 70s, new wave, punk and alternative music
14. I listen to Astrud Gilberto, Swing Out Sisters, Lightning Seeds, The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, U2, Morissey, Midnight Oil, Fra Lippo Lippi, Third Day, SonicFlood, Kutless, Jars of Clay, Six Pence, Relient K, Casting Crowns, John Meyer, Evanescence, Green Day, Ramones, Linkin Park, Maria Mena, Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Sugar Ray, Pizzicatto Five, Shonen Knife, Sting, Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman, Beatles, Chicago, America…
15. On Filipino Music: Eraserheads, Urbandub, Identity Crisis, Parokya ni Edgar, Moonstar88, Barbie’s Cradle, Kitchie Nadal, Sugar Free, True Faith, Rivermaya, Bamboo
16. I was introduced to anime when I was seven years old.
17. I first encountered the computer when it was still known as the XT and had a 5-inch floppy drive. (that old huh?)
18. The first program that I used was Wordstar 4
19. I learned how to type using a manual typewriter
20. I maybe one of the oldest members in here
21. I love to hear or read the ideas of young people
22. I enjoy mecha animes: Mazinger Z the most!
23. I love books by Isaac Asimov: especially the Foundation Series
24. I like Star Trek, Star Gate, Far Scape,
25. I play basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball
26. I know billiards and bowling
27. I joined MH on February 11, 2006
28. My friend introduced me to Naruto last year… now I’ve got the whole manga and the anime series from episode one :D
29. My favorite characters in Naruto are Hinata, Jiraiya, Kakashi and Naruto
30. I love dogs, cats and tropical fishes
31. I used to own some 25 pigeons
32. I enjoy cooking, especially pastas
33. I don’t smoke, and seldom drinks (usually on special occasions only)
34. I’m into American Comics, mostly those from DC comics: I’m currently up-to-date on the Infinite Crisis Series
35. I sometimes read Marvel and Image comics, especially X-Men, Spiderman, Avengers, Witchblade
36. I like comic strips such as Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, The Far Side, Liberty Meadows, Cathy
37. I love to draw and paint by hand or through computer
38. I like the works of Frank Cho, Frank Miller, Bryan Hitch, Al Rio, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Gerry Alanguilan,
Whilce Portacio, Francis Leinil Yu, Go Nagai, Rumiko Takahashi, Akira Toriyama, Kishimoto Masashi…
39. I love scientific trivia
40. My brother is my best friend
41. I love going places in the Philippines and other countries
42. I’ve been to Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand
43. I love the beach, especially Boracay (an island resort in the Philippines)
44. I love to drink fruit juices: coconut, apple, pineapple, mango, guyabano (sour sop), orange and dalandan (local orange)
45. I love seafoods, mushrooms, veggies and chocolate
46. The first movie I watched in theaters was King Kong (starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange)
47. I drive a 1997 Lancer GSR
48. I really like the diversity of people at MangaHelpers
49. I enjoy the MH’s Art Forums the most
50. This is the first forum I joined and this is my 501st post

Thanks to all!!! :ossu


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Jan 28, 2006
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After 200+ posts, I'm only listing this now.

