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gildarts clive

  1. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Erza vs Gildarts

    Yea, another Erza thread... The "Ace of Fairy Tail" is on the line here as Erza Scarlet takes on Gildarts Clive. This fight takes place in X793, both start fresh and raring to go. Restrictions: None Intent: To defeat their opponent Location: Where August destroyed Crime Sorciere The winner...
  2. Arjuna

    Fantasy Irene vs Gildarts

    Let's make an Irene thread.It is my first.Irene can use all magics.Gildarts too.Who wins?The woman who got praised by Acnologia or the man who got one shotted by Acnologia like an insect in the words of Zeref?
  3. Arjuna

    Canon God Serena VS Gildarts

    This thread may raise huge debate due to Acnologia.Who do you think wins?I am going with God Serena Intel:Full Serena can use 4 Lacrimas Situation 1:Serena in base state Situation 2:Serena uses Dragon Slaying Magic This part was suggested by Orgastthemage Note: take into account the possibility...
  4. Holt

    Discussion Gildarts Clive

    Gildarts is a constant source of debate when it comes to power level. It's a popular topic so this thread will serve for all Gildarts related discussion.
  5. BluePegasus

    Discussion S-Class Ranking

    I was wondering in which way the S-Class Wizards from Fairy Tail should be ranked. Now, there are five S-Class Wizards in Fairy Tail which are: Gildarts Laxus Erza Mirajane Mystogan What is your top 5 S-Class Wizards ranked from the strongest to the weakest? This is mine: 1. Gildarts 2...
  6. SirSamuel016

    Conditional Natsu Dragneel vs Gildarts Clive

    Student vs Mentor, the time has come to settle things once and for all. Location: Domus Flau, the arena where the Grand Magic Games is held Time: Current time period in the manga (just after the 1 year time-skip) Restrictions: - Natsu cannot use Flame Dragon King Mode, but he can use Flame...
  7. Mystic Mistral

    Team Gray and Ur vs Natsu and Gildarts

    A battle of mentors and students (somewhat:)) All are Alvarez arc level . Which team takes the fight ??
  8. Dranzer

    Fantasy Gildarts Clive vs Laxus Dreyar

    The fight takes place around the time of the Alavarez arc. Who will win out of Gildarts the ace of Fairy Tail and Laxus who beat the the 5th wizard saint?
  9. Sky

    Fantasy Gildarts Clive vs Makarov Dreyar

    The battle between the 5th master of Fairy Tail, Gildarts and his successor, Makarov. Who is really the strongest mage in this guild? This fight occurs after the time skip and is held at the Domus Flau Arena. Both mages are at full strength and there is no time limit; the match is only won...