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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 539

Battle 539: the meaning behind the diversion


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 539

Battle 539: the meaning behind the diversion\\
inserted text: I feel uneasy even if I train.\\
side text: the eight radiant executioner blades gather behind the shadow of the one shadow nine fists! Shigure has to fight against 7 masters… what will she do…!?\\
mic: incredible.\\ she is able to emit such a ki even if she is in front of seven executioner blades, huh.\\
shi: I will show you the true power of the kousaka style!!\\
shi: Shinto gouren zan!!! (heart and sword forged together slash)\\
mic: s-so this is what they call “uniting yourself with your blade”…\\
mic: aaaah!!\\
sei: impossible, I thought that she was going to challenge us in one to one fights, but she intends to take us all of us together!!\\
ken: she is doing that because of us!! She is fighting so that they don’t perceive our presence!!\\
ken: we have to leave this place as soon as possible… yes, we have to tell the other masters about this!!\\
mic: that was a close one.\\
mic: she came at me with her full power, so I couldn’t avoid two or three slashes…\\
mic: If I wasn’t wearing this chainmail made by your master’s father…\\
mic: I would not be able to fight anymore…\\
shi: kuaah…\\
mic: hey, don’t move.\\
mic: I don’t have any interest in this dull farce.\\ today is a really important day for us…\\
mic: right, mister?\\
sei: indeed.\\
sei: we will not let you get in the way with our departure no matter what kind of effort you will put in stopping us.\\
ken: it is jet black… is that yami’s flag!!?\\
arc: how dare you to do that to my beloved bow… I will take her on.\\
shi: hey archer, why don’t you make the mass communication helicopter… fall?\\
arc: well, we want the people to know about our sublime departure.\\
arc: this is… the first thing we will show to the world…\\
arc: the departure of this ship!!!\\
miu: aaah!!\\
aki: I never expected that they would use 7 of the one shadow nine fists for a diversion. I wonder what there is behind all of this.\\
saka: dammit, we fell for their diversion and yet we cannot leave this place now.\\
aki: we don’t have any other choice. If even one of us leaves the prime minister's official residence while the one shadow nine fists are still here, we will not be able to cope with the situation if something happens!!\\
prime: even if I recognize that the foundations of our country shake because of your power…\\
prime: I would like that for today at least we forget about our positions and try a little to search for a peaceful settlement.\\
hon: prime minister!! I understand your feelings, but you cannot bargain with these people!\\
hon: after such bargain destruction will surely await for us!!\\
ishi: shut up you stupid policeman!!\\
ishi: continue please, prime minister.\\
prime: yes.\\
prime: first, could you put a stop immediately the destructive actions of your comrades at the harbour?\\
prime: and by the way, what did you put inside of that tanker?\\
ma: apachai, look at that monitor.\\
apa: apa.\\
apa: aaah!!\\
saka: uwaaah! Hey don’t yell you idiot!\\
miu: g-gold~~~!!\\
ken: that’s dangerous, miu-san!!\\
miu: could it be that t-this is all gold!?\\
ken: calm down, miu-san.\\
miu: gold!! Gold!!!\\
miu: so much gold… I wonder how much gold you have here…!?\\
sei: around 2000 tons of gold bars.\\ these are our military funds!!\\
miu: t-two thousand tons! The world’s greatest reserve is in the US and it is of 8133 tons… the second one has 3412 tons… this is a quantity of gold comparable to that of a great nation!!!\\
ken: why do you know so many details…?\\
saka: what!?\\
apa: that’s shigure!! she is on the TV now!\\
aki: kuh!! This is bad! Probably she went there alone!!\\
saka: could it be that she brought with her also kenichi and miu!?\\
ma: that’s the main war power that was behind the diversion!!\\
ma: I never predicted that they would use the full strength of the one shadow nine fists for a diversion!!\\
ishi: kuh… there guys are so noisy.\\
prime: so, is there any way so we can find an agreement?\\
saiga: you are getting something wrong here…\\
prime: what?\\
saiga: we didn’t come here to talk.\\
saiga: we came here to make a declaration.\\
saiga: the life as you knew until now…\\
saiga: from today onward is heading toward its sunset.\\
prime: y-you… what do you intend to do with this country!!?\\
saiga: country? You are wrong.\\
saiga: this is about the world…\\
saiga: here and today we…\\
saiga: declare the eternal sunset!!\\
?: a few ships that break away from the American 7th fleet has appeared.\\
?: and there are also warships that have stopped any communications from our self-defence force units!!\\
?: what the hell is happening!?\\
side text: what is the meaning of the declaration of the eternal sunset? And what will be the destiny of kenichi and the others who are surrounded by all those masters!? Don’t miss the next issue!!\\

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