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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 135

Night 135: traveling alone

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 13, 2012 10:06 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 135: traveling alone\\
box: the morning of the departure
inserted text: the three of them are parting… finally a new journey begins!\\
ali: ok, see you then!\\
al: yeah!\\
ali: next time we meet I will so strong that you will be surprised!\\
al: yeah, me too!\\
mor: then I…\\
mor: will become so strong that I will not lose to you\\
ali: well, the objective of your journey is not training right?\\
near ali: do you want to become even more stronger?\\
al: ehehehe\\
al: see you alibaba-kun, mor-san! we will meet again!!\\
ali: ok, I’m going too then. Good luck morgiana\\
mor: yes\\
ali: ah that’s right!!\\
ali: it is about your household vessel!\\
ali: it is a household vessel of my amon, so as long as I don’t use the metal vessel for a long time, you will not able to use its powers\\
mor: I see\\
ali: yeah, but you don’t have to worry!\\
ali: I will continue to use my metal vessel! You know, no matter how strong you will become…\\
ali: I want to be your strength every time you will be in danger!\\
ali: and I want to give this to you as well\\
mor: …!?\\ t-this is…!?\\
ali: it is a spare household vessel! You can use it in the case your bracelets would broke to move the household spirit…\\
ali: you could need another metal object in the future right? so don’t forget to bring it always with you!\\
al: guuuu\\
al: urgh…\\
al: I’m hungry, I cannot pass all the time in the sky after all. I cannot rest nor sleep in that way… what should I do…?\\
al: eh?\\
al: ah! Perfect, I can ask them to ride on those carriages!\\
al: hello! I’m Aladdin, a traveller!\\
al: right now I’m in a travel towards the north, but I became a little tired.\\ would you let me ride in one of yours carriages?\\
guard: who the hell is this dirty brat? Go away!\\
old man: this is a really high level passenger car. Even now I’m carrying some reaaaly important people\\
oldman: anyway, do you have money?, eh?\\
al: … hey he made me remember something that happened some time ago…\\
al: I have money. Look\\
oldman eh?\\
al: he gave me a lot of money\\
oldman: hum… master… could I make this kid ride together with you…?\\
oldman: I will make him ride together with the carriage so…\\
al: master?\\
old: you have the permission. But you have to promise me something, brat!\\
oldman: you must absolutely not meddle with the master and the others inside of the carriage, ok!?\\
oldman: they are so incredibly important people that you cannot even image, ok!?\\
near al: now he has too much spare time\\
al: they are all wearing beautiful clothes…\\
girls: what’s wrong little boy? Are you bored? We are bored too. Let’s travel together.\\
al: oh, what beautiful girls. Nice to meet you, I’m…\\
oldman: w-who are you!?\\
thief: who… thieves obviously\\
thief: I will not tell you to quietly do as we say… because the follow the principle to kill out hostages after we took the money no matter how much they screa…\\
thief: kill them!!\\
oldman: I will the rest to you mercenary soldiers\\
guard: leave this to us!\\
thief: hyaah\\
weapon: kira\\
guard: !!?\\ what kind of weapon is that!!?\\
al: that’s!!?\\
al: that’s… a magic tool!! Again!\\
al: I knew that something was wrong with this country after all! Why pirates and thieves all have something precious as magic tool!?\\
al: fall back old man! Leave the rest to me!\\
oldman: stop you idiot! A brat like you cannot possibly…\\
al: it is alright!\\
al: halhal…\\
?: what the hell is all this noise…?\\
?: are you trying to ruin the mood of my long-awaited journey…?\\
ha: maybe I should execute all these old men, right?\\
thief: wha!!?\\
woman: your majesty, we should have to pass unnoticed along the way, right…? this is…\\
woman2: it is useless\\
thief: you brat, how dare youuuuu!!!\\
ha: smile\\
ha: die!\\
thief: h-hiiiiiii!?\\
ha: ahahaha!\\
thief: what’s wrong with this brat, he is crazy!!\\
thief: die you fucking brat!!!\\
ha: metal vessel “nyoi rentou”(priest’s practice blade)\\
thief: w-what…!!?\\
ha: so…\\ let’s try to kill all of you with a single swipe, ok?\\
box: kou empire third prince\ ren kouha\\
inserted text: a new “ren” appears!!\\

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