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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 62

Earthy comes to visit!


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 62

That was a thing that...happened. This chapter on it's own was pretty hilarious but where is this all going...anyway, I'm caught up so I'm going to chill out now.

Psylocke scans only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Ayla: You said we stand upon you?
Koichi: Eh? Th...the floor?
Ayla: There's no way....
There's no way that can possibly be true...

Chapter 62: Earthy comes to visit!


Ayla(?): This child...
is the Earth?

Ayla: That's ridiculous!
I don't see anything in that child's heart...
An existence like that has been up until now limited to only two people...
Grandmother and Nozomi.
Also in comparison this child has a strange presence...
Fujishiro: Heh..

Fujishiro: You're far too slow on the uptake...
And I'm even holding this hint that makes it all too simple to understand!
I'm as elegant as this you know?
As organisms who are born upon my surface, you should do better to revel in my presence!
You don't have nearly enough respect for me!
Koichi: ..I mean, even if you say that...

Fujishiro: I am Earth...
Or maybe it would be better to say I am “The Will of Earth”?
You guys are always talking about who has ownership rights to me, yeah?
So I'd like to be involved in this conversation.
Before we start, I'd like you to first put that uncivilized thing away, Ayla.
Ayla: You know my name...
Fujishiro: I may not posses the knowledge of what lies beyond the skies –the universe like your Grandmother...
But i'm veeery familiar with the happenings occurring on this planet.

Fujishiro: The distant descendant of Eramea, Ayla...
The alien from Haus that is inexplicably backing the Earthlings, Rico..
The “Port's” proper administrator Ootori Nozomi...
And the boy who declared his intention to become Earth's king, Hirose Koichi.
You're talking about becoming my king, yeah?
To proceed with that kind of conversation without the person themselves present is ingrateful, so I thought this would be a good time to chime in.
I will talk..
And converse...
So let's begin our conversation.

Rico: The Earth is alive..?
Fujishiro: It isn't just beings that can talk and think that are alive.
Life takes on many different forms.
Ayla: So you're saying that Earth has conciousness...
And now it's residing in a person...
who is moreover an elementary school student...
Fujishiro: Mind doing away with the boring preconceived notions, Ayla?
This body...of “Mine” matches my age.
There are cases where the unexpected is most suitable.
Rico: So the earth is an elementary schooler....

Koichi: I thought all aliens were our enemies until I actually talked to one.
Alien: You're conceited and think of yourselves as the most supreme living beings in the universe...
Koichi: Lots of things have happened up until now...
So something like the Earth having consciousness is possible.
Ayla: That's right, Jii!!
What has happened to him!?
Jii: Did you call for me, m'lady?
Ayla: You're okay?
I was in the kitchen on standby this whole time.
Ayla: Whoa, that's hot!
Jii: Here are some scones.

Ayla: If you're okay then it's all good...
Fujishiro: Mr. Pyotr...
A few days ago when it rained, you forgot to close the garage window.
Please be careful.
Jii: M'lady, this is...?
Ayla: You know Jii.
Nozomi: I won't acknowlege this...
I just won't.
Ayla: Nozomi...
Nozomi: You're wrong...!
Fujishiro: Hm...?

Nozomi: Boys shouldn't be kissing each other!!
Ayla told me this before!!
Those of the same sex normally don't kiss each other!
Koichi: What the heck is this conversation becoming...
Ayla: We were discussing this before when we were reading a shoujo manga...
(Handwritten- Why is it that the protagonist only seems to fall in love with boys?)
Ayla: That's your problem?
{Like writing in a completely white notebook, I tried to deeply impress my words into Nozomi...}
(Handwritten- And so it's very...)
(Handwritten- It feels good.)

Fujishiro: It's an expression of passionate love...
Koichi: Wait!
There's no need to jump to conclusions Senpai!!
Nozomi: What?
Koichi: When we saw this kid earlier today, there was a backpack that was...
Aqua colored!
Nozomi: So?
Koichi: Your thinking is too shallow here, senpai...
The fact that this backpack they had wasn't black means...
there's a chance that he is in fact a girl!

Koichi: And on further inspection their pants are actually shorts!!
Ayla: Well, it does look like it could be a culotte skirt...
(Handwritten- Now that I look again...)
Nozomi: Hmph, that's just...
A convenient delusion you've wrapped yourself in Hirose-kun.
No matter how much you look at him, this is a boy!
You've kissed a boy Hirose-kun!

