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Clear Qualia 5.1

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Aug 23, 2009 17:27 | Go to Clear Qualia

-> RTS Page for Clear Qualia 5.1


Chenerentora: Number 32, 3rd Street… // Hmm? That’s not right…where am I?

Dorothy: I’m sorry…


Rodbart: What about? / That you broke your promise and left the hotel? // Or that you caused trouble even though I told you not to?


Dorothy: Both…

Rodbart: Hmm…


Ponkotsu: Rodbart, please don’t blame Dorothy… / It was me who took her outside and caused trouble…

Rodbart: You really are trouble… / Just get out…

Ponkotsu: I won’t.


Dorothy: I’m sorry…

Rodbart: Never mind, just hurry up and get your things… / We’ll get out of town while it’s still dark. // Not that we’ve got much to take with us…

Ponkotsu: Rodbart…Rodbart…

Rodbart: Yeah?


Ponkotsu: Can we take the cat with us?

Rodbart: NO.


Rodbart: Anyway, where’d you get that animal?

Ponkotsu: I picked him up. / I’m going to keep him.

Rodbart: Shouldn’t it be “Let me keep him”? / You’ve missed out too much!


Dorothy: I’m sorry, Rod. / I said no, but Ponkotsu brought him along anyway.

Rodbart: You don’t even listen to what Dorothy says? / You bastard!

Ponkotsu: I’m going to keep him.

Rodbart: Trying to be cute won’t work!


Rodbart: Anyway, the answer is no, you can’t keep him. / There are hardly any hotels that allow pets, and they’re more expensive too. / Get rid of the cat, Dorothy.

Ponkotsu: Ah~~~

Dorothy: Leave it to me! I’ll make sure to get rid of him!


Dorothy: We’re taking the cat with us.

Rodbart: We’re not! / Ponkotsu, what are you making that face for?!


Ponkotsu: Ah…alright, alright. I get it. / I’ll get rid of him, then you’ll be happy, right?

Rodbart: That’s right, you idiot.

Ponkotsu: You damned demon.


Dorothy: Oh? You’re already done?

Ponkotsu: Hahaha… / It was as easy as breaking the sound barrier.

Rodbart: Umm…Ponkotsu… / Turn around. // What’s that on your back?


Ponkotsu: It’s a bag. What about it?

Rodbart: Hmm… / So what’s inside the bag?

Ponkotsu: Internal organs.

Rodbart: What kind of bag is that?


Rodbart: That’s enough, you useless robot! / I’m not trying to be mean, so listen to me! // You’re worthless, and all you do is keep bringing in useless things!

Dorothy: Let’s make your alias “the factory manager”.

Qualia: Miaow~

Dorothy: You like that name?


Ponkotsu: That’s rude. I am useful. / I take out everyone’s white hairs and talk to you because you’re lonely!

Rodbart: Don’t assume that I’m lonely!


Ponkotsu: Rodbart… / At this rate, our discussion won’t go anywhere.


Ponkotsu: I have a suggestion. How about we decide with a game?

in panel: I didn’t want to discuss anything anyway.

Rodbart: A game?

Ponkotsu: A simple lottery…


Dorothy: A lottery?!

in panel: Me, me!

Dorothy: I know that! / Rod taught me about it!


in panel [on the paper]: We’re going to keep it.

Dorothy: I’ve made one! // A lottery.

in panel [on the paper]: We’re going to keep it.

Rodbart: Eh?!


Text 1: Are they planning something? Or is it a different aim?

Text 2: If that’s the case and I interrupt unnecessarily, it’ll be like I don’t understand the situation!

Text 3: Conflict


Ponkotsu: Dorothy, at least hide the bottom half! / You’ve got to draw it horizontally too!

Dorothy: Ah!

Rodbart Ah… // I should have interrupted then…


Dorothy: I’ve hidden it!

Ponkotsu: Good job, Dorothy!

Rodbart: It’s a bit late to be hiding it now…

in panel: Hmm~


Dorothy: Did I get found out?

in panel: Ah~

Rodbart: You did.


Dorothy: Well… / which will you choose?

Rodbart: She still wants me to choose?! // I’m fed up with you lot.


Dorothy: Rod…

Rodbart: Yeah… / We’ll be moving again. // Shut up. We don’t have a choice. // Yeah… / that’s right…


Rodbart: Well then…make the preparations for accommodation. / As cheap as possible… // Somewhere that allows pets too.


Rodbart: Yeah…it’s a well behaved cat. / Just one. // Yeah. // Thanks.


Rodbart: Happy now?

Dorothy: I’m sorry…

Rodbart: How many times are you going to apologise?


Rodbart: At times like this, you should say “thanks”. / It’d be good if you said something that’d make me happy. // Got it?


Dorothy: Thank you. / I love you, Rod…

Rodbart: You think I’d be happy if you said that?


Dorothy: I don’t know, but I’d be happy if you said that to me.

Rodbart: What?


Rodbart: When did you become the kind of person who tries to flatter people?

Dorothy: Were you happy?

Rodbart: That’s not what I’m talking about!

Dorothy: So you weren’t happy? / Did I fail?

Rodbart: Well…


Ponkotsu: Take that!


Rodbart: Mmmffph!

[Box 1] Translation: What are you doing?!

Ponkotsu: Sorry, I thought you were annoying for someone who’s just a supporting character!

Rodbart: Mmmfffph!

[Box 2] Translation: Don’t call me a supporting character!

Ponkotsu: Rodbart…

Ponkotsu: Yeah?


Ponkotsu: Thank you very much.

Rodbart: Being thanked by you is weird.

Ponkotsu: Is that so? / How about “Go to hell, you lolicon!”

Rodbart: Insults are out of the question.


in panel: I’m finally here!

Chenerentora: Hey. / I’ve come to kill you. // Oh?

Box: Chenerentora is one step behind.


Text 1: Thank you for buying this manga!

Box 1: I’m going to introduce the characters.

Box 2: By the way, it’ll only be the characters I know. / Odette, Henzel and the crazy hospital chief won’t be mentioned.

Box 3: I don’t like when people ask “So, how do you know their names?”


Box 4: Ponkotsu, my master. / He’s not human, but a Plastica.

Box 5: Dorothy is my master’s master.

Box 6: She’s a person who doesn’t suffer from PNC. That’s amazing~


Box 7: Chenerentora is a scary person who wields an axe.

Box 8: He’s a Plastica, / just like my master.

Box 9: These are the three idiots.


Box 10: That’s all! Miaow~

Rodbart: Hey! Aren’t you forgetting someone?!

Box 11: Miaow~

Rodbart: Wait, you damn cat!

Text 2: Endou Minari

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