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Song Special : Freaky Rider and Luminous Wind

Freaky Rider (2) and Luminous Wind (13)

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 31, 2009 05:34 | Go to Song

This time it's Furukawa Miki....I guess eventually I'll translate my whole music stash huh? :-P I'll translate something more useful tomorrow. I promise.


Grab the songs there. :)

作詞: フルカワミキ
Lyrics: Furukawa Miki

作曲: フルカワミキ
Composition Furukawa Miki

あとどのれくらい 行ける? 足音残す地面に
Ato donorekurai Ikeru? Ashioto nokosu jime ni..
How far will I go after this? Theres nothing left but the sound of feet upon the earth...

I love you and me

I love you and me

私 呼ぶ 名前が あることさえ嬉しい
Watashi Yobu namae ga aru kotosae ureshii
Even if it's calling out your name I'm happy

I love you and me

I love you and me

ああ 素晴らしい 旅の途中出会う 全て
Aa Subarashii Tabi no tochuu deau subete
Ahh, I'll set out on a marvlelous journey, all to meet you.

きっと '今' が 自分らしい 未来になる
Kitto 'Ima' ga jibunrashi mirai ni naru
Certianly 'Now' I can find a future more fitting myself.

ああ 素晴らしい 旅 の 途中 孤独 でも
Aa Subarashii Tabi no tochuu kodoku demo
Ahh, I'll be lonely on my marvelous journey, but..

ああ 素晴らしい LUMINOUS WIND を纏おう
Aa Subarashii LUMINOUS WIND o Madou
Ahh, I'll just wear a marvelous LUMINOUS WIND.

ああ すべてに すべてに。。。
Aah Subete ni Subete ni....
Aah Everything....Everything....

作詞: フルカワミキ
Lyrics: Furukawa Miki

作曲: Nakako
Composition: NAKAKO

不意に とけた 後戻りも無く
Fuini toketa atomodori mo naku.
Suddenly the way back melts, and is nonexistant.

既に ハイウエイ スピード だけ リアル
Its already too late, only the speed is real on this highway.

ああ どこへ も 行けそうなFreaky Rider
Aa doko he mo ike sou na Freaky Rider.
Aah don't go anywhere, Freaky Rider

ああ どこ へ 消えそう な Freaky Rider
Aa doko he kiesou na Freaky Rider.
Aah where have you disapeared to, Freaky Rider?


独り飛びだす 後戻りもなく
Hitori tobidasu atomodori mo naku
Flying off alone, the way back is nonexistant

誰も 見えない あの 街の 向こう
dare mo mienai Ano machi no mukou.
Away to the other side of the city, where no one is watching.

ああ どこへ も 行けそうなFreaky Rider
Aa doko he mo ike sou na Freaky Rider.
Aa don't go anywhere, Freaky Rider.

ああ どこ へ 消えそう な Freaky Rider
Aa doko he kiesou na Freaky Rider.
Aa, where have you disapared to, Freaky Rider?


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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
Oh, so BDR translates musix now? Anyways, getting to the point; downloaded it, listened to it, liked it. Good job. ; A;
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
Thanks! Didn't expect anyone to reply to these! :-P And yeah I do Gintama's OP's and ED's every time they change as well, so stick around for July.
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