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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Rosario to Vampire II 24

A Peaceful Athletics Carnival

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Jan 26, 2010 03:59 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

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Reserved for FrankyHouse:

txt on left: The young leader of a mafia group, Wong Fong-Fong, currently in the middle of an unrequited (?) love!!

fong: Ah, there he is. // Tsukune-san's giving it his best in club activities again today.

fong: Even so,
fong: Tsukune's meant to be super strong, but his daily life isn't any different to any other normal person.

fong: But that's good!
fong: Now then, // how should persuade him to join the Wong family today?

girl: Ohh no~ My hammer just went flying out of my hands <3
あはは - Ahaha
other students: Did you hit anything?
girl: Dunno?

fong: What the~? Why are there hammers flying around behind the school buildings?
体育祭 - Athletics Carnival
fong: ...
fong: Ti // yu
fong: Ji
* - Fong is reading in chinese, so i used proper pinyin instead of the japanese

nekonome: Autumn is for reading, // autumn is when your weight mysteriously grows,
nekonome: And autumn is for sports. // That beautiful season has also finally come to our school.

nekonome: So without further ado, let's start
nekonome: the 9th Youkai Academy athletics carnival~!

#24 - A Peaceful Athletics Carnival

入場門 - Entrance Gate

kurumu: Haahh~
kurumu: This is so lame! Ever since becoming senior students there's just no point in things like the athletics carnival anymore~

yukari: Everything will be over if you say that Kurumu-san.
moka: That's right. And think of all the parents and the other people in the galleries that came today.

mizore: But be careful...
mizore: There are some strange guys mixed in with the rest of the people in the galleries...

moka: Wahh, Mizore-chan!?
mizore: Just now these parents kept on snapping up photos, // they wouldn't stop so I froze them.
parents: We're sorry!

moka: Now that you say it, there are some suspicious people mixed in with the parents.

あははは - Ahahaha
yukari: Those are pervert youkai that came to see us in our bloomers. // It's because they are an extremely endangered species in the human world.
* - yes... yukari talks like bloomers are an animal at a zoo

(???): I... wish they wouldn't look so much...
inbetween bubbles: Bloomers are embarrassing.
(???): Anyways I'm against athletics carnivals!

completely unrelated side note: Kentaro Yabuki (illustrator of To Love-Ru) is starting a new series in February's issue of Jump SQ (next, next issue)... yay!

tsukune: There, there. Athletics carnivals aren't that bad.
tsukune: Let's just work together and try our best.

moka: Tsukune.
tsukune: Athletics carnivals are for sports, // and sports are a symbol of peace.

tsukune: Love and Peace!
inbetween bubbles: I'm gonna do my best!!
kurumi: What's wrong with Tsukune?
yukari: He sure is high today.

moka: Peace...
moka: I see... I guess it's been a while since Tsukune's felt so carefree...

moka: With training and the fight against Fairy Tail, recently, every day has been full of dangers...
moka: I guess once in a while we need days to relax and stretch our legs.

moka: And the truth is I even made a lunchbox just for that.
moka: I wonder if he'll like it.
in BG: Here, say "Ahh"

moka: You're right... I'm gonna do my best too, Tsukune.

moka: Let's have a nice day together today, yeah? <3
tsukune: Moka-san...

moka: Tsuku-
kurumi: Wait!! Then I'm also gonna do my best!
mizore: Stop drifting into your own world the moment we leave you alone.
yukari: I wanna join in too!

(???): What!?
(???): You wanna fight?
(???): Screw you!
tsukune: That peaceful weather just turned into something suspicious!

fong: You're too soft... all of you are too soft.
tsukune: Ah.
fong: Sports are a bloodless battle. // Miraculously, Tsukune-san is in the red team and I'm in the white team...

fong: This is a battle, Tsukune-san!
fong: And if the white team wins, you will join the Wong family!

moka: You...
moka: That that...
fong: Ignoring me!!?

fong: That's mean! That's cruel! That's so unfair!
kurumu: You're so annoying...

