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Hinomaru-Zumou 57

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 31, 2015 14:44 | Go to Hinomaru-Zumou

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Round 57: an unpleasant group\\
?: eastern corner gojou-kun\\ western corner kanamori-kun\\
?: eh?\\
?: what’s wrong with him…? He lost and yet he is still on the ring?\\
ju: hey! You!\\
inserted: in the second battle… he was defeated…\\
gen: I cannot turn and face them…\\ I cannot look them in the face…!\\
gen I stolen the spot in the second fight from those who were already in the club by pushing them aside, even if I joined halfway during the first year of school…\\ and yet… did I do something wrong…!?\\
gen: I was able to snatch this position away by my strength alone… but now that I wasn’t able to bring any result, I have no worth… and no place to return to…\\
kana: hey\\
kana: I thought that your strong point was to not think too much about unnecessary things, you know?\\
kana: if you want a cause for your defeat, then I can say that you didn’t have enough time to prepare yourself\\
kana: all the people who came here to see us going to the nationals are proud of the fact that we needed you\\
kana: kunisaki has a strength that belongs only to him, but\\ you have also become the first in japan in your own way\\
kana: from now on just proceed on the path you believe is the right one\\ you should be fine with just that\\
kana: to take responsibilities is the duty of your seniors\\ one day you will have this duty as well\\
kana: so be sure to look at us\\
kana: because one day you will have to do the same thing\\
?: he is finally out of the ring\\
?: what was wrong with him?\\
hi: yuuma!\\ focus and go!\\
?: !\\ finally, it is yuuma-san’s turn!\\
rei: …\\ don’t lose, yuuma…\\
?: his opponent looks strong, but…\\ yuuma didn’t lose any battle until now!\\
?: I don’t like to say this, but…\\ in truth, in the first tournament where yuuma fought, the one we didn’t see…\\
?: yuuma lost against that guy…\\
rei: what!?\\
?: western corner kanamori-kun wins after knocking his opponent out of the ring!\\
ki: … hinomaru, you won against that guy, right?\\
ki: what do you think about him?\\
hi: … well\\ that fight cannot be used as reference\\
hi: at that time that guy lost his cool against me \\ and in order to show me clearly that he was on a totally different level than me he purposely tried to stop my charge…\\ with his chest\\
hi: he partially regained his cool after suffering that hit, but\\
hi: after that, his moves were all over the place\\ and also he extended too much his back with his over arm grip throw\\
hi: his last throw was also too forceful as well\\
hi: right now there is only one thing I can say about him\\ he will never show once a again an opening like he did back then\\
hi: no matter who his opponent is…\\
yuu: we have one victory and one defeat, therefore we are at he starting point\\ … and the pairings from now on are also in a certain sense strange\\
yuu: because they are the same as this spring’s tournament…\\
yuu: the only thing different from that time is…\\
?: put your hands on the ground!\\
?: what is that stance…\\ the upper part of his body is straight…?\\
boss: the lion dog stance…!
Tera: eh?\\
Boss: no, it is not like he is using it because he knows about it\\ I see, if I think about his style then…\\
Girl: it is a stance useful for a sumo wrestler who strikes his opponent, so that he doesn’t tilt forward…\\ and doesn’t fall for fishing moves…\\
yuu: by erasing in one go the moves that make your body rise up during the initial charge\\ I should be able to be the first one to strike\\
yuu: with my double hands strikes!\\
master: this double hands strike is not to defeat your opponent\\
master: it is to make your opponent rise the upper part of his body\\
master: push with your arm until it is totally extended\\ and with your second attack...\\
master: aim for his chin that is now totally undefended…\\
master: strike him! Until you push him into a corner!\\
master: … no matter what kind of polished wrestler your opponent is… no matter his superiority\\ the fight will end immediately once you have hit him on his chin…\\
yuu: if I fail here I will not have a second chance…\\
yuu: like hell that I will act poorly…\\ and leave the two of them with the duty of winning their battles…!\\
yuu: for what reason did I came all the way here…? I have to win…\\
?: begin!
yuu: what… the…\\
?: he didn’t try to grapple him\\ and went directly with strikes!?\\
?: finally! We can see captain kanamori’s strikes!\\ “the cannon”!!\\
gen: but to try to win against him by using strikes is…\\
glass: … even if kanamori looks like this, he is a skilful all rounder\\ he is able to make use of his sumo both by grappling his opponent and by attacking him from a distance\\
glass: until know gojou never tried to grapple his opponents\\ and we also have to consider the way that mitsuhashi fought the first match… so he decided that stepping into an unknown territory is too risky, huh…\\ so he intends to achieve certain victory while crushing his opponent’s field of vision!\\
kana: gojou yuuma… I know about you\\ you were the leader of the delinquents in dachi high\\ we of ishi high are the leading delinquents in the prefecture, so news about you came to my ears even if I wasn’t really interested in them\\
kana: ... you came all the way here and you are still a delinquent\\ thinking about it, the history of the sumo club in ishi high\\ also has some fights against the delinquents in our school\\
kana: right now there aren’t idiots who try to mess directly against the sumo club, but\\ they have pestered us many times\\ because of the many incidents caused by them outside of the school it also happened that we couldn’t take part to tournaments\\
kana: … they really are an unpleasant bunch…\\\ right, sanada…?\\
kana: gojou… I acknowledge that you have reached this stage after only a few months of training\\ you are strong\\ but for some reason that feels… irritating… you delinquents should not get in our way…\\
kana: ever\\ again!!\\
rei: yuuma!!\\
?: this is bad!\\ he already reached the margin of the ring!!\\
yuu: am I going to lose…?\\
yuu: I couldn’t even use my moves...\\ my opponent is so superior that… I don’t have any other choice…?\\ hey… I already knew such a thing…\\ so why did I came here after all…?\\
yuu: for what reason…\\
master: even if you fail the first charge don’t lose focus\\ instead be sure to show your real worth\\ remember this\\
master: in karate you don’t strike first\\
master: to be sure\\
master: to repay your opponent tenfold!!\\
yuu: come you bastard!!\\
inserted: he will show his worth and his moves from now on!!\\

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