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  1. BlkHorus

    Strawhat: Rookie Or Career Pirate

    Hey guys, So I have been thinking about this for some time now as Luffy has started to split his crew up on multiple tasks recently. So the supernova have been referred to as rookies and that they have only been playing pirate games. Now compared to the Yonkou, that is true, but when you...
  2. Discussion How to determine a Powerful Pirate.

    Strength is one of the key pieces in the world of One Piece. How can we exactly determine if a pirate is exactly string or not?Considering they are the main fighters in the world. Let's start with the Yonkou. They are the four strongest pirates in the world. But how. Here's how. Big Mom. She...
  3. Discussion How Do We Define Tyranny and Evilness in One Piece?

    How do we define who is a tyrant and who is evil, or even lawful evilness? The topic does intrigue many of us, doesn't it? Looking at the definition in the dictionary, it says tyranny is: a state under cruel and oppressive government. rule by one who has absolute power without legal right...