kurumu: Why'd you come by again, Wong Fong-Fong? // You're a guy so stop clinging onto Tsukune.
fong: I refuse! I'll do anything to get Tsukune to join the mafia. // And since it's the athletics carnival, it's a perfect chance for a battle!
kurumu: Don't you have anything else to do other than battling?

mizore: Anyways, aren't you missing the point here? // In battles, both teams carry some sort of risk.
mizore: If you want us to risk Tsukune, then you need to risk something of similar value...

fong: Wahh!
mizore: If the red team wins, what will you give us? Your life?
fong: Err... that's...

fong: Them let's postpone this battle till later.
students: Hmm?

everyone: Waahhhh!!

mizore: That was dangerous!
tsukune: Someone came falling down from the sky!!? // What is it this time!?
ling: Hmm... How disrespectful of me... // It's just that my blood gets all excited whenever I hear about battles.

ling: But I won't reflect over it.
ling: Because I'm already dead.
everyone: What!?

kurumu: Wh- Who are you!? And what are you talking about...?
ling: Hey there, my little brother. I came to watch the athletics carnival.
fong: Nee-san!
tsukune: Eh...

tsukune: Fong-Fong has an older sister!!?

ling: I am Wong Ling-Ling.
txt below bubble: Thank you for looking after my brother.
ling: You don't need to treat me as your elder. // I may look like this, but the truth is that I died from an illness long ago.

yukari: You're dead...? Then you must be a zombie...?
fong: Yes... you're a smart girl. // Indeed I am a "moving corpse", a zombie.
fong: Ones that can move around freely like me are rare.

box: The Brief Youkai Encyclopaedia
Kyoushi (Zombie)
The dead ones who were buried but could not rest in peace and are resurrected from their graves. Most of the time, they won't remember their previous lives and are extremely violent. They possess the superhuman strength like bears, but as they are corpses, their bodies are stiff, and cannot perform flexible maneuvers. In Japan, they're commonly known as "kyonshii".

ling: I can do this too. // It's because I'm dead.
moka: Stop that, it's scary!
きゃあああ - Kyaahhh

ling: Hmmm...

ling: So you're Aono Tsukune? // I heard from Fong-Fong that you're very strong.
ling: I see I see... You have a good body that's nicely shaped.

kurumu: What are you doing to Tsukune!?
ling: And your face is cute, you're just my type! // I want to kill you and turn you into one of my zombie friends.
kurumu: Stop saying such scary things so lightly!!

fong: You can't do that, Nee-san. Tsukune is mine.
ling: Then we'll make it that he is mine after he dies.
kurumu: No way! Tsukune's body and heart is ours!
tsukune: I don't belong to anyone!

mizore: Just ignore them. Let's go. // Nothing will happen if we keep talking to them...

ling: Hey, you guys... // Do any of you want to travel overseas?

mizore: What...?
ling: You said before, right? That we had nothing to bet on. // If we win today then we get Tsukune...

ling: However, if the red team wins, // The Wong family will take all of you on a tour on China's gourmet and hot springs.
ling: How about it!? Are you still going to say that this isn't a battle?

ling: China is the Wong's family home turf.
tsukune: That place is scary and there's no way we'd go...

kurumi: O... Overseas!
mizore: I've always wanted to go...*
* - Monsters in general don't carry passports so travelling between countries is difficult.
yukari: Gourmet and hot springs with everyone. // That's a debauch.
またか - That again?

kurumi: Alright, we accept your challenge.
tsukune: You accepted them? Even thoug if you lose I'd be the one in trouble!?

right: The Youkai Academy athletics carnival
left: battle starts!!

moka: Ahh...
tsukune: The supposed-to-be peaceful day is turning weirder and weirder...

入場門 - Entrance Gate

rubi: First on the agenda, the first-year girls 100m race will begin shortly.

bubble: On Your Mark! // Get Set...
パン: *bang*

rubi: And by the way, there are two things students and parents are prohibited from doing in Youkai Gakuen's athletics carnival. // The first is the usage of monster powers; the other is the release of any transformations.
rubi: This means that monsters cannot use their abilities and must contest while remaining in their human forms.
box: Today's live announcer Rubi-san.

rubi: If you break this rule, you'll have to leave the grounds so please be careful.

