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Chrono Monochrome 10

Match 10: the turk’s tour

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 29, 2014 08:21 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 10: the turk’s tour\\
side: why was the dismantling of the doll have been put on an hold…?\\
an: oh man, you look so depressing!\
an: it will not disappear even if you keep watch on it like that!\\ and by the way don’t skip cleaning!\\
kuro: sorry…\\ we weren’t able to obtain a reply from kempelen-san at the end so I am still anxious…\\
an: this is not good…\\
an: he is still nervous… so pathetic…\\
an: I wonder why I even went against my master to help him…\\
an: you will open an hole in the turk if you continue to look at it like that.\\
an: and don’t you think that it is better to clean everything perfectly so the master’s mood will be good?\\
an: if he is in good mood probably he will not break the turk!\\
kuro: that’s a good idea, anton-san!!\\
an: why am I getting along with him…?\\
kuro: eh?\\ by the way, where is the girl who is always together with you?\\
an: she went for an errand and she will not be back until tonight,\\ the master is out as well…\\
an: he was called from the imperial court.\\
inserted text: kempelen is playing chess in the imperial court… his opponent is…!?\\
wolf: with this the strongest piece, the queen is out…\\
?: you majesty.\\
?: you majesty!\\
maria: what is it!? I’m really enjoying myself, you know!\\
?: did you forget the matter at hand?\\
?: the reason because you called baron kempelen…\\
?: it was to show him this!!\\
wolf: what is this…?\\
maria: newspapers talking about the turk!\\
maria: the turk had a great repercussion! It is the new star of the industrial revolution.\\
maria: the turk is really popular! It is the ultimate automata.\\I want to see it! Invitations are coming from every nation…\\
wolf: aren’t you overestimating it?\\
maria: I don’t think so.\\
maria: a machine that moves and thinks like a human…\\
maria: you have implemented something that no one ever realized before nor even thought of.\\
maria: a new way of thinking will give birth to new developments…\\ I have learnt that in my life as a statesman.\\
maria: as you probably know, the sacred roman empire is composed by several independent nations,\\
maria: and my family, the Hapsburg based in Austria, is ruling them as their head…\\
on the map: territories of the sacred roman empire after the 1750\\
maria: but the continuous wars weaken the national power,\\ and the hot coals of internal revolution are never extinguished…\\
on the map: Prussia\\ Poland\\france\\ Austria\\ hungary\\
the principal wars that Austria took part in during the 17~18 century
1618: the thirty years war\\
1620: Bitva na Bílé hoře (battle of the white mountain)\\
1683: second siege of Wein\\
1740: Austrian succession war
1743: Prague’s recapture\\
1756~63: seven years war\\
maria: the England and the Russia are waiting for an opening.\\
maria: and our current ally, the France in the recent past was a fierce enemy… we cannot lower our guard.\\
maria: and there are also the ones who countless times aimed for our country’s territory and took it away…\\
maria: those hateful Prussians!!!\\
maria: they are preparing to fight a war against us even now!!\\
wolf: you majesty…\\ it is check mate.\\
maria: I lost again. You never go easy on me, baron.\\ … well, otherwise it would not be so interesting.\\
maria: maybe I’m not suitable for playing chess.\\
wolf: your majesty’s board is this very country…\\
wolf: I believe that being calm and not prone to war is an honour.\\
maria: you never change, baron kempelen.\\ you are just like the first time I met you.\\
maria: it was when Prussia invaded Austria, and they even sought for hungary’s support…\\
?: prince joseph, wait here, please.\\
maria: if I fail this speech austria will fall…!\\ in the worst case even Hungary could become our enemy…\\
wolf: your majesty…\\
maria: you are… the one who requested to look after joseph…\\
jo: aaah!!\\
wolf: it is that smile, your majesty.\\
wolf: you didn’t come here to fight against hungary, right?\\ and we also desire peace…\\
wolf: children( the populace) will adore their mother(the queen) if they see her kindness.\\
maria: … help me joseph!!\\
wolf: … it was the time when you made that fervent speech while holding in your arms prince joseph like a brave hero. And then my country swore loyalty to you.\\
maria: at that time I understood,\\ that I had to try to maintain peace instead of fighting a war…\\
maria: baron kempelen.\\
maria: go around the world, and spread the knowledge of the turk.\\
maria: until now I have expanded our influence thanks to wars and marriages,\\ but I think that we should have a new way of thinking.\\
maria: what we need from now on is…\\
maria: a national power appeal!!\\
maria: the kings, princes and nobles are all chess masters…\\ from now on you have to challenge and defeat all the men of valour in the world, and show them the technology of our country!\\
maria: if they think that they cannot compete with us, we will avoid wars…\\
maria: I am sure that you will be able to do it!!\\
maria: … but maybe, you don’t want to be involved in the national politics anymore…\\
wolf: just the other day I was going to dismantle the turk, but a dog took my tools away…\\
wolf: maybe it would be fun to challenge this “wall”.\\
maria: well then, go to Salzburg first.\\
maria: your next opponent…\\
maria: is waiting there!\\
kuro: the king…!\\
kuro: you are beyond recovery…\\ the king of domestic failures…!!\\
kuro: let’s wash anton-san for the time being…\\
an: ?\\ what’s…\\
kuro: … hey,\\
kuro: anton-san…?\\
near an: what kind of face is that!!?\\
an: you are wrong, wrong!! it wasn’t me!!\\
turk: geez, shut up…\\
turk: it is not like I’m broken or something!\\
an: eh…?\\
?: such a dull reaction!\\
?: you are quite cheeky for someone who is always on kempelen’s side.\\
?: I’m doing the repairing!\\
?: where is kempelen!?\\
?: tell him that his fiancée came here to meet him!!\\
inserted text: a young woman smeared in oil…\\ who is she…!?\\

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