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royal guards

  1. reesestl

    Theory Royal Guards vs Gotei 13.

    Went back and read the chapter "Ordinary Peace" (OP) with Ichibei's cryptic comments. Based on it, we can be for sure of two things: Ichibei and Yhwach are not on the same side. The RG will not be working for Ywach. Ichibei and Gotei 13 are not entirely on the same side. According to google...
  2. BLEACH Video Reviews

    hello everyone i made a video about the most 5 stronger shingami, and i need to know do you agree with me or not ? and why ? here is the video
  3. Delbi

    Theory The Royal Guard will be revived and turned against The Gotei 13 and more stuff.

    So this is a longer theory, one of which that ties into The 5 War Potentials and The Royal Guard and other characters as far as match ups go. So, even though Bach is the All Mighty and the Sternritter have the Gotei 13 in bad situation, fact of the matter is Bach is running out of men and is...
  4. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory The Soul King could be Aizen in a Looped Timeline

    Okay, I've posted this in the predictions, but I thought it might be worth posting here... Due to the striking resemblances between the Soul King and Butterflaizen, as well as ideas triggered by the new Terminator film trailer, I've come up with a theory that the Soul King may actually be a...
  5. Pat

    Discussion Who's the better villain, Yhwach or Aizen?

    Well, Yhwach is in Royal Dimension and on his way to dethrone the Soul King, something which Aizen couldn't come close. His army also did considerable damage in SS, Yamamoto being one of the chief casualties. He also has historical significance as far as we know, he even seems to be acquainted...
  6. MBVC

    Discussion Strongest Shinigami in Bleach

    The strongest shinigami is the one who doesn't need his zan anymore. Ichigo reached this state briefly when he was in his 3rd form. Aizen had almost reached this state before Urahara's kidou sealed him completely. I also suspect that the strongest RG member without his zan is also a member of...
  7. Quantized

    Discussion The next TBTP mini arc - What to expect?

    As many of us are aware of I assume, the mini-arc TBTP wasn't counted as a real Arc back in the HM storyline, but a parallel mini arc to the show inorder to reveal some interesting History that was needed to make sense of the events at the time, thus the negative chapter numbers. Therefore when...
  8. Quantized

    Discussion Ichigo's role in future SS

    There really are so many possibilities, that it's sort of making one dizzy thinking about all the different possible outcomes... One has to pick one to believe in, and that is what this thread is for, what do you think will happen to Ichigo in the future Soul Society? What role will Ichigo's...
  9. Discussion The Soul King

    I don't know about the others, but ever since we caught a glimpse of the Soul King, I've been very curious about what he is, and what purpose he serves. I'm sure others have noticed it too. If we compare Aizen's appearance after having fused with the Hogyoku, he started looking more and more...
  10. Senshumuru Shutara confusion.

    There's one thing about the recent developments that has been bugging me for quite a while, namely this part of chapter 517: The way I see it, she's saying that the lock was much easier to break into now, compared to when "she was there", i.e. compared...
  11. Sanadan

    How did Ichigo get his zanpakuto?

    Ok, as I understand it from the latest chapter the Zans are handed out by the Zan man in the Royal Guard. Now if this is true then Rukia once got her as well and when she stabbed Ichigo he got all of her power. This meant her Zan too right? But wouldn't this Zan be Rukias? Ichigo never went to...
  12. Quantized

    Discussion The number 5 - Play of numbers or does it have a meaning?

    Hey :verily I'll go straight to the details & theme for this discussion leaving out my own private thoughts. 5 Floating cities in the Royal Dimension. 5 Noble families (4 at the moment). 5 Royal Guards 5 War potentials maybe in relation to the Royal Guards. 5'th Squad had Aizen who...
  13. jimtors

    Discussion Is Yamamoto Weaker than the Royal Guards?

    If this question is asked or has a different thread, please guide me to it, and this one can be deleted by the admin... I just want to know... concerned citizen....:nerd