(???): Hey, you know...

kurumu: it's great that we accepted their battle, but you know that athletics carnivals are team based, right?
kurumu: I get the feeling that no matter how hard we try it won't really affect the outcome.
tsukune: Notice something like that earlier!

yukari: Don't worry! In real battles like horse racing and mahjong, I've never lost.
tsukune: Don't they all rely on luck? // Besides that, what kind of life do you have, Yukari-chan?

ling: They aren't based on luck, Tsukune-kun.
ling: Gambling involves knowledge, experience and calculation... // it's a mental battle that requires all three.

ling: If you didn't even know that, you really are an amateur.
ling: You don't have enough experience yet so you can't win against me.

rubi: Whoaa! Listen to the crowd!!

rubi: In lane 4 is red team's Shuzen Kokoa. // It's time for the appearance of the girl already hailed as the strongest of the first year girls.
rubi: What kind of run will she show us today?

kurumi: Yes! Kokoa-chan is in the red team!
yukari: That means we'll definitely get points here.

everyone: Do your best, Kokoa-chan!
kokoa: Geh!
kokoa: What are they doing? It's so pointless.

kokoa: I- I don't feel happy or anything with them cheering for me.
kou-chan: Suddenly she's eager

kokoa: Even without my power, 10 seconds is more then enough for me to run 100m.
kokoa: There's no way any first years would win against me...

bubble: On Your Mark! // Get Set...

パン: *bang*

kokoa: ...hmm?

kokoa: Wahh! What is that!?

rubi: White team lane 3 gets a rocket start!
rubi: She's fast! And she's the only one with the jumping running style ~!

tsukune+kurumi: Hey! Why is there a zombie running!? // It's one of your friends, right?
ling: I don't know.

rubi: But Kokoa-san won't give up! // She's speeding up and closing the gap~~

kokoa: As if I'd lose to a guy like that...

rubi: Aaahhh!! It's an unexpected bomb attack!! // Kokoa-chan retires!!
tsukune+moka: Kokoa-chan!

rubi: Chairman,
chairman: That's the work of the Wong family... such a troubling bunch.

chairman: However, yesterday I received numerous transferral notices.
chairman: Which means those zombies are already our students... // so we cannot forbid them from competing.

chairman: But a bomb attack... well... umm...
chairman: It's interesting, so I'll allow it!

rubi: After careful consideration, no action will be taken!
rubi: The remaining events will resume as planned~!!

ling: Fufufu, as expected of the chairman, he's an understanding man.
kurumu: So it was you!?

ling: I had some zombies excelling in taijutsu transfer in as students beforehand. // I said so before, right? Luck is not required in battles.
students: Aaahh! Now that I look around, the white team is full of zombies!
kurumu: That's going too far!

ling: We'll do anything we need to do to win, that is the way the Wong family fights.
kurumu: In other words, you'll cheat! What about the things you earlier about mental battles!?

rubi: Aahh~~ One by one, the students of the red team are taken out by bombs~!
moka: Th- This is horrible...
tsukune: The peaceful athletics carnival has turned into an ocean of blood...

gin: Look at that... // Guess they're going all out again this year.

haiji: Aren't they going a little too far? There's so much smoke that I can't even see down below clearly.
gin: Yeah, now that's troubling... // I mean, athletics carnivals are festivals held to admire the "bouncing" of a pretty girl's breasts,

haiji: Pfft... who cares about bouncing breasts.
haiji: Breasts are just the right size when they don't bounce, Gin.

gin: Don't be stupid, Haiji.
gin: Big breasts, // big breasts combined with bloomers are the ultimate combination.

haiji: You just don't understand, do you? // Little girls are the number one choice for bloomers! Big breasts and bloomers is the evilest of evil ways.
gin: But everyone else prefers big breasts! // A Little girl wearing bloomers is just a normal child.
haiji: Like I said, that's what's good about it.

