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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 81

Night 81: mahrajan’s night

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 6, 2012 16:47 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 81: mahrajan’s night\\
people: to king Sinbad and the blessing of the southern sea!!\\
ali: t-this is an incredible banquet!\\
sin: yeah\\
sin: there are a lot of guests witnessing and enjoying the mahrajan. And the citizen are looking forward for it as well\\
sin: they are really lively!\\
sin: come one alibaba-kun, you should enjoy the festival as much as you can!\\
??: hey, hey!\\
??: bam!\\
ali: owaah!?\\
al: hehehe, did I surprise you?\\
ali: ah it is you Aladdin!\\
al: the men of this island told me to wear this mask of the “god of the southern sea”\\ I have one for you too!\\
ali: really?\\
al: even the girls, they have special dressing for today\\
ali: that’s tru!\\
ali: ah thanks!\\
ali: eh? Where is morgiana?\\
mor: what are you saying, alibaba-san?\\
mor: I was before your eyes since a while before\\
mor: they said me that the young girls have to dress like this and distribuite flowers…\\
al: it really suits you morgiana!\\
mor: really?\\
ali: he is right it really suits you!\\
ali: you are so beautiful that I thought you were someone else!\\
ali: e-eh?\\
TLN: she is sulking\\
Ali: did I… say something bad…?\\
Al: hey, hurry up and let’s go to eat, you two!\\
Al: hee? So something like that happened\\ I’m glad that you will have your familiar vessel soon!\\
Mor: yes\\
Ali: hey morgiana\\ there is something that is bugging me…\\
Ali: are you ok to be all the time together with us? When we were in Qishan, you really wanted to return to your home village, right?\\
Ali: I asked this to Sinbad-san but, there are shps going to the dark continent right?\\
mor: … yes. Even if the “dark continent” belongs to the savage lands, it seems its northern part is becoming civilized as part of the rem empire…\\
rem empire mainland\\
southern sea\\
rem empire’s province\\
savage lands\\
mor: anyone can get on the dark continent if he takes a direct ship from the ports of the rem empire\\
ali: so…\\
mor: but… when I heard about that…\\
mor: I heard about the “al samen” a little too…\\
mor: I’m not able to forget about the battle we had in barbadd…\\
mor: until now I stayed with you in order to repay my debt,\\ but it is not just that anymore…\\
mor: just like the two of you that are fighting for the oppressed people\\
mor: I want to fight together with you\\
mor: please, take me as your attendant!\\
ali: … hey that’s a little to much…\\
ali: as an attendant…\\
al: aren’t you glad alibaba-kun\\
al: mor-san is happy to be together with us, and she is so reliable!\\
mor: hum… is it ok if I will be you attendant?\\
al: yeas sure…\\
al: if you want that we don’t have any problem! Anything is fine…\\
al: as long we can be together like we did until now!\\
ali: yeah, that’s right!\\
mor: they allowed it…\\
mor: no, even without their permission,\\
mor: they say that it was good if I wanted to do it…\\
mor: is it ok to wield this power together with them…\\
mor: like I did in the past and forever?\\
mor: I wonder why… I’m so happy\\
mor: what I should do…\\
mor: about this feeling I’m not able to contain…?\\
people: like that young girl\\
ali: eh!?\\
ali: isn’t that morgiana!?\\
al: I don’t understand what kind of dance is that.\\
ali: me too but…\\
ali: you are really beautiful, morgiana!!\\
ali: and you are beautiful too!!\\
ali: those dresses really suits you!!\\
ali: urgh, I ate to much\\
al: me too\\
ali: this place is a lot quiet and it has a relaxing atmosphere\\
al: it became real quiet\\
ali: … you know Aladdin\\ there is something I want to discuss with you, even in a night like this\\
al: be too alibaba-kun\\
ali: Aladdin…\\
ali: what do you think about the al samen?\\
ali: I think I cannot forgive them\\
ali: because they made kassim die so easily\\
ali: kassim always thought that he was trash…\\
ali: and the ones that induced him to believe that were the al samen\\
ali: plus, I cannot forgive myself because I was not able to stop him before the final confrontation…\\
ali: no matter what you did wrong… it is impossible that a person can become trash while he lives\\
ali: if there are people like that around the world, I want to try to stop them\\
ali: from now on, I will fight\\
ali: for that reason…\\
al: are you sure…\\
ali: yeah\\sure\\
al: I will fight al samen together with you as well\\
Al: To lead the right kings, and to clear the darkness together with them. And to clear the darkness from the magi and the kings that were altered by al samen\\
Al: I was born for that reason\\
Al: I still cannot speak about that in detail\\
Al: and there is another reliable king that is fighting with our same intention!\\
Ali: eh\\ that’s… right\\
Ali: Sinbad-san right? This country is a monarchy but the people of this country are all puffed up with pride…\\
Ali: because that person is an incredible king…\\
Al: right\\
al: but, I think that you will become like that too\\
ali: eh?\\
al: didn’t you realize it?\\ you with your beliefs will stand together with valorous people against the different paths that will unfold before you\\
al: you fight is the “rich’s guidance”, that is destiny itself\\
al: that’s why the turn of destiny\\
al: will aim for you and probably will continue to attack you…\\
al: but you will climb over that and,\\
al: one day…\\
al: a really distant day in the future…\\
al: you will probably become king!\\
al: one of the vanguards that you lead the world toward the future\\
al: I’m a magi. I’m here to guide you there!\\

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#1. by mira ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2012
hello, Thank you a lot for your translation, I've been reading your scripts from a while x)!
Also, I wanted to comment about the "maharagan" it's actually "mahrajan" and it's an arabic word "مهرجان" which means "festival"
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Feb 6, 2012

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