1. Ayah is not my given name; it is the last 4 letters of my surname spelled bakwards.
2. I am female.
3. I am 20 years old.
4. I am from the Philippines and I still live there.
5. Countries that I have visited are Hong Kong (before it was handed back to China), USA and Thailand.
6. If the font color I use here at MH is not a hint already, my favorite color is purple.
7. As far as ethnicity is concerned, I have Indian, Spanish and Chinese blood running through my veins alongside the native Filipino (of Malay origin?).
8. I am an incoming 4th year college student.
9. My height is 160 cm (5'3").
10. My weight is... no, I'm not telling what it is exactly. I am telling, nevertheless, that I am around 10 lbs overweight.
11. Speaking of weight, a goal of mine is to lose those pounds through exercise (hey, I do it!) and watching my food intake though I'm not following any specific diet.
12. We presently have 2 dogs and a rabbit as pets.
13. I do not watch/read Prince of Tennis a lot nor do I understand the rabid fangirling towards it besides the bishounen and yaoi pairings (perhaps those are the ONLY reasons?) but I am currently infatuated at Shirota Yuu, who plays Tezuka in the PoT musical and live action movie.
14. I am also interested at the actors who play Byakuya and Urahara in the Bleach musical.
15. I do not consider myself to have been in a serious relationship, not that it matters to me when I have more close friends who are single rather than taken.
16. I tried learning French a year ago but I stopped so that I could concentrate more on my studies. Besides, it was my sister who wants to learn the language; she dragged me along.
17. The immediate family members consist of a widow for a mom (I hope my dad won't haunt me for this), an older sister and a younger brother who is taller than me.
18. I have many uncles and aunts, moreso 1st cousins (I don't know who my 2nd and 3rd cousins are). My father has 5 siblings while my mother has 8 (9 if I include her brother who passed away when they were still kids) and all of them have at least 1 child.
19. I am pretty lazy and I got in trouble with my grades several times because of it. Shikamaru is my idol!
20. For most of my life, we have at least 1 pet dog around. Thanks to that, I like dogs more than cats; I don't mind cats as long as they don't scratch my face.
21. Anime has also been with me for most my life, being exposed to it by or before the age of 5 thanks to dubbing and airing in local TV stations.
22. The first anime I've seen was either Astro Boy or one of those giant mecha ones that isn't Gundam. During that same period, I've also watched dubbed henshin and sentai shows.
23. One of the reasons my older sister tell me that I'm immature is that I continue watching anime up to now. I don't agree with her on that of course but she has more valid reasons about my maturity besides the anime argument.
24. I do not cook.
25. I know how to drive but I have not gotten myself a license. I also refuse to drive and I haven't driven an actual vehicle for a long time.
26. My birthday is on September 9 (09/09).
27. I am taking up AB (BA to some universities/colleges) Psychology
28. I am supposed to graduate in June but because I failed in a prerequisite course, I'm won't be marching 'til September.
29. One of our dogs is credited as mine since he was a birthday present to me by my mom 3 years ago.
30. I am straight and not homophobic, as long as lesbians don't start hitting on me.
31. I am a Roman Catholic, albeit not a devout one because I have not attended mass since my dad's death anniversary last January.
32. I don't have good experiences in attending mass because closed spaces jampacked with people + heat of the tropics = me feeling nauseous and dizzy. I even fainted once during Christmas Eve mass.
33. It is hard for me to sleep early if I am not physically exhausted enough.
34. My mom fears that I may suffer from anemia because I look pale to her.
35. One habit of mine that has yet to die is thinking aloud. I try not to to do it or be caught doing it.
36. I do not smoke.
37. I drink alcoholic beverages occasionally.
38. I like RPGs whether console, PC or MMO.
39. I am anxious to play FF XII and Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria (both in English).
40. I haven't purchased Suikoden V yet but I will soon after I beat KH II.
41. All except one MMOG that I've tried playing are made by Koreans. That one happens to be Guild Wars.
42. I am a casual gamer who plays a MMOG while it is still in its beta stages and moves on when the publisher starts charging monthly fees.
43. This is not the first forum I've been although I don't stick in one after a while. MH is an exception since I'm a mod now.
44. I had studied in an all-girls school before.
45. I am more inclined to check fanart more than fanfiction.
46. I am not a yaoi or yuri fan but I don't mind them as long as it hasn't reached sadomasochist levels.
47. I prefer writing essays over stories.
48. I am thinking if I should start writing fiction, whether it's a fanfic or original. I think I'll most likely end up writing drabbles instead.
49. My mom likes watching subbed Korean and Japanese drama, with an occasional Taiwanese one thrown in.
50. I have to compete with my brother over using the home PC.


