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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Bullet Armors 18

Fort Sulejinova.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 30, 2012 02:22 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 18

I am not ashamed in admitting that my confidence is inspired by others.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

Especially those who do not need my confidence to be confident in themselves.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Techno 18: Fort Sulejinova.

(Sfx- Gui gui gree gree)

(Sfx- Gii grrind)


Karto: That fool...

He managed to do this to my face....

He made a total mess of it.


I still had a blast, Alpha.

He'll come here for sure.


Karto: And by then he would have polished that right arm and Selena into perfect weapons.

He is Dennis's son after all.

Omega: Yes Karto-sama...

But it won't do if you become heavily injured. Please rest for a while..

for your sake...

Karto: Omega...


Karto: I don't want to talk to you.

Shut the hell up.

Omega: How cruel...

Techno 18: Fort Sulejinova.

Alpha: Guruuuu.


Mice: Kiih

Ion: Geez you're persistant!

I told you I don't know!!

Aibrock: C'mon! I know you're just trying to hide it from me...

How did you do that override thing!?

You can't just say you don't know anything!

Quit tryin' to trick me!


Ion: Right now the only thing I've got in mind is how to save Selena and Bullet.


Moreover, about that...Override thingy...

I don't really remember how I did it. It was a gut feeling sorta thing.

Aibrock: Hmm...

Shade: Gyuui?

Aibrock: Eh, whatever then.

I just thought it was a little cool is all..

Beika: Seems like Testarossa took serious damage from breeder attacks.

You mean the capital?!

How did that happen?

Doesn't matter. We've got to make sure that the underground tunnels stay closed.

Damn breeders!

Geez...but is this all we're good for? Just being henchmen?


(Sfx- Gue! Ungh)

Beika: In--
(Sfx- Gon thud)

Aibrock: All right.

Proto: Kyuui.


Aibrock: Don't think bad of me allright?

Those breeders are our enemies!

Here put these on.

Looks like the underground route has been sealed.

We're going to have to infiltrate the place as beika.

Ion: Yeah...


Aibrock: I know you're normally all about honesty and that jazz..

But we’re gonna have to be the bad guys if we want to get anywhere.

Ion: Selena is waiting for us....

Bullet too...


Ion: I can't complain about this!!

{Beika base//Sulejinova.}


Ion: It's H-huge!

Aibrock: Sulejinova...

A fortress where not a single tremor is allowed.

Proto: Kyuuh.

Aibrock: We mighta been able to bring our tremor with us through the water route...

But we're gonna have to leave 'em behind now!
Ion: No...

We should take them along.

Aibrock: Why is it you like doing things that are impossible?

Ion: Come on out Proto!!


Ion: Stop!

Stop right there!

Proto: Kyuh.

Ion: Now you see that container?

I'm leaving this to you Proto...

This is something only you can do!

Proto: Kyuh?


Aibrock: Will this really be okay?

Ion: Just leave it to me!

Beika: That looks heavy. Want a hand?

Ion: N-no thanks, we're good.


Aibrock: Don't even think of touching this!

Ion: Yeah!

Beika: What's in there?

Ion: Well, that's...

Beika: Open it up!

Ion: My hand...

N—no! I can't!
We're under strict orders that this not be opened until it reaches it's destination!!

Beika: Hmm...

Hmph. Okay.

Place it there!


(Sfx-Zuruh slip)

(Sfx- Kyuuh!)

Beika: Hey...

let me see what's in there.

Aibrock: Hey now...


Ion: There's nothing!

Beika: There might be a Tremor hiding in there!

Stand down!

Ion: I'm telling you there's nothing in there...!!

Aibrock: Wait!!


Beika: Huh...?

There really is nothing...


Ion: Yup! Nothing going on here!

Just a simple misunderstanding...!!

Beika: Geez, getting us all surprised for nothing...

Just hurry up and load it.

Ion: It's huge!


Dude: All of you line up!!

Good work!

The load has been set...unit dissolve!

Aibrock: That was close..!!

Now we just gotta find out where that tremor of yours and the tremor woman are...

Ion: Okay!

Aibrock: Now how do we do that...


Ion: Hey Aibrock, it's a tremor!

(Sfx- Guiii grrrr)

(Sfx- Guiii grrr)

Beika: Inspector Bon that's tremor three we captured just now.

Bon: G—good! It's full of energy!

Does it need to go to the researchers?

Beika: They said two are enough.


Bon: All right...


Feels good!!

This is what you get for baring your fangs at humans, tremor!

Beika: Absolutely right, Inspector Bon.

Bon: You get it tremors?

Bet you're sweating now!

Person: Ugh...

Bon: Oh?


there seems to be a human like thing attached to this...

It's a breeder right?

Beika: Maybe it's best we stop here..


Bon: It's fine.

That thing wasn't human anymore anyway.


Aibrock: Lets follow that beika...!

Chances are what we're looking for is where he's going!


Bon: Whistle whistle~

Ion: Is this the researcher's lab?


Aibrock: This place is crawling with guards...

Bustin' in from the front is suicide!

Ion: Okay, come on out!


Ion: Nice work! You did a great job!

Aibrock: A wall?!

Ion: Using Proto's 'Rikon' I had it make a wall inside of the box!

(Top- Shade/Bottom-Proto)
Shade: Voh

Aibrock: You really surprised me there.

Though if you gave me enough time I woulda thought of something like that too, right shade?


Aibrock: Dude, why didn't you tell me this plan then?

Ion: Uh...well to be honest it seemed like a waste of time.

Aibrock: A waste of time?!

(Sfx- Pakiin crack)


Ion: Uh?!

Aibrock: Quit sittin on your ass there!!

Ion: I'm sorry!

One more time...!!


(Sfx- Guhh grnnd)

Ion: Hah...


Shade: Voh..vohh!!


{This would be a piece of cake if I had Bullet...!!}



{I have to get stronger on my own so I can save Bullet!!}

Ion: Just wait...

I'm coming Bullet!!


Bullet: Kyuh..





Bullet: Kyuii!



(Bullet Armors Mecha manual)

{Iron dog.)

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