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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Bullet Armors 29

For someone’s sake.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 1, 2014 00:54 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 29

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Techno 29: For someone’s sake.

Aibrock: I’ve come to save you! Ion, Selena!
Ion: Aibrock!!
(Handwritten- Yahoo!)
Aibrock: So what d’ya think?! Shade and I managed to hit our override!!
Bet you and Bullet can’t pull something like this off can you?

Ion: What is he talking about?
Selena: Apparently he was jealous of you two.
He hates losing after all.
Aibrock: Shaddup! I can hear you over here!!
You and I have a score to settle…so don’t go dying dammit!
Ion: Yeah!
I was thinking the same thing!
Genocider: How utterly insipid!
What does adding one more fly to your numbers change?
The history of your struggle against the machines has gone on for years!! Before our power you are nothing!!

(Sfx- Gahaaah)
Aibrock: Don’t go underestimating us!!
We’re not just any breeders!!

Selena: That’s a beika’s weapon?!
Aibrock: Heheh…
My bro entrusted it to me.
Human history has us using the knowledge from our ancestors to create weapons!
And they work perfectly on bastards like you!!
Genocider: Gaaaahh
Ion: He’s tearing it apart!!

Aibrock: Rip ‘em a new one Shade!!
Ion: Whoa!! The power multiplied!!
Genocider: Impertinent fools!!

Aibrock: Wh…
Ion: Aibrock!!
Aibrock: Ouch…
Selena: Don’t be overconfident.
Aibrock: What did you say to me?!
Selena: Ion!! Defeating them separately isn’t going to work!!

Aibrock: Then what the hell are we supposed to do?!
Ya want us to run around like bugs?!
Selena: I didn’t say that!!
If you have any bright ideas, feel free to share them!
Ion: Lets cooperate.
The three of us will use our special techniques together.
I’ll go up first.
If it’s the three of us then we can beat him!
Selena: That’s right!

Aibrock: Wait a sec…
Why is he doing up first?
Won’t that make him cooler than us?
Selena: Who cares about that?!
Aibrock: Then it’s all good.
I’ll whoop his ass and make it a show!!


Selena: I won’t let you two take all of the credit!
Aibrock: Oh? You’re not half bad.
Selena: But of course!

Genocider: Nuughhh
Their consciousnesses are linking together….
And creating a great power!!
???: I won’t acknowledge it!!
We are an absolute….the God of destruction!
Our steel gears are machine fated to rip apart all.
There is nothing on earth that can destroy a god!!
But that may have been a fabrication.
It is a fact that we want Selena’s power of regeneration…
And with her power we can reign supreme as the God of destruction for eternity.

Genocider: But something seems to be wrong…
The fact that we understand that there is something we need….something we lack underlines all too well that we are not a God or anything for that matter.
We are perhaps no more than a mass collection of machines.
Silence! I do not wish to hear utter nonsense!!
Are you trying to suggest that we are nothing more as an existence than a shell?
That our fevered pursuit in absorbing her makes us nothing more than a pathetic doll…?

???: Then slicing the humans to bits…
Taking Selena and absorbing her is exactly what we need to do!!
After that what will we do?
What do we really want to do?
Destroy them!!

???: Ka…
We will fight.
For your sake..
For you who gave us all consciousness….

???: I want to go back…
To return…
To the side of my master..
I can’t go back empty handed…
We have a place to return to…
And for that end everything and everyone must be made a victim…

Genocider: Do you all have it…?!
A place that you will fight your hardest so that you may return?!

Ion: We’re heading toward the future!!

Ion: There’s a future I want to see with my friends!!
Genocider: A future…?
Ion: There’s someone I want to meet..
And if I don’t get stronger than I am now, I’ll have nothing but problems!!
I have to keep advancing no matter what walls are in my way!
No matter what enemies stand before me and block my path!


Ion: I’ll destroy you right here, right now!!

Machines: Waah!!
Run away!!
(Sfx- Kyahh)
Genocider: Are you saying there is a power that we cannot attain?!
We’ve got countless weapons that that can sweep and destroy like a demon…are you saying there is power we cannot attain?!
???: We all already knew this.

???: I won’t acknowledge it! I woooooon’t!!
There is no ‘power’ that can defeat us!!
Ion: It’s because of everyone that we’ve made it this far!!

Ion: We will…
Open up a future for the sake of our friends!!

(Sfx- Nuuuhhh *dssssh*)
(Sfx- Pkaiin *crackle*)
(Sfx- Biki biki *crack crack*)
Machines: We’re falling!!
We certainly are falling!
With this our extermination is assured….we will fall to ruins.
There is no way we can escape this battlefield.
Their strong will grows wider and will eventually turn into a whirlpool that will destroy everything.

???: Someday, Another incident similar to what is happening now will occur..
And this war…despite starting small will grow into a huge ‘whirlpool’…

Unit: This is Ground team alpha.
It’s thought that a tremor with a gigantic cannon is in the nearby vicinity.
Be careful.
Unit: Zzt, confirmed. Understood Beta unit.
Confirmed. Gamma unit.
Be careful….breeders might still be here.

Unit: A survivor?
Hey..there…cease movement.
Come over here slowly and carefully.
(Sfx- Gyuuiii)
Unit: Ah…

Unit: He disappeared?
{12th tank calendar year. It has been two years since Genocide gear occurred. Retribution fragment.}
{The tremors and breeders attacks have ended and humanity has once again been the victim.}
{Although things have quieted down, the hatred of humans towards the living machines has grown.}
{Weapons and anger are like chemical reactions in the hands of people and they continue to advance as they flush out their enemies.}

{Before long the seasons change…}
Dude: Nia-chan you shouldn’t go home yet…
They’re saying things you shouldn’t hear…
Guam: The helicopter has touched down for a visit…
Man things are gonna get busy to death.
Guy: Yup…Seems like a draft has been ordered.
Tanpachi: Nooo! I’m scared!
Oneson: We don’t have much of a choice but to go.
Twobert: He’s real coward!