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Mar 31, 2006
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Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself: Discussion Thread

1. i live in newyork 2. i love art 3. i hate math 4. i am chubby and proud 5. i am dominican and peruvian 6. im 12 going on 13 7.i love my friend to death i have brown eyes 8. i am corny , yes im corny but thats wat makes me funny 9. im funny lol 10. i was born 12/26/93 yes the day after christmas and i bet u think its soooooo great wellz no they give me less presents ( but i get alot of money,money,money ahhhhh money!!!) srry 4 that im just so money hungry 10. i am a good student * excet for math i got a 75 every thing else i got 80 up to 94* 11.i luv luv luv social studies 12. i hate to be around alot of ppl that i dont noe 13.i luv to be annoying at times 14. i luv to read fanfics sumtimes i depends if its has humor in it and if its the right pairings 14. i luv reading mangas 15.i luv internet 16.i luv to watch tv 17. i luv adult swim on channel 22 18.i luv all the seasons 19.i luv music 20. rocks man his movies make me cry 21. i luv the colur yellow( its more fun when u say colour than color)22.i love romantic funny mangas and fanfics * i cant thing right now and this is taking me forever 23. i luv to be creative 24. iluv to help others AND NUMBER 25. (drum roll please ...) i cant think give me a few minutes......3minutes later... i am very luvable yeah thats it very loveable so thats 25 things about me bye bi

I went ahead and moved this over to where you post the actual 25-50 things about yourself. The other area is mainly for the discussions about this topic. ~ TL ^_^

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Mar 30, 2007
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Hong Kong
OH boy here goes!

1.   Male (Straight)
2.   5 "3"
3.   Born in Hong Kong.
4.   Enjoy Internet surfing.
5.   Posting in forums.
6.   Mangahelpers is my favourite forum site!
7.   Currently a Programme Assistant/Social Worker for helping Asylum Seekers and Refugees.
8.   Love Anime/Manga, DB was the first anime I've watched, well.. before that was Totoro!
9.   Photography (did you see the toilet I took the picure of?)
10. Learning how to use Photoshop (currently using Fireworks).
11. Studying for a Diploma for Computer Business.
12. Studying Anime/Manga to make up theories and explanaions.
13. Favourite anime used to be Naruto, now it's ONE PIECE! Gomu gomu no!
14. Very unpopular with the girls!  Maybe it's my charm!
15. Dealing with African Refuges all day is so Mendokusei!
16. Create various pranks, one of which I mentioned in my "sharing picture thread" is when by standers watch the transparent glass below their feet, I stomped on it to give them a scare!
17. During High school days, I manage to get out of Nasty situations, like once my teacher catches me in the act of breaking the rules, he sends a prefect and a discipline book to accompany me to the discipline room, the prefect will then state to the disciplinary staff what happened then note it down in the disciplinary book, since we both hated the teacher, I pretended to have a stomache ache and many other "various ailments".  And it works, believe it!
18. Drinking Green Tea on a nice day!
19. Setting up a picnic area in school grounds where my friends talk unnessesary things only to have me and the other guy drinking green tea at a further distance.  Annoys them like HELL!
20. Love Green Ice cream, included Green Tea and Mint.
21. Mint Gum plus cold water is utterly refreshing!
22. Big Beatmaina freak (DJ simulation game)
23. Big Drummania freak (Drum Simulation game)
24. Pounding hammers to hit the spot (like the ones you see at the fairs)
25. Going to the expo (games, electronics, you name it)
26. Watching cosplay events.
27. Favourite J-Pop artists include, Bump of Chicken, Kyoko Fukada and Do as infinity.
28. Enjoy watching J-drama, "Love Vacation", etc. etc.
29. Watching Chinese films (old ones are better)
30. Listening to J-Pop, K-Pop, some Hindi music etc.
31. Watch all kinds of movies ranging from African, American, Chinese, Korean, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, etc. etc.
32. Screwed up Jackie Chan's FIRST SCENE in Rush Hour 2 (watch the movie and you'll see billboard signs, but the real scene was at the park where I and my friends were at, as they were shooting going down the park me and my friends chased them and ruined their scene, Chris Tucker replied with a "HEEEEEYYYYYYYY!")
33. Hates most of the rap music now, the last one I was interested in was the Wu Tang Clan.
34. Looking for innovation about anything.
35. Technology freak!
36. Planning to be a web master in the future.
37. Love to watch flash movies.  Xiao Xiao was the first and the best!
38. Going to different kinds of restaurants.
39. Love to walk around (travelling, having an adventure)
40. Making a lot of good friends, I won't pay attention to rubbish people! Also like to make as many "international" friends as possible!
41. Going to Youtube!
42. Likes to cook!
43. Want to start a forum in the near future.
44. Playing fun "parlor games". 
45. During my "prime years" teasing the local security guard and run away before he catches you was the most fun thing I'd ever done in my life!  We start at morning till night, 5 days a week!  Lots of exercise people!
46. Throwing random tantrums!
47. When someone talks to me about a certain topic (ones I don't understand), I'll do something else like reading and instantly look at them in the eye and say "What, Komodo Dragon?" and many other random comments!
48. Playing on-line games on cybercafe's WAS so much fun, too bad my computer is slow!
49. Taking advantages in any situations at any time!
50. I want to travel around THE WORLD!!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Dec 30, 2005
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Costa Rica
I've been around here for a while now, and I guess it's time to reveal some info about me. :grin

