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dark guild

  1. Nemispelled

    Discussion Tartaros Official Thread

    "It shall begin soon... Darkness will pour forth from the doors of hell... a darkness to swallow all the world's light." ~ Leader Mard Geer Tartaros TARTAROS (Branch of the Baram Alliance) From the Books of Zeref, these demons stop at absolutely nothing.. Their primary objective is to...
  2. LordOTaco

    Discussion Could Silver Defeat Tartaros?

    Something I've always wondered and decided to do a video on is if Silver could have actually defeated Tartaros on his own. Without question even as a moving corpse Silver was extremely powerful with a mere swipe of his hand he was able to freeze Natsu solid and its often implied that he could...
  3. BluePegasus

    Discussion Oración Seis

    This thread is going to be all about the Oración Seis. As we know, the Oración Seis left the Balam Alliance and joined Crime Sorciere, a guild by Jellal. In this thread we can discuss the fate, characters and power level of the Oración Seis. These are the members with their magic from the...
  4. Dranzer

    Fantasy Oracion Seis vs Grimoire Heart vs Tartarus

    Now I understand that this is a lot of people/demons to account for and there really isn't a way to logically get an answer because of various Time-Skips ect. But it would be interesting just on opinion. Time of the fight: Alavarez arc Place: All of Fiore (I understand it's large but there is...
  5. kkck

    Discussion Fate of Grimoire Heart?

    Ok, as of the end of Grimoire Heart there were a few members of the former guild who survived and whose fates remain unknown. The main members were zancrow, kain, meldy, urtear, azuma, zoldeo, rustyrose and hades along with bluenote. Out of them hades seems to be definitely dead. His soul...