Dude: I got a letter from the armed forces.
‘We have confirmed everything is fine’.
Gilbert: He didn’t make that choice…
No helping it…
I’ll just have to quietly pray for my little brother’s safety.
{The chains of war spread all around the war.}

Ion: Thanks for giving us a lift!
Dude: No, no that’s no big deal!
You’re so young but you have so much luggage?
Selena: Hey have a look at this…
It’s like some supervillian wrote it!
Aibrock: Don’t be so loud stupid.
What’ll you do if they find out about us?
Selena: Why do I have to sneak around like I’m dirty or something?!
Aren’t we the ones who are saving beika?!
Shouldn’t we be able to move around more openly?!

Aibrock: You annoying ass woman!
Did you forget that your body is metal?!
(Handwritten- They sure are energetic!
Selena: And you lack any sort of charm at all!
You’re just annoying!!
Looks like we took the wrong road!!
Everyone, get out and run!!
(Sfx- Guruuuu)
Dude: Aaahhhh!!

Ion: I became a breeder the moment we became friends.
I’d be more surprised if nothing happened.
Dude: B---Breeder!
Why would breeders save me?!
Aren’t you supposed to be our enemies?

(Sfx- Giiih *grinnd*)
Ion: Yeah…
Something like that.
Both breeders and beika are important in some way right?
{We made the decision to fight for anyone and what they hold precious!!}
Ion: Lets do this guys!!
{The fight won’t end…}

{Until the day where they seize freedom with their own hands…}
BULLET ARMORS -------END--------


Moritya: Bullet armors is complete!!
Man. Two years of serialization…is that a long time? Or not very long at all?
So many people have looked out for me, and I’d like to thank them!
(Handwritten- Chief of compilation)
Bubble: Movies.
(Handwritten- Editor)
Bubble: Novels.
Moritya: I kept telling myself to look at these people who look so strong..
(Handwritten- This looks sorta strange? Nonono, it’s just when I’m with them this is how it feels.)
Moritya: Moreover since the first volume of this manga to the last one…
Hans’t my drawing style sorta changed?!
Selena is still as cute as ever,
I’m just friggin’ overjoyed that I’m better than my rough around the edges former self!!
Selena: Teehee.

Moritya: And when I first started this serialization I remember how I had no tools…
(Handwritten- Completely white living space.)
Moritya: I’ll have to get supplies and tools from here and there…
(Handwritten- Internet shopping.)
(Handwritten- Living in a bonsai jungle that I bought.//Height 170 cm, Weight 47 kg//neighborhood dog//mysterious figurine?)
Moritya: I’ve burnt out my flaaaame!!
(Handwritten: Metal trunk for some reason//Empty eraser box.)
{I’m just curious about all sorts of things…}
{And the road of mangadom before me is a long one!}
Moritya: I wonder what manga I should draw next…
(Sfx- Mnya mnya *smack smack*)

Wow. It's funny how things work out. I'm pushing for another final chapter here on the final day of 2013. I guess it's sort of like cleaning out your ears before going swimming (or was it after?) Whatever. Here we are at the end of the road, and my 'finshed' series count goes up from a gallant two to a splendifferous three, to be jacked up to a imperial four in a matter of an hour or two. Of course, I'd much rather these things end after telling their stories but...eh. I'm used to my ability to kill a manga simply by being interested in it. I should advertise it somehow. 'If BDR translates this manga, you know not to read it, cause it'll end quickly and terribly!' Awwright. Let me go print those seals of approval...

Anyway, Bullet Armors. I saw it on Gessan's site one day and I'd be lying if Ion's cheerful smile didn't intrigue me into buying the first three available volumes. It hasn't yet been scantlated, but volume three and the beginning of four are pretty amazing. Moritya (Cha?) May not have much in the way of original plotting, but his sense of movement and mastery of panel use is amazing for someone who's only got one serial under their belt. Hell, I think I'd even go as far as saying that watching Moritya improve his art was just as much (if not more) fun than the series itself.

I think really what Bullet Armors's strength was is it's unabashed shounen-ness. It's that series you read or watched as a kid, with long periods of fighting without words and bizarre landscapes with weird but energetic plots. Is it cliched? Sure. Doesn't mean it's bad though. I just hope he'll return someday with something new, but his twitter has been deleted and his blog is gone too. Although I don't know him personally, I can't help but hope he's just recooperating from drawing Bullet (and two other one shots) and is planning his next work.

Anyway I thank all of you who read Bullet from the end, and hope you enjoy the scantlation as it comes out. I talked to a friend and he seems interested in finishing the series so you'll be able to see what I saw soon enough.

応援。ご愛読 本当に ありがとうございました。
BDR の次回作にご期待ください!

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 4, 2014
Congratulations on finishing another title. Even if you suspect you to kill them because you translate them, lol.

It seems Moritya is gone. Even the pivx profile haven't been updated since 2010. A bit sad since as you described Bullet Armor is shounen-ish like dragonbal kinda-ish. Something you don't see anymore but still manage to take a place in your heart. I've just read the scanlations but I liked what I saw, enough to want more.

Nice to know that you got a friend who will continue where the other group left it.

Thank you for doing this title. We enjoyed it too and yes, I will look forward to your next work, heh. ;)
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