1. I'm a guy
2. I'm Italian
3. I was born in Milan
4. I'm a tall guy: 1,82 m
5. I'm 18 years old.
6. When I was a kid, my family kept moving throughout north Italy a lot
7. Whas I was 11, me and my family moved to Costa Rica :o
8. I can speak Italian, Spanish and English
9. I love football (soccer), playing and watching it
10. I have dark blonde hair
11. I have blue eyes
12. I have a sister and a brother, both younger
13. My favorite football team is Inter
14. I love Naruto (not him... the manga/anime :darn)
15. I'm currently studying Businness Administration at college
16. I love the Fun Forum
17. I know Mangahelpers' member FHT Fansubber in real life!!!! He's a good friend of mine
18. okyatoks and elle64389000 are my best pals in Mangahelpers
19. My first real kiss (with tongue and all) was at the age of 14
20. I'm really proud of being Italian (girls melt when you speak in Italian to them ;))
21. I'm a funny guy
22. I got into Naruto a year ago.
23. I own 4 dogs (3 of them are Golden Retrievers) and 2 cats.
24. Till last week I had a rabbit, but the dogs ate it :s (Happy Easter, you damn dogs!!!! :grin)
25. I'm a little over weighted, but working on it
26. I love Japanese culture
27. My first word was "tit"
28. I'm currently modding the Language section
29. I hate Sai and I have my new avatar to prove it
30. I love Italian comics, and my favorite one is "Dylan Dog"
31. My first name is Riccardo and my last name is
Yeah right, how could be someone stupid enough to post something like that :darn

Enough for now :p Maybe I'll be back later with more facts about me!!!!


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Apr 13, 2006
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United States
1) Im a guy
2) Im 6'3" and 17
3) Im dominican, salvadoreanian, maybe irish and maybe even aztec
4) Born and raised in the bronx, new york
5) My birthday is october 2
6) I have been to japan
7) I (or my friends) managed to score hash in japan :)
8) I know English, Spanish (tho i am not as good as a person born and raised in a spanish household should be) and am learning japanese and plan on taking some classes in chinese and maybe korean and italian
9) I have been to Italy on a school trip and got to see Il Duomo, The sistine chapel, david, il uffizi, and much more
10) I am going to college in the fall in LA (in the unlikely event that you know of/ go to occidental college give me a shout out)
11) I am of a bronze complexion, have dark brown hair (close enough to black), and brown eyes
12) I am currently starring in a film at my high school
13) I have been in a play at school and want to do more at college
14) I plan on majoring in east asian studies with an emphasis in japanese and plan to do the JET program
15) My first word was at 6 months
16) I used to be christian but now think that the idea of an omnipotent god is foolish
17) I need to lose weight
18) I want to learn how to box (after reading hajime no ippo)
19) I love sports and sports manga (go packers and mets!)
20) I have far to much manga. I own some of dragon ball z, hajime no ippo, mr. fullswing, tough, baki, one piece, eyeshield, jojo's bizarre adventure, full metal alchemist, and steel ball run
21) I have a huge(largely pirated) collection of ps2, ps, dc and gamecube games
23) Japanese food is next to god's food (but so is italian, and all the various forms of hispanic food)
24) I am the head of Knockout Edited Mangas and one of our projects, Tough, is in my avatar and sig
25) Left my heart in japan (i miss kamiusuki, oita, japan!)
26) Going to end my high school life in about 27 school days
27) Love Sentai series(go watch mahou sentai magiranger! you wont regret it
28) Love x-men tas, spiderman: tas and batman: tas

whatelse? got any questions?


Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself: Discussion Thread

My name is Bao Tran
I'm Vietnamese
I attend a Naval Academy
I love Naruto
I love hayao Miyazaki
I'm a trainee of NBST
I tried to scanlate manga
Ketwaroo, ZzzZ, bobo is my sensei
Hinata is my fav. character
I'm a Naruto Bunshin Forum member
I posted a picture of mine in their
I live in US
I live in MO
I love Inuyasha
My fav character is Sesshoumaru
I was in one of Gornot brutal contribution in fanart of Naruto 304 release
I developed rashingan
I use photoshop for 3 years
I'm start to use PSP7
I have a PS2
I want a xbox 360
I love FFX
I want to destroy the world
I like purple
I like to travel's not as long as i thought

~Khal was here~ ( and he moved the post to where it should be :p ) - Khal

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Dec 30, 2005
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1. I'm deaf too (surprise GK!)
2. I'm a graphic designer by career and by hobby.
3. I have different coloured eyes. One blue, one brown with a bit of blue.
4. I work for a major Australian TV company At least, I did. Certain departments folded and I was let go =(
5. I'm brown haired
6. I'm 6"1
7. I study Jeet Kune Do
8. I played professional basketball briefly
9. I played baseball, soccer, volleyball, and union.
10. I'm turning 21 on the 6th of December <3 My birthyear is 1985. Currently 21 <3
11. I graduated last year. in 2005.
12. I can get a basket from half-court without a run-up
13. My poison of choice is a Double Vodka Blackberry currently Pure Blonde beer for price and taste \o/
14. I am a big time Streetfighter fan. Fei Long for the win.
15. I'm a skateboarder who does tech demonstrations. is not a sellout.
16. I'm an Australian
17. My dream car is a Dodge Viper
18. I have been all around the world, travelling with an ex girlfriend of 2 years.
19. My favourite food is spinach-stuffed Ravioli with tomato, garlic, and onions.
20. My favourite drink is "V" Energy Drink - And still is \o/
21. I own a series 3 Mazda RX7 Before I sold it for a crappy ford laser, saving up for a series 7 RX7.
22. I'm completely obsessed with all aspects of art and illustration
23. I founded Zarosaki with TheExa <3
24. I'm a huge fan of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series
25. I have had two marriage proposals
26. I am currently single for 4 months Currently nearing 6 months with my girlfriend as of the edit timestamp of this post <3
27. I secretly enjoy watching chick-flicks with a girlfriend
28. I love having nicknames during a relationship
29. My real-life nickname in high school was "Reaver"
30. At the start of high school, I was briefly known as "Weasel"
31. I wanted to be called "Janiro Jarel Jones" as a kid.
32. I used to do nightfill at the local supermarket at night while studying at uni
33. I was almost arrested because a friend that I was speeding with said that I was following her
35. I have a Russian Blue cat called "Sable"
36. I love to watch F1 Racing
37. The Die Hards are my favourite movies of all time
38. I can speak Italian, and a small bit of French.
39. I love Tsunade
40. I am an absolute sucker for a girl in a smart business dress and high heels
41. Bruce Lee is my idol
42. Black Eyed Peas are my favourite group Wolfmother and AC/DC now.
43. Blindspott - Nil by Mouth is my favourite song.
44. I have a Kill Bill katana collection
45. I am a firm supporter of the Yondaime is Naruto's Father theory
46. Obviously, I love Naruto.
47. My favourite cities that I have visited are Sydney (Australia), Tokyo (Japan), Edinburgh (Scotland) and Rome (Italy)
48. My greatest fear is losing one of my eyes or another sense
49. I love girls with a Selphie from FF8 style haircut. I don't know the name for it but it's all curly at the ends <3
50. I am currently in big, big trouble.........

51. ........ because I love breaking the rules.


