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  1. Discussion Haki Thread

    ok so i'm opening the haki subject with basic principles and personal observations there are 3 types of haki that were presented so far which are : -Kenbunshoku Haki, also...
  2. Discussion The Relationship Between Haki and Life Span/Life Force

    In response to many people's interest in the topic of life force/life energy/life span, especially after seeing Big Mom taking away 40 years of life span from her son which eventually killed him, I wonder if there is any "cure" to such phenomenon when another cower person/people were to face Big...
  3. weixiaobao

    Discussion Akainu's Ability

    Busoshoku Haki granted the user the ability to touch Devil Fruit user's true body but it doesn't cancel out the Devil fruit's effect. So having Busoshoku Haki doesn't meant automatically ownage against Logia users and or having the upper hand against Logia users still because of their Devil...