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Inumaru Dashi 6

Inumaru-kun and Inumaro-kun

+ posted by 4649 as translation on Mar 24, 2017 18:21 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 6

**Pretty bad translation in it's current state, I put problem ares in the area to check. I would not recommend using it as is but you are free to do so you want**

Page 79

SFX: tatatata (running noises)
Inumaru: Wah.
Tamako: S-sorry. Inumaru-kun are you okay?
Inumaru: Ah I ran into sensei's Ogiyahagi.
Takamko: It's fukurahagi

(Note: Ogiyahagi is a comedy duo, fukurahagi is Japanese for leg calf.)

Tamako: But I've told you not to run in the hallways.
Inumaru: Being a mischievous boy is okay.
I want to raise him to be strong willed.
Tamako: Is, is that something you say yourself.
Tamako: Alright, let's continue on like this to the classroom.
It's time for studying.
Inumaru: Eh? No. I still haven't been it yet.
Tamako: No way! When it is play time you as much as you want,
but we have to respect the schedule.
Inumaru: Weren't we a more hands off type of school...!
Tamako: What a naive view to society.

Chapter 6 "Inumaru-kun and Inumaro-kun"

Page 80
Kids: One
Kids: Two
Matako: Everyone won't be dumb.
Kids: Four
Kids: Five
Matako: Everyone won't be dumb.
Kids: Seven
Kids: Eight
Kids: NINE
Matako: Everyone won't be dumb.
Tamako: What's wrong Inumaru?
Inumaru: Sensei!! I can't find Inumaro-kun.
Tamako: Eh? Inumaro? The doll you always carry around?

Page 81
Inumaru: Inumaro-kun, he is my,
SFX: sniff sniff
Inumaru: He is my most important friend.
Tamako: Inumaru-kun...
Inumaru: Wahhhhhhhh
Tamako: It's ok! Don't cry Inumaru!
Inumaru: Ahhhhhh
Tamako: You lost him inside the preschool grounds.
So if we look for him we will find him.
Inumaru: Ahhhhhh
Tamako: I'll help you look.
Inumaru: Ahhhhhh
Tamako: What is this!!
Tamako: When everyone was playing hid and seek, did you let go of him?
Inumaru: Noo!! I always had him.
Tamako: Ah
Tamako: Maybe it was that time..!?

Page 82
Inumaru: Ah
Inumaru It couldn't have been that time, could it!?
Tamako: Absolutely not, that was two weeks ago right?
It's has nothing to do with Michiro Bro.
Tamako: It was around here....
Tamako: Ah
Tamako: It's Inumaro-kun!!
Tamako: He flew this far...
Tamako: Guaaaaaa
Inumaru: Whaaaaaahhhh.

Page 83
Principal: Ah, You’re still here Tamako-sensei,
Principal: Guaaaaaa
Tamako: Uwaaaa, Sorry Ms. Principal.
Principal: I'm fine....
Anyways, that’s Inumaro isn't it?
Inumaru: He's my most important friend.
Tamako: Ya, its Inumaru's
Tamako: important friend.
Tamako: I have to fix it for him.
Principal: Guaaaaa
Principa: I'm fine...
Principal: But I'm sorry Tamako-sensei.
Principal: But there is a limit to clumsiness.
Principal: What is this tragedy.

Page 84
Principal: Don't cry. I'll help you.
Tamako: Where does this go through...
Principal: You sew it from the back.
Tamako: Is this how?
Principal: Ya, just like that.
Tamako: Do they sell this doll anywhere?
Principal: In the end, you're going to buy it!!
Tamako: B, But there is nothing else I can do for it in this state.
Principal: Anyways, this isn't sold in stores.
Tamako: No way, is it made by his mom....
Principal: It's not like that either.
Principal: These are chocolate dogs.
Principal: It's a prize from these candies.