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Mar 30, 2006
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I made a thread like this on doremis forum, so i will use the same list i used there... some changes have been made, manga helpers exlusive :D

1. Im a Otaku (no shit)
2. Im also a nerd i general Smile
3. I have been playing PnP RPG:s since i was 11 years old.
4. Im hellbent for alchemy (for reasons i dont understand)
5. My appartement is called "the hallway"... its not big (but cheap) Very Happy
6. Im curently trying to start my own internet shop.
7. I suck att spelling.
8. My computer is probly related to frankensteins monster.
9. I cant shut up when im drunk... and i cant be wrong either Very Happy
10. PnP takes most of my time, otherwise its anime Smile
11. Im curently not playing any MMO, wich feels kind of weird.
12. Im a total nut.
13. I have over 50 dating sims at the time on my PC... All of them H-marked Very Happy
14. Im constantly switching my sleeping habits.
15. I did not have sexual relationship with that women, but i wouldent mind to... (ok, that one doesent count) Very Happy
16. I have dreams about Ryoko from Tenchi Myo... every night...
17. I also play Warhammer 40k, Space marines.
19. I spend 87% of my waken time at my PC... serious!
20. When i was 14 i tryed to beat the world record in siting on a toilet... i managed 17 hours, the world record is around 3 days.
21. I used to be a basist in a punk band.
22. Im addicted to bad flash cartons and web comics.
23. I used to make an all "all paintbrush webcomic" with lots of ****** jokes. Thinking of picking it up if i learn how to draw for real Very Happy
24. I think that "Septic Flesh" is the greates band that ever walked the earth. To bad they broak up Sad
25. I think that weed should be legalised.
26. Only 3 people in the world have masterd the art of starting my TV... its like finding zen... i think...
27. I love beer, stout for the win!
28. I dont do sport... ever...
29. I cryed like sissy through gundam seed... i am no longer a man Very Happy
30. i have memory losses through my age of 13 to 16... probly a litle to early to drink beer, but hey, im still alive Very Happy
31. I use wayyy to many smilies when i write...
32. Im always sleeping when ppl call me.
33. about 40% of the food i eat is Ravioli... cheap and... healthy?
34. A normal shower for me lasts about 50min, i loooove the solitude mixed with warm water :D
35. My appartement has its own Eco-system... Im not good at cleaning :D
36. I cant finish my projects, i have like 30 unfinished PnP RPGs, and right now im working on 6 new.
37. 70% of my RPG chars are Psyco, the rest is just a litle weird :D
38. I love to talk about things in %, makes it more visual.
39. I got 11 quick-links to webcomics on my browser... i cant fit the rest in there...

Thats about it i think...


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Jun 4, 2006
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1. I'm of the female flavour
2. I prefer manga over anime any day
3. I don't think much of the Harry Potter books
4. I love English, History and the Sciences
5. I hate Maths, Geography and I.T. (95% of my anger and stress)
6. I'm 5"2.5 :p Go little people!
7. I have a Swedish Step-Father and a welsh-speaking Step-Mother
8. I'm a disney fanatic
9. I root for the bad guys xD
10. Ketchup on noodles is my favourite snack
11. I do Ninjutsu and Kickboxing
12. I sing
13. I work with physically-handicapped people on Mondays
14. I have a stupid dog, a mad dog, a moody cat and a possessed rabbit
15. I have a gorgeous little brother who's the spitting image of Naruto-Kun!
16. My favourite film is "Thelma and Louise"
17. I eat like a horse
18. I get drunk ridiculously quick, yet I never get hangovers.
19. I used to play the violin, piano, clarinet and guitar but found out that I'm not musically talented...
20. I would love to be an Author
21. I would also like to be a Paediatric Gynaeycologist
22. I have relatives I've met only once in Moscow
23. I recently went to Berlin with school x3
24. I love the Naruto bad guys *coughapartfromSassycausehe'saknobendandnotatruevillaincough*
25. I used to figure skate and enjoyed it :p
26. I have kept the same msn address for two years
27. I dislike happy endings
28. Most of my friends are boys
29. I love Innocent smoothies
30. I think Chris Wooding is one of the greatest child authors ever
31. I can't live without books
32. I'm a "glass half-full" type of thinker
33. I hate British Politicians
34. I have a VERY sick mind
35. I think horror movies are hilarious
36. Jim Carey is my comedy idol
37. I'm one of the most un-religious people you could possibly meet
38. I love Miyavi and Dir En Grey
39. I'm really dozy and oblivious most of the time
40. I have never had a serious relationship
41. I love rugby (sorry)
42. I think snakes and spiders are awesome
43. I despise smoking
44. My hair is naturally dark and wavy/curly
45. I love tea and coffee
46. I love salad x3
47. I'm half way through writing a novel x3
48. I like going for walks
49. I turned one of my best friends into a Narutard x3 heheheh
50. My real name's Veronica


