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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 63

A young heart wavers.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 63

I uh...why was this so hard, and I'm still behind even after all this suffering.

Psylocke scans only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 63: A young heart wavers.

{The moon}
{Existing as the lone satelite to Earth, it is the sole heavenly body that humanity has reached outside of it's borders.}
{It's diameter is 3474km and it's range from earth is...}
Ayla: Thee hundred eighty five thousand km.
Though we have other issues aside from Agyou taking you to the moon.

Ayla: We're watching over the gate in order to defend the earth from invasion from other planets, right?
I'm not sure how large we'd have to extend our grasp, but i'm pretty sure we can't reach all the way out to the moon.
In short..
Right now the star group that tightly encircle the earth aren't about to allow that child to take you from within outward...
Say, are you listening? I know this may not be of interest to you...
Are you okay? You don't look so good.

Ayla: Hey!
Koichi: Wait..!!
I get it!!
Then you can answer number three, Hirose...
Koichi: The answer was right in front of me!!
We do have a space ship, don't we?!

Koichi: Ayla-san! I just had an amazing idea--
Ayla: Hm? Koichi...what do you need?

Girl: Ah that boy was hugging an Elementary school student at the gate this morning.
It was a pretty passionate embrace too...
Girl: Wow, extreme.
Girl: Hm? Isn't that boy Ootori-san's...
Nozomi: It doesn't matter...
It doesn't matter to me who Hirose-kun becomes friends with!
Girl: Ah she's really puffing up.
Girl: Ootori-san, that's one heck of a face you're making.
Koichi: N—no, um I....
Ayla: Both of you come with me.

Ayla: You've thought of a way to get to the moon?
You do realize that since 1972...
Mankind has manged to not only find a means to the moon but to stand upon it right?
Koichi: It's Senpai's bus!
That's the ship senpai rode in to come here!
Ayla: Mmm....
Bus? You mean Nozomi's house?
Koichi: That's right!

Koichi: In any case when Senpai came here from Orbelio, she had to have a spaceship.
And I got to thinking that it may not be Senpai's bus.
Ayla-san, remember Voitek-san?
Voitek-san returned to space....
And if that bike is still around, then..
The cradle isn't restricted to the shape of a “ship”....
Nozomi, is this true?
Nozomi: I don't know.

Ayla: Can the bus fly?
Nozomi: No it can't.
I really don't know!!
That's been my house as far as I can remember!
I don't know if it can actually fly...
Ayla: Mmm...
Koichi: Senpai, let's go to the bus.
We'll search for a lead!
There may be a secret there you don't know of!
Nozomi: In the bus...

Nozomi: I don't...
Want to go to bus right now.
Koichi: Senpai....
I apologize for what happened yesterday, so please...!
(Handwritten- Yesterday...)

Nozomi: I just can't!!
Ayla: A lot of unbelievable things have happened to her recently...
Maybe it's best we leave her alone for a bit.

{Koichi view}
Koichi: Th—that's so embarassing!!
Senpai why would you do something like that...

Koichi: What should should I have done?
What do you think I should have done,
Rico: Koichi, what's wrong!?
Koichi: Nnngh..
Rico: Koichi?
Koichi: Nnngh...

Koichi: I thought about it all night long and in the end I really don't understand girls!
The only hint I have is what Ayla-san said...”Hold her”. So when I run into her again, I'll hug her with all I've got!
Nozomi: Hirose-kun you've got bags under your eyes.
Koichi: I wasn't able to sleep last night because my body hurt all over for some reason....
Good morning Senpai!
Nozomi: Good morning!

Nozomi: Were you waiting here for me to be alone?
Koichi: I'm sorry about the other day!
Now le-le-le-le-le-le-le-leap into my c-c-c-c-c-c-c-chest!!
Don't ignore me!! This is embarrassing but I'm still doing my best..!!
Nozomi: Kiss me.
Koichi: Wh...

Koichi: Th—that's....
How long are you going to be mad at me?!
Quit sulking and cheer up already!
Nozomi: You're willing to go all the way to the moon to marry that child, no?
Riding in my house no less...!
Rico: If the orbelian cheers up, then Koichi can finally get married!
Koichi: Th—that's not what I meant...
Nozomi: Idiot! Dummy!
Cradle robber!

Koichi: You've got no right to talk to me like that!!
Quit grumbling about stuff and hug meee!!
Nozomi: Kyaaaah!!
You promised to protect earth with me you liar!!
???: Gotcha!
Agyou: Heey~ I've been caught.
Koichi: Wh...why are you here...
Agyou: You were taking too long so I decided to come to school!

