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Assassination Classroom 140

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 24, 2015 09:53 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 140

Chapter 140: past time 7th hour\\
inserted: the two of them offer their feelings to each other before departing…\\
side: koro-sensei’s past arc. Aguri’s body has been pierced by a tentacle mine. Not even the omnipotent assassin knows a technique to help her…\\
box: it was a fatal wound\\
box: a wound that not even the god of death who mastered medicine could heal\\
koro: why…\\
koro: if you didn’t jump in, then you wouldn’t end up mixed in all of this\\
agu: … I screwed up\\ I never thought that there would be a trap like that around here…\\
agu: but…\\ I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop you if I just called you out\\
box: she was right\\
box: if I went in the world outside just like that\\
box: my twisted emotions would have twisted my tentacles\\
box: and my twisted tentacles would have twist my emotions\\
box: I was on the verge of stabilize my body on the form of a black monster of destruction\\
box: the thing that brought me back…\\ was feeling her touching me\\
koro: I could have protected her if I only I noticed her 0.1 seconds faster…\\
koro: I could save her if I had trained my minute tentacles for heal the others!!\\
box: the assassin who was raised while resenting the world\\
box: used all the things that he gained\\ in order to destroy his opponent\\
box: his scientific knowledge\\ his combat skill\\his communication skills\\... and even his tentacles\\
box: he finally realized\\ that all the powers he acquired could be for other things\\
box: why…\\ did I take so much time to realize it!!\\
box: why didn’t I\\ use the power to kill and destroy\\ for the sake of someone else!!?\\
box: why\\... just why!!\\
koro: I\\ killed you as well\\
agu: it is not…\\ like that\\
agu: I…\\ did what I did because I wanted to do it\\
agu: and…\\
agu: I think that…\\ it is good even if I was killed by you\\
agu: because you will think dearly of me because of that\\
agu: I’m sure that one day…\\ you will meet a person like this as well\\
agu: someone who will kill you and you will not feel any regret\\
koro: but I don’t think that there is someone other that you who could do that\\
agu: maybe…\\ in the year you have left\\
agu: you can give that time to me\\
agu: please teach to those children\\
agu: just like you they…\\ are now loosing their ways in the darkness\\
agu: if they will be able to look straight ahead of them…\\ … I ‘m sure that they will be able to find an answer\\
koro: if you say that\\
agu: … what…\\ incredible tentacles…!!\\
agu: I’m sure that…\\ with these hands…\\
agu: you will became an incredible\\ teacher\\
box: in the pocket of the former homeroom teacher…\\ there was my birthday present\\
box: it was a plain big necktie that no one would ever wear in any occasion\\
koro: … it sucks\\
box: now I understand that such flaws were also part of her charm\\
koro: let’s use the time I have left to become a teacher\\
koro: I will look after with my very own eyes\\ the students who you have looked after until now\\
box: and I will never let them go from this tentacles no matter what happens\\
box: this is what the god of death promised her\\
?: there could be a treasure in there!!\\
??: but there could be still someone!!\\
on the letter: { to the staff
I ran way, but I don’t mind becoming the homeroom teacher of kunigaoka’s middle school class E, in the next days we will make the negotiations,
From the super destruction being}\\
box: he went out with an incredible speed\\
box: changed all the human cells into tentacles\\ and he was reborn into a totally new life form\\
box: he could do anything with that power…\\ and the type of life form he would become…\\ depended on his desires alone\\
box: his tentacles asked him\\ “what do you want to become”?\\
box: and he replied\\
koro: … I want\\ to become weak\\
box: full of weak points\\ something that anyone would want to kill immediately\\
box: with these hands I can touch and feel any weak being\\ protect them\\ and guide them\\
box: … I want to be come that life form\\ and that kind of teacher \\
box: from time to time I will make mistakes\\
box: other times I will be forced to put up a cruel face\\
small text: dyed with coal\\ “ramie”\ it can create a strong thread\\
box: but\\ I will do it with all of myself\\
box: just like she would do it\\
box: in my special way\\ by using my strong points\\ … by using my methods\\
koro: nurufufufuh\\
box: … then\\ the mach 20 beginner teacher\\... slowly\\ but surely, began to stand\\
koro: nice to meet you all\\ I am the one who destroyed the moon\\ and in the next year I plan to destroy the earth as well\\
box: … and now\\ we arrive to the present\\
inserted: their target told them everything. What will do the students now…?\\

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