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Inumaru Dashi 5

5.1 Inumaru Catches a Cold, 5.2 Tamako-sensei's Glasses

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Mar 23, 2017 20:06 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

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Chapter 5.1
Inumaru Catches a Cold
Page 69

Tamako: I have 3 potatoes
Tamako: and I eat 2. How many are left?
Background: Teacher is hungry!!
Kids: One
Inumaru: IKKO

(Note: Inumaru is picturing the trans makeup artist and TV personality Ikko whose name is a homonym for one)

Inumaru: The potatoes were digested and turned to gas inside the body!!
Will it come out of Tamako-sensei behind!?
Tamako: He even said as if it was a next episode preview.
Tamako: ...... Inumaru you have a fever.
Tamako: Your body is a bit hot.
And your jokes were a bit dull
You aren't feeling well are you?
Inumaru: Ya
Inumaru: But I wash my hands properly, and even rinse my mouth! Why am I sick!
Tamako: The cause is this. This.

(Note: Marudashi is exposed or naked)

Page 70
Tamako: Lately it has been getting cold.
Tamako: Of course you’re going to catch a cold dressed like that.
Tamako: Now put on these warm pants.
Inumaru: No! I'm not cold!!
Tamako: You'll never even get slightly better like that!!

(Note: Ikkouni homonym for not in the slightest, which Tamako just said)

Tamako: See? You can only say the same gags from before.
Inumaru: Ah... A
Inumaru: ACHOOO
Tamako: Look you are cold after all.
Tamako: And you sneeze like an old man.
Principal: I have this prepared for Inumaru-kun just for a time like this.
Principal: Inumaro series
warm pajama costume.

Page 71
Tamako: Now we have to take your temperature. If it's high we have to go to the hospital.
Tamako: Put it under your arm!!
Naration: 1 minute later
Background Waki-kun

(Note: Picture of actor Tomohiro Waki. Waki is a homonym for armpit or under the arm.)

Tamako: 36.9°C only a slight fever.
Tamako: That's good
Inumaru: Binetsu☆Danji

(Note: Binetsu Danji is a male Japanese pop trio. The name means fever boys)

Tamako: What should we do?
Should we send him home?
Principal: Inumaru-kun do you want to go home?
Inumaru: Nooo! I'll properly sleep here.
Tamako: .....Absolutely!?
Inumaru Ya, absolutely!!
Tamako: Are you really going to sleep here quietly!?
Inumaru: A samurai never repeat themselves.
Inumaru: A samurai never repeat themselves!
Tamako: You said it twice.

Page 72
Narration: 1 hour later
Kids: Pass
Kids: The left side is open.
Tamako: Oh
Tamako: He is sleeping quietly like he should.
Background window: GOAL!

Page 73
Tamako: Got it!? You abso--lutely can't go outside!!
Inumaru: Sorry
Tamako: You'll just make your fever worse doing a Kazu dance in that state.

(Naote: Kazu is a Japanese soccer player famous for his goal celebrations)

Tamako: It's not just you, Inumaru, you’ll pass it on to your friends.
Inumaru: But the left side was open.
Tamako: You don't have that far too aggressively score points!
Tamako: Ahhh...Maybe we should send you home after all.
Inumaru: Dummy
Tamako: I can see right through you.

Page 74
Tamako: Why are you running around so much even though you are in pain.
Inumaru: But, I want to play a whole bunch.
Tamako: Hang in there until your fever goes away.

Inumaru: I promised Futoshi-kun that we would do the Oshiri-mpics.

Background: Oshiri-mpics. A tournament of dreams among athletes to decide the world’s best Oshiri-ete.
Also known as: Olym-hips

(Note: Oshiri means bum in Japanese. A play on the words athlete and Olympics)

Tamako: Don't do that even when fever goes away.
Tamako: Inumaru, you really love kindergarten, don't you.
Inumaru: Ya!!

Inumaru: And Ken-kun, Mitoshi-kun, Yuki-chan, and everone, the bus driver,
Tamako-sensei, the principal. I love everyone.

Tamako: .... Ya
Tamako: So let's hurry up and get better so everyone can play together.

Narration: The next day. Inumaru-kun was completely healthy.

Principal: Tamako-sensei lets go to the hospital.
Tamako: Hospital IKKO !?

(Note: Ikko is a homonym for lets go)

Narration: I caught his fever and last season’s joke.

Page 75
Chapter 5.2

Tamako-sensei's Glasses

Kid: Everyone who wants to play dodgeball grab this finger.
Inumaru: Everyone who thinks that leg cramp sounds like a dirty word grab this finger.
Tomoko: Today..
..I ran out disposable lenses and wore my glasses.
Tamako: But I really wanted to avoid wearing glasses to preschool.

Tamako: Why?

Kid: Inumaru look out!!

Tamako: Because of this.

Page 76
Kids: Tamako-sensei are you okay!?
Tamako: I, I'm fine,
Be careful not to step on any broken pieces.
Tamako (background): Ofcourse,

Tamako (backgroudn): I'm spending the day with energetic kindergarteners.
Tamako: Don't worry!! Let's continue playing dodgeball.
Kids: Sorry.
Tamako (background): I could guess that my glasses would break and was ready.
Tamako (background): Because of that, in preperation, I brought an extra pair.
Tamako *background): Even so,
Kids: Inumaru look out!!
Tamako (background): This happens.
Inumaru: Sensei are you alright?
Tamako: Th, that voice. Is that you Inumaru!?
Tamako: I can't see anything without my glasses.
Tamako: Inumaru I can just baaarely see your face.

Page 77
Principal: The strength might not match, but I'll lend you my extra pair.

Kids: Inumaru look out!!

Tamako: Uwaa. What should we do...
inumaru: Sensei! Use my gag glasses!!
Tamako: Ah!!
Tamako: I can see!!

Tamako: Thanks Inumaru, you saved me!! Can you lend me these until I buy some contacts?

Inumaru: Ya!!

Tamako: I ran out of contacts.

Doctor: Ah. Yamada-san what you ran out of isn't just contacts.
I'll introduce you to a different kind of hospital.

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Areas to check:

First page where Tamako first notices his fever. Translated つらかったね as "you aren't feeling well" which is wrong. I couldn't think of a natural sounding English translation but didn't want to spend time on it.

Talking about Oshiri-mpics. I left as half JP half ENG, which I hate doing, to preserve the gag. I also don't know if I'm missing a larger pop culture reference I don't know about.

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