Nozomi: Get off.
Koichi: Hey! Don't be rough!
S—sorry! Sorry about that!
Huh? Agyou?
Nozomi: Agyou-kuuun?
Koichi: No way...

???: Star shrine...?
Koichi: No one's in...
Nozomi: There's a key in the backpack.
Koichi: You're just gonna walk in?!
Nozomi: Considering Agyou's parents left such a heavy responsibility they're plenty authorized here.
Once we catch them, there's a mountain of things I want to ask.

Rico: Ah, you're awake!
Agyou: This is...
Agyou: Ringo! Momo!
This is my house...
Koichi: ...this doesn't seem very “Earth-like”.
Ayla: This is convenient for “Fujishiro Agyou”.
Um you hit your head pretty hard, so I hope you remember us.
Though we did have you examined at a hospital just in case...!

Ayla: Geez, but what am I to do with you two?
Why don't you understand just how important Agyou is?
Koichi: I'm really sorry....
Rico: Agyou?
Agyou: You're the one who brought me back here, right?
You've deeply moved me...!
Nozomi: Um..that's not quite right...

Agyou: I've been a fan of yours since my previous life! May I have your date of birth, your address and phone number?
I'm saying you're wrong!
Nozomi: So persistent....
Ayla: When will your parents be back?
Agyou: My father is in the main shrine, and my mother...
Is washing clothes at the river...
Ayla: If you lie to me I'll hit you.

Agyou: Ah, that's right everyone...
You didn't come to meet with me but Ominushi-sama.
Ayla: Ominushi-sama?
Agyou: Everyone please come with me.
Ah, Nozomi-san hold my hand...
Nozomi: No!
Agyou: Whoa...
Ayla: Don't push yourself –you were out cold up until now.
Here, take my hand.

Agyou: I'm the happiest person in the world!!
Rico: Agyou is really funny!
Koichi: You think so...?
(Handwritten- Male or female or male..?)
Agyou: In this small temple.
Rico: What is this? The inside is full of dirt.
It appears to be a shrine which has an entrance built into the mountain.
Koichi: What's wrong senpai?
Nozomi: I've been feeling under the weather since yesterday...
Even now I'm not feeling great....maybe it's the air in this shrine?

Koichi: Are you okay? Maybe you should wait outside?
Nozomi: No...
I'm going.
This is a spiritual vein.

Agyou: What flows through here is a powerful spiritual energy under the earth's surface.
Ominushi-sama resides here.
Ayla: I can see something in the water....
Agyou: That's Ominushi-sama's memories.

Rico: It took shape!
Koichi: “The star's memory”...!!
Agyou: I like that name...
Mind if I refer to it the same way?
It's memories sometimes take material form and float to the surface.
There isn't just one spiritual pulse.

Ayla: W—wait....
Agyou: Nasty...
Ayla: Are you okay?
Agyou; I'm fine...
This is my duty after all.

Rico: I—it became “Earth”!!
Agyou: Since ancient times, the spiritual pulse has been the guardian deity of this holy land, but it was I who gave water to Agyou's ancestors during times when they were overwhelmed with droughts.
Since then the legitimate child of each generation has inherited the sin of that time upon their bodies.

Agyou: This is the “memory” of Agyou's ancestor's sin.
And it is my “memory”.
Rico: A teacup?
Koichi: The star's memory is within your body?
Nozomi: Uuughhh...!
Ayla: Nozomi?
???: Gather the Stars memories.

???: Open the gate.
There is no one who possesses that power other than you...
It's starting...
It's starting...
And if it's us...
we can start it.
Koichi: Senpai!!
Hold on!

Nozomi: The Orbelian king and the star group...
have their sights set on invading Earth.

Agyou: It's because out of all the jewels in the universe I am the most beautiful.
Nozomi: No, that's not it.
The king intends to make Earth a second Orbelio...
And the star group...
Wants to make itself the king of the universe.
After all Earth is...
Orbelio's legendary seal of state....
Koichi: Legendary seal of state?
Ayla: Nozomi...
Why did you keep quiet about this until now?
Nozomi: Hirose-kun...
You can't marry that child.

Nozomi: Because I love you, Hirose-kun.
As long as you're here...
I don't need anything else!

Nozomi: If I lose you then I don't want to live anymore!
I can't let you become someone else's!!

Nozomi: I—I'm going home!!
Agyou: So what do we do next?
Ayla: For now may I hit them once...?
(Handwritten- Those idiots..)
{They have yet to find a mean to get to the moon.}
Rico: What's the legendary seal of state?

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