kurumu: Stop talking and participate in something!!
label box: Big breasts and bloomers.

rubi: Now, after the first half of events, the white team has created quite a lead.
rubi: Will things continue at this rate and will the red team be left behind?
rubi(thought bubble): Good luck, Tsukune!

mizore's mum: Oh my.
kurumu's mum: Looks like things have already heated up quite a bit.

box: 2nd Year Girls' Obstacle Course

kurumu: Damn it...! At least we have to win...

mizore: But those zombies really are fast. // And if we drop our guards, they're gonna start dropping bombs. At this rate...
mizore: It's hot.

tsukune: Ahh~ This is bad! It looks like Kumuru-chan and Mizore-chan are gonna lose as well...
ling: Fufufu

mizore's mum: I see... Now this is a problem.
mizore's mum: Then can I borrow your shoulder for a second, Tsukune-kun?

tsukune: Eh..?

zombies: Gyaahh!?

rubi: Eh...!? What just happened? // The leading two runners from the white team suddenly stopped in their tracks!!?
rubi: And the two from the red team use the opportunity and take the win!
mizore: What happened?
kurumi: Don't tell me...

mizore's mum: Fufu... Shall we lend you our powers, Tsukune-san?
tsukune: ...ah-

tsukune: It's everyone's mothers!
from left to right: Yukari's Mother Kurumu's Mother Mizore's Mother
Sentou Fujiko Kurono Ageha Shirayuki Urara

fong: No matter how you look at it, those shots just now were cheating!!
くすくす - Hehe
mizore's mum: Ahh, that's too bad... The bullets I fired were made of ice... // So they don't cause any noticeable harm, and they melt, leaving no evidence.
fong: What...

mizore's mum: And furthermore, wouldn't that make both of us cheaters then?
mizore's mum: We heard everything that happened from the bus driver.

ling: ...that was a nice move. You may be the enemy, but that was admirable.

mizore's mum: Ahh.. that was surprisingly sporty of you. // However, I wonder how much longer can you keep that attitude?

rubi: Aahh!! The red team is catching up quickly!
box: Sniping

kurumu's mum: Please lose on purpose, do it for me~
zombies: Roger~
box: Charm

rubi: The zombies are losing one by one! // And in the blink of an eye, the scores have gotten much closer!
box: Magic

rubi: Chairman... didn't you say that the use of abilities was disallowed? // Doesn't it look like someone is using their ability to interfere with the competition?
chairman: Cheating without being exposed is also a skill, you know...

fong: Damn it...
ling: Don't worry, // this means that the parent's event this afternoon is the real battle...

fong: Wahh! Ne- Nee-san!!?

ling: I'll compete personally next time!

(???): Ahahaha // I was so worried with what do for a second there.
(???): Thanks to the mothers, we're saved~

box: Lunchtime
mizore's mum: It's still too early to let our guards down.
あははは - Ahahaha
kurumu: We'll work together in the parent's event next as well!
yukari: Yeah!

everyone: And then, let's go
everyone: holidaying in China together!

(???): Huh? By the way, where'd Tsukune go?
(???): Toilet maybe?

tsukune: Umm... What should I say...
tsukune: The athletics carnival sure has gone crazy...
moka: Yeah...

tsukune: But thanks to everyone's mothers we're saved.
inbetween: But it was against the rules.
tsukune: Guess they're like the strongest helpers?

moka: Hey... actually I also want to be of help to Tsukune... // And I prepared this earlier...
tsukune: Eh..?

tsukune: Uwahhh! A lunchbox! // You made this for me, Moka-san!?
moka: Ye... Yeah <3

moka: Your parents couldn't come cheer for you, right? // So I thought this could be a replacement...
next to bubble: Impressed~
tsukune: Thank you...! This is definitely the strongest helper~

moka: Here Tsukune, say "Ahh". // I'll feed you... <3

moka: Tsukune...
tsukune: Moka-san...

moka: Haa.. Huh? My lunch box.... // The lunch box I made...
tsukune: Moka-san~~

rubi: It's started, the highlight of this afternoon, // the parents event: "The Parent and Child Mock Cavalry Battle"!
rubi: It's a simple game where the parent and child ride piggyback while trying to steal each other's hats.