Fujishiro: Hmph...
It's about time we moved on to the main topic of discussion, yeah?
Koichi: ANSWER US!!
Fujishiro: Beloved organisms that live on my surface –I implore you to think! I obviously don't have have a gender!
I am the Earth!!
Koichi: Y—yeah?
I mean sure on the inside, maybe....
(Handwritten- That's wrong, wrong I say...)
Fujishiro: More importantly!

Fujishiro: The earth's will –namely me, has gone out of it's way to bring you answers to your questions!
As in, the means of becoming king of this planet...!
Do you not understand how critical the situation has become now?!
I need you to be more serious about this!!
Ayla: Geez, you're absolutely right. I apologize.
Please tell us...
What is it that we should be doing?
Fujishiro: Heh, well that's...

Fujishiro: Resolving to share the fates of all of the organisms on this planet...
Ayla: Um...that's kind of hard to follow...
Fujishiro: In short...

Nozomi: M...
Koichi: Marriage?!
Ahhh but I can't imagine them as either a boy or girl...
(Handwritten- You're still on that?)
Ayla: By the way, who's getting hitched to whom?
Fujishiro: Obviously me and the king!

Fujishiro: And I'll be damned if i'm just going to marry any shmuck who comes from some unknown place in space!!
Just thinking about it makes me sick!
Koichi: But...
Fujishiro: But it'll be fine if it's you.
Honesty is the most important thing, beloved organism who lives upon me!
You'll just go on doing all sorts of things for my sake, right?!
Koichi: In the end that's what it is, huh...

Nozomi: N—no...
I can't possibly allow...
that to happen!!!

???: I've left a change of clothes outside.
Koichi: O—okay.

Koichi: Whew...
Rico: The orbelian sure was mad, huh?
(Handwritten- I was so scared.)
Koichi: Yup.
Rico: Gramps's tea set got dumped all over you too...
Ayla: You made sure to go all the way to their house?
Jii: Yes.
(Handwritten- Ooh! This is a car huh? It's as fast as I thought it would be!)
Jii: They certainly had a good time of it.
Ayla: That child...
Fujishiro Akiyuki? As I thought, he's a boy.
He said something about inheriting his family's business, but...
In Matsuyoko city the continuing temples have been family run for ages.

Ayla: A temple, huh...
Koichi: What are you doing there with the lights off?
I've had a bath so I think it's about time I headed home.
Since the situation has turned into...this, I guess I'll have to think of an answer for Earthy.

Koichi: I'll see you tomorrow.

Koichi: Sen...

Koichi: Sto...
Stop it!!
Don't do things that might have weird implications!

Koichi: For times like this you have to carefully create a mood...
(Bottom text- A man's romance.)
Koichi: And it's the guy who should lead off...
Nozomi: Hirose-kun...
You're an idiot.

Nozomi: I hate you!!!
Koichi: SENPAI?!
Wh—what just happened?! What did I do wrong?!
What was I supposed to do?!
Ayla: You two...
{Came to get some tea.}
Ayla: Now go home!!

Koichi: You're making a horrible face Ayla-san.
Ayla: Shaddup, it's your fault.
Nozomi had a negative aura the whole night long which made everyone else in the house gloomy...
ugh...I've got a monster migraine..
It's because you had to bring up your pathetic chauvinistic idea of romance!
You keep pushing away so how can you possibly expect to be embraced?
Koichi: I don't know. I don't know anything anymore.
???: Good morning ladies and gents!

Fujishiro: I've come to hear your answer after yesterday.
Ayla: Fujishiro Akiyuki...
Koichi: Eh!? So he really is a dude?!
Fujishiro: It's not read “Akiyuki” but “Angyou”.
Well, it's not really my name so don't sweat the small stuff.
{Fujishiro Angyou.}
Koichi: Angyou...? W—wait, which are you then? I stilld on't get it...
Ayla: At this point I'm thoroughly done.
You can have Koichi –I wish you all the best in your marriage.
Fujishiro: Good answer!

Fujishiro: Well then, come along with me.
Koichi: Where?
Fujishiro: We're going to the place where our wedding ceremony will take place.
The moon.
Ayla: You have got to be kidding....
(Handwritten- I'm gonna....get married...)

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