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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 68

Guiding Star.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 68

Back on this shit again, and hopefully this time I'll make it to the end. I also realize how much of a pain this series can be to work on, but it's a good kinda pain --is what I'll keep telling myself.

Psylocke scans only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

{That's wrong.}
Nozomi: That's wrong...

Chapter 68: Guiding Star.

Koichi: We're being pursued! We can talk about this later!
Let's get out of here!
Can't you run properly?
Hop on!

(Sfx- Hah, hah,)
Koichi: Geez, they look just like humans, but they're Killshis? That's confusing as heck.

Koichi: Moreover, what's with you? You can't run or anything? ...Figures, they must have done something--
Nozomi: Kilshis are exiled orbelian criminals who lost and changed their form, I heard.
They lost their previous forms, but they have a lingering attachment to the human shape...
Even the people higher up on Goz would approach the Orbelian aristocrats, and races would intermingle...
Orobelio was weak and all...so receiving that blood would bring spirit to the family and households...
As well as suffering...
Koichi: You sure know a lot Senpai! Did the Star group really have that kinda history?

Koichi: Who are you?
Nozomi(?): I'm sorry.

???: A transportation skid....
They came along as far as the projected position and then found a gap in the coordinates to slip out huh...

???: Find them!
Don't think you have you'll keep your social status just because you have a human shape.
If you publicly embarrass yourselves any further...
I'll take your names and status and you'll simply exist in a gaseous state until the end of the universe, locked in the darkest hole I can find.

Nozomi(?): That's...
How nostalgic! A Eramean Bishahora, right?

Nozomi(?): It's such a primitive device, but possessing this branch heightens it's natural functions...!!
So the branch works in place of a power cable?
This is some fine technology!
Ah, Sorry, I got a little excited.
During my era Eramea was a secret planet –I'd really love to learn much more about it.
Koichi: “Era”...
You're the Orbelian Mana, right?
The wife of the Orbelian king.....

Koichi: The person Ootori-senpai used to be.
Mana: I read Nozomi's memories, and you're right.
Koichi: I know before me right now is Ootori-senpai. I do, but...
Right now Senpai is inside of you Mana...
She's sleeping right now...
But if this isn't what she truly wants, will you return her body?
Mana: ...If I can find out how then I will immediately.

Koichi: In all honesty my head is all over the place, but you don't seem like an enemy...
And since I'm not good at thinking deeply about stuff...
I'm going to take you back to earth like I would senpai....
making this real simple.
There are no problems with that, right?
Mana: ...You may lead the way.

Koichi: I've contacted our friends on Earth. We're gonna head towards the arsenal now....
and meet up with Rico there.
I've got a map printed up but it's kinda far.
If you try to run for it, I'll catch you for sure, understand?
Mana: Um..
Why not allow me to ride on your back?
If I'm riding on you, I won't be able to run away I don't think.
Koichi: See, I did that earlier because you seemed like you were in bad shape...
But you seem perfectly fine now, yeah? There's no need for me to tie you down to that extent, I don't think...
Man: Ah, a shame then.

Mana: I like your overbearing kindness....
So I wouldn't mind it if it were you tying me down.
Koichi: HUUUUH?!
Mana: You surprised me!
Koichi: Same here.
A—Aren't you married?!
Mana: You don't need to be so cautious! I don't mean anything that complex by it!

Mana: However I like being lead....
So please...
Take me away.
Koichi: What's with this girl....
Ah, dammit she's trying to get me to lower my guard!
Mana: So,
Are you and Nozomi dating?
Koichi: Ngh
Shutuuup! It's not like that at all!!
Mana: Hmmm...?
Koichi: I'll drop you!
Mana: It's good to be young.

???: It sure is quiet...
???: Yeah...

Mana: This might be a trap....
Koichi: Yeah.
It's Rico.
Hey Rico, you okay buddy?


Koichi: Guwaaah!!

Mana: Ma....

???: Bastard....
Don't you dare just casually use that power....
That power of yours....
Is Mana's heart.....!

???: A power you stole...!!!

Computer: Warning....confirmation that the ship is now now flying into Earth's orbit,
The ship is in the midst of approach.
???: I'll have you return that power....

Computer: Barrier output has significantly decreased, there is an opening in the atmospheric field.
The outer wall of the arsenal area has taken damage.
The crew of that area should prioritize finding refuge.

Mana: Wait!
Maha(?): So you've finally come to your senses, huh?

Maha(?): Mana...
I've been awaiting this moment for so long....
Now come here...
And let me see your face.

Maha(?): It's been some time since I've heard my name since there haven't been any other humans here.
When I heard you left your room I got worried.
How is that body fairing?
It's inferior to your former one in every way is it not?

Mana: I'm sorry!!
I cannot live with you.

Mana: I'm returning this body back to it's owner and this boy.
Maha: What are you saying....
You're going to once again live with me.
Mana: I cannot!

Mana: After all this isn't my body...
This girl's body is....what? It isn't like mine when I was alive at all.
So why, why....
Why would you mercilessly trod upon 144 lives all with my face?!
Nozomi is bearing the burden of her 143 older sisters in my stead...

Mana: The 144 you created...all of us poor souls....
We lived....
We were alive...!!!
And yet this is....!
Maha: I see...
I apologize..

Maha: You were really troubled by this, huh.
Worry not, Mana. Those girls weren't you.
They were failures who were unable to become you.
There is no merit in compassion toward them.
Mana: What are you saying?
Maha: It's fairly simple really, those girls were not you.