Flyer ChocoDogs
Exciting present
Prize A: trip to Hawaii for 9 days and 7 nights
1 Winner

Prize B: Choco Dog Inumaro-kun doll bag.
500 winners

Tamako: Fi... 500 hundred.
What are the chances?
Pricipal: Who knows...
But there is no other way to get except to send in for one.

Page 85
Inumaru: Sensei!! Is Inumaro-kun fixed yet!?
Tamako: Ah, umm, i-it looks likes it is going to take a little more time, so just hold on.
Inumaru: Ok!! Until then I've brought a new doll!!
Makato: New doll?
Inumaru: Ya!! It was in an old storeroom at my house.
Inumaru: Sadami-chan
Makato: Guaaaaa

(Note: Doll looks like legendary haunted Okiku doll)

Tamako: What thhhhhe!?
Tamako: If he always carries around this doll some sort of haunting will defintely happen!!
Tamako: Sooner or later its hair will start growing.
Tamako: It's growing already!!!
Narration: So like this, I started eating tons of chocolate and sending in postcards.
Narration: An amount cards that if I were to wrote favorite chapter and post them all to Jump Damashi
, and won, I might be able to get a date with MikiPON

(Note: Jump Damashi (Jump soul) was the name of Jump's Readers Corner from 2006-2009.
Miki Hayashi a.k.a. MikiPON was an idol and celebrity member of the staff)

--------NOTE ON POSTCARDS ------------
All cards are addressed to Chokodog exciting present,
just at a different angle with different amount of writing
covered except for the one on top of the pile in the left frame.

Postcard: 〒101-8050
Shueisha Jump SQ Editorial Department
"Naotarou Moriyama's talk about life"

(Note: Naotarou Moriyama's talk about life was Jump SQ readers corner at the time)

Tamako: I've gained weight....

Page 86
Tamako: ....Hmmmm....
Somehow it's better now.
Tamako: But's it doesn't change that it's still all beat up.
Tamako: I guess you can't win so easy after all... and I sent that many...
Tamako: Even though there is 500, there has to be way more people trying to win.
Tamako: I can only apologize and give this back to Inumaru,
But he'll be sad, won't he.
No matter how much I'll have to apologize to Inumaru for Inumaro.
I'll Inologize to Anumaru for Inomaru.

(Note: Apologize (ayamaru), Inumaru, and Inumaro all sound the same in Japanese)

Principal: Tamako-sensei
Principal: A prize from the candy company has arrived!!
Principal: It's great, you won.
Principal: Open it, open it.
Tamako: Yamada-sama congratulation on being selected.
Tamako: From the lottery you have won Prize A: 7 days and 9 nights in Hawaii.
Tamako: I won Hawaii....

Page 87
Tamako: I'm sorry Inumaru-kun
Tamako: Inumaro-kun has become like this.
Tamako: Ummm...
Tamako: An-and I'd like to give you a trip to Hawaii.
Inumaru: Thanks Tamako-sensei
Tamako: Eh... Um… But it's my fault that Inumaro-kun has become all beat up.
Inumaru: Inumaro-kun is my friend. Even if becomes all beat up I won't hate him.
Tamako: Without even thinking a cried.
Tamako: I was stupid.
Tamako: It doesn't matter if it's new or not.
Tamako: Inumaru is more of an adult than me.

Narration: One week later.
Inumaru: Tamako-sensei
Inumaru: I forgot Inumaro-kun in Hawaii
Narration: Without even thinking I cried.

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Areas to check:

I was unsure whether to translate そんなのゆとり教育じゃない as "Are we that of strict school" or "I though we were a hands off approach". Strict sounds better in English but hands off is more true to the original. I ended up using hands off but I still don't like the way I translated it.

When Tamako is politely chastising the kids for getting out of hand when counting. I translated はい、みんなアホにならない as everyone won't be dumb. That is a poor translation.

When Tamako is talking about sending in postcards to Jump damashi I don't like how I translated it.

I'm not happy with the tongue twister translation, but I got a head ache thinking about it and I gave up.

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