rubi: Of course violence and any type of ability are prohibited.
rubi: Furthermore, this is a bonus game where points are multiplied based on the number of remaining participants.

rubi: It's a perfect chance to show the other team who's better!!

rubi: Now,
rubi: time for the decisive battle.

rubi: And it's started!!

ling: Charge!! // For the sake of the Wong family, we must win this battle! Charge!!!

kurumu: Mother!
kurumu's mum: OK!

kurumu: You shouldn't leave yourself open in the midst of battle!

kurumu: I'll be taking your hat!!

ling: ...That's too bad.
kurumu: Eh?

ling: What you took was my head... not my hat.
kurumu: Gyaahh!

ling: An opening!
kurumu: Fueehhh!?

kurumu: Damn you!! How dirty can you get!?
ling: You can say anything you want.
ling: I won't feel flattered and I won't look back on it. // Because I am already dead.

ling: We've had nothing to lose from the start. // That is the power of my zombie army.
ling: Now, get them! Overrun them! // Fill your empty life with victory!!

yukari: We're being pushed back.
yukari: This is bad...

ling: Go!!

tsukune: Wait...
tsukune: Even if you are already dead, don't you think you should still pay for your crimes...?

ura moka: Your crimes // call for punishment.

ura moka: I'll have you
ura moka: pay for your crimes with that body of yours

yukari: Mo... Moka-san!?
kurumu: N- No way!? // She awakened!?

ling: Who are you...?
ling: You know that riding alone in this situation will only make you stand out?

fong: N- No, nee-san! // This person is the extremely strong "Tsukune-san's Wife"...
inbetween: Don't start a fight with her.
ling: So what? I told you to charge, Fong-Fong.

ling: In an all-out battle, the first thing to do is to eliminate the opponent's strongest asset!
ling: I'll have you disappear first!

ura-moka: ...that handmade lunch box you wasted...
ura-moka: You know, I...
ura-moka: I...
moka: "Hey, Ura-chan"
* - referring to Ura-Moka (inner-Moka)
moka: "Let's think together about what to put in the lunch box."

ura-moka: "Tsk... as if I'd know anything about a lunch box...!"
ura-moka: "But... you should make something that's sweet... I heard that it's good for recovering from fatigue."

ura-moka: "Don't forget to add something with plenty of protein."
moka: "As expected of Ura-chan. Thanks~"
ura-moka: "It's burning, it's burning."

ura-moka: I took part in making that lunch box as well! // I'll have you face death for trampling over it!!
ura-moka: Know your place!

yukari: Hehh~

ling: I- I see... Now I know what Fong-Fong wants... // So this is the strength of Aono Tsukune and his wife...

ling: I won't lose... next time...
ling: I'll definitely have you join the Wong Family~

rubi: Tha-

rubi: That's against the rules! // We can no longer ignore such obvious use of violence and powers!
rubi: Akashiya Moka-san, get out!

ura-moka: Hmph...! I didn't care about the athletics carnival from the beginning. // More importantly, I haven't finished cooling my anger.
ura-moka: I need to riot some more, go Tsukune!
tsukune: Eeehh!?

students: That's cheating!! Abide by the rules!!

everyone: You guys broke the rules first!!

rubi: Ahhh!! // It's a brawl! It's become a huge brawl!
rubi: There's nothing I can do anymore!

narration(tsukune): The brawl continued into the evening... // and in the end, no conclusion between red and white could be reached.
narration(tsukune): And of course our battle resulted in a draw.

narration(tsukune): And just like that, // the athletics carnival came to an end.
tsukune: Love and Peace...

narration(tsukune): And by the way,
narration(tsukune): if you wondering what happened to that Wong Ling-Ling...

ling: I transferred in as a 3rd year student. // Since no one knows my age anyway.
inbetween bubbles: Because I'm dead.

yukari: These siblings just won't learn from their experience.

txt on left: Two times the troublemakers! // Their troubles just got multiplied!!

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