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Feb 4, 2006
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United States
Strange to think that I've never actually posted in this discussion thread. I suppose that makes me secretive? Then again? No.
Otherwise, I woudn't think of posting now. *deep breath* Only 25 for now, I think.

1. I love socks - footies, ankle socks. <s>Consequently, this means I often ruin them from wearing them too much and in inappropriate places.</s>

2. I love running around barefooted. Contradictory to #1? Maybe.

3. I love to draw... It used to be a passion before life took over. I love messy painting and pastels, but I'm <i>trying</i> to experiment a bit with digital medium these days. My sisters and I have a weird <a href="">page</a> where we keep some recent stuff.

4. I have double-jointed thumbs and elbows. I used to be able to do backwards push-ups with my arms all twisted around. Now...I doubt I could do a regular push-up. :O

5. I've recently taken up a cycling class, and I love it - even if it is sometimes difficult. <s>Bikes, unlike other things, don't aggravate the condition of my still-injured knees.</s>

6. I love to swim in the early hours of the morning. Laps...all by myself. I'm a water freak. Been swimming since I was about 2 or 3.

7. My favorite foods are currently broccoli and cheese, fresh pineapple, grapes, an~d rice crispie treats.

8. I'm allergic to chocolate, or anything that has a high concentration of nickel. <s>I don't like chocolate anyway, though.</s>

9. I've had <a href="">Eczema</a> since I was a baby. Atopic type, contact, seborrheic, and, recently, <a href="">dermatitis herpetiformis</a>. Luckily, I am <i>totally</i> clear at the moment, since I've been a good girl. To control it, I eat a "special" <s>bland</s> diet with lots of organic foods.

10. At prom senior year, my skin was clear and uninfected for the first time in many years. I started sobbing like a baby when my friends noticed.

11. I recently discovered that I have <a href="">Celiac Disease</a>. Therefore, I must cook more than I would like. :scry

12. I've been gardening this summer - a vegetable garden. Yesterday, I stepped in an ant pile and came out unscathed.

13. I'm majoring as a radiology technician. After that, I might become a doctor of Radiology. But recently, I've considered changing the long-term goal to medical research or genetics or sleep study.

14. I love Yondaime and I don't know why. <s>I named my MP3 Player that.</s>

15. My preferred weapon in real life is sarcasm, though that's not always the wisest tone to take.

16. I have some weird <a href="">habits</a> and wanting to clean my room at midnight.

17. I'm the only one in my house with (light) blue eyes. My Mom and sisters have dark, dark eyes, and my Daddy has olive green ones. Once, I was asked if I was adopted. Another time, someone asked if my older sister and me had different fathers. I really do have features that resemble my parents, though. <s>People are blind.</s>

18. My physical talent isn't strength like my older sister, and it isn't endurance and climbing ability like my little sister (though I am competent in the latter areas). I was born with the strange ability to balance. As a child, I entertained the thought of running away to the circus to be a tightrope walker. Of course, this talent has taken a slight plung due to my injuries. But the fact still remains that I was born with it. People always compared me to a cat in sports, due to balance and smooth movements that partially disguised actual speed and agility until it was too late.

19. I'm not good with big machines that I have to drive. @.@ It was a nightmare to teach me to drive. My Daddy had to practically shove me into the vehicle. I was scared. I'd rather walk...or ride a bicycle...or take a subway! <s>Too bad there aren't any subways where I live...</s>

20. I adore the art of writing. Poetry, drabbles, fanfiction... I wish I had the time and energy to write a book.

21. I want to travel to other countries. I'm fascinated by other cultures, and I honestly thing I'd prfer some of the simpler ways of living, when you get down to the heart of things.

22. I think many human beings have lost touch with the earth, and some of the people I've met seem to be continually searching for that lost connection to it...even if they themselves are unaware.

23. [I think] People are people. People are bad and selfish and good and loveable and disgusting and terrifying. <i>But</i>...they're still people.

24. I have often felt a calling to get involved in the supression of nuclear warfare (worldwide). As in, I've had dreams of an on throughout my life, even when I was too young to comprehend them. To this day, I haven't acknowledged that calling, because I honestly don't see a true solution to the problem. Idealism would be nice, but there's not way to eradicate that kind of information or threat. The whole notion is quite strange, and the dreams have a quality that is too broad and telling to really discuss here. It still baffles me, since I've never really read up on the subject.

25. My name is Erin. It's very short, isn't it? I used to hate it, but now I think it suits me.


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May 12, 2006
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United States
Well... here's some info about me:

1. I'm 20 years old

2. I live in Wisconsin

3. Next year i'll be a junior in college.

4. I'm currently majoring in Information Technology Management and minoring in Spanish.

5. I'll be spending the first semmester of next year studying in japan, (trying to learn some japanese :smile-big)

6. Durring the school year I work for my school's computer help desk.

7. Right now I'm working at a Menard's distribution center sorting and recycling crap that got returned to the stores and sorting wooden pallets (which can be relly frickin heavy

8. I'm a huge fan of anime(as long as it's not dubbed :P) and manga (of course)

9. Right now i'm living with three friends in an apartment, (and we finally got our internet installed today. YESS!! :grin

10. I'm a big fan of Jump Superstars for the Nintendo DS. (and i really wish it had wifi capability :s)

11. My favorite Manga at the moment are One Piece, D. Gray Man, and Bleach. (not necesarrily in that order :p)

12. My favorite animes are One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto. (also not necesarrily in that order).

13. My favorite american TV shows are Family Guy, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and South Park.

14. My very first anime was Gundam Wing.

15. I have a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

16. I will eat almost anything. (that is meant to be consumed by humans :notrust)

17. My favorite variety of food is oriental (especially sushi :smile-big), Second favorite is mexican.

18. My favorite PS2 game is Metal Gear Solid 2. (Yes, That's right.. 2).

19. My favorite PC game is Fable: The lost Chapters.

20. My very first job was working at McDonalds. (Yes, Working at McDonalds sucks just as much as you think it would, but i spent 4 years working there anyway).

21. In May I went to Anime Central(an anime convention in Chicago), and it was frickin awesome. :amuse

22. I cosplayed as Aizen Souske. :p

23. In a few weeks i'll be going to Mexico for a vacation with my family. (woot)

24. I love Star Wars, but i hated the prequels.

25. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, but Next Generation is the best of all the Star Trek Series IMO.

Fighting Dreamers

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Dec 15, 2005
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1. I'm deaf too (surprise GK and Reaver Reload!)
2. I got surgery about 1 year ago and tomorrow I feel better and went to my home. And Naruto the movie 2 was reazlie in Japan too!
3. My real name is Sheikha
4. I have half brown and half blue eyes (for real).
5. I'm a Mulism
6. I am obsessed with Naruto about 1 year!
7. I hide my drawings as always XD
8. I'm an artist ^^
9. I had photoshop when I was 10-12 years old.
10. I always eat dinner when I watch Naruto old episdes.
11. I always listen Akatsuki voices
12. My English is always bad.
13. I know English much than Arabic *sniff*
14. I know how to cook egg only.
15. I love to eat king buger.
16. I always draw Naruto fanarts XD
17. I am obsessed with Deidara about 1 year but I'm hiding him when my family see it.
18. I have Naruto part 2 japanese manga. I have 5 vols.
19. I love Naruto and Bleach fillers.
20. I hate to waiting.
21. Always be Interest.
22. Playing with dog
23. Reading manga
24. I spoken English, Arabic (little) and Japanese (little)
25. I'm learning Japanese lesson.
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