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kagura mikazuchi

  1. BluePegasus

    Fantasy Battle of the Queens

    Battle of the Queens The queens of Ishgar fight it out in a battle royale. Erza Scarlet Magic Requip: The Knight Mirajane Strauss Magic Take-Over: Satan Soul, Take-Over: Sitri Soul, Take-Over: Seilah Soul, Take-Over: Alegria Soul Lucy Heartfillia Magic Celestial Spirit Magic, Star...
  2. Question Where is Mermaid Heels GM?

    If I'm correct Mermaid Heels GM was supposed to play a big part later in the future. So.... Uhh..... Where is she?
  3. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Kagura Mikazuchi vs Lucy Heartfilia

    Yes... another Lucy vs thread... Kagura vs Lucy Feel free to continue using this thread when characters get more feats. Both characters are X792 versions Location: Alvarez (in the crater of Laxus' nuke) CSK restricted until Lucy is shown to be able to summon him without breaking a key Any...
  4. Arjuna

    Fantasy Ajeel Runs a Gauntlet

    Location: Tartarus' base Intel: As per manga Intent: To win Starting Distance: 20m Round 1: Kagura & Mirajane (Tartarus versions) Round 2: Kyouka & Knightwalker Round 3: Zero & Jose Round 4: Ikusatsunagi Round 5: Jura Round 6: 3 Ishgal Gods He Gets Rest and Recovers after Each Round and Fights...
  5. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Kagura vs Erza and Minerva

    No healing allowed . All have 2nd origin . Who do you think will win??
  6. Vasgoko

    Team [Fantasy] Raven Team (Gray and Kagura) vs. Reddish-Pinkish Team (Natsu and Erza)

    Basically you got two sides. Gray Fullbuster and Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet. Not really any restrictions, so feel free to argue the way you want. All feats can be used. No time limit. Takes place in Ruins of Tartaros Battlefield. Starting position/length...
  7. Mystic Mistral

    Fantasy Erza and Mirajane vs Ultear and Kagura

    Mira has seliah takeover Ultear is still young Which team do you think will win