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Stealth Symphony 8

Act 8: the winged demon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 10, 2014 11:13 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Act 8: the winged demon\\
side: a firm determination!! The young boy dares to challenge his benefactor in order to help the people in need…!!\\
sieg: I want to help the others…\\
sieg: just like the others helped me\\ and for that reason…\\
sieg: I will become your enemy\\
toro: that’s an magnificent thing!\\
toro: I also believe that the path you chose is the right thing to do\\
sieg: … I also believe…\\
sieg: in you… and the people of the V&V\\
sfx: pih\\
lai: we have to stop the trailer first…\\
sieg: I… have a suggestion about that…\\
lai: a suggestion?\\
wolf: whaaat?\\
sfx: zaaaaah\\
colt: … are you insane?\\
colt: … well, you can try it\\
sieg: !\\ thanks!\\
colt: laika be sure to avert the enemy’s eyes from him\\
lai: ok\\
sfx: pih pih\\
sfx: pih pih\\
box: D rank legacy equipment, multipurpose satellite\ (laika’s exclusive use)\ “Beholder”\\
lai: I did it! I have erased that tornado from the face of the earth, right?\\
lai: maybe I should shoot the trailer as well…?\\
colt: do you want to burn into crisps the people we are supposed to save as well?\\
colt: even sieg’s plan in way better than that\\
colt: are you ready?\\
sieg: … yes!\\
lai: I will go wit the second shot then\\ what should I hit…?\\
lai: eh?\\
lai: eh!?\\ did he spot me!?\\
lai: wait… it is not like he can see me…\\
sfx: bah\\
lai: so fast…\\ impossible!? He was able to reach all the way up to space…!?\\ uwaaah! Interception system, activate!\\
sfx: kashun\\
sfx: bashun\\ ba ba\\ bashun\\ ba ba\\ shun\\
lai: with this I don’t have any chance to shoot the main armament…!\\
colt: no worries, thanks to you, those strange things will not come to attack me\\ sieg, are you ready?\\
sieg: … yes\\
colt: I want to make sure of something first\\ if your wings will not activate, you will die, right?\\
sieg: in that case I will just become a burden to you…\\
sieg: so you can just throw me away\\
ali: what’s wrong? it seems like you want to say something!\\
colt: … your work is just to escort the passengers, right?\\
colt: I think that it is better if you return to the carrier\\ that’s just what I wanted to say\\
?: tch!\\ what the hell are the V&V escorts doing?\\
sfx: mogo\\
sieg: uwah\\
sfx: dosa\\
?: who the hell is that brat!?\\
near sieg: ouch\\
?: who cares, just run over him!\\
ali: sieg-kun!?\\
ali: this is bad!\\
sfx: gacha\\
?: owaah!?\\
mer: what the hell is…\\
ali: toroma-san\\
ali: prepare to the emergency evacuation!\\
toro: the preparations are ready\\
toro: to be honest I predicted that things would end up like this\\
toro: it is not like I can’t respond to sieg-san’s trust\\
box: it was strange\\
box: since the moment I decided that toroma-san was my enemy…\\
box: I stopped being afraid of a lot of things\\
sou: Well, you know… it is better to use the power you have.\\
sou: even if you think that power looks like that of a demon\\
sieg: I don’t care if it is a demonic power…\\
sieg: if I’m able to save someone with this curse, then…\\
sieg: I will…\\
sieg: continue to be cursed as much as I like!\\
inserted text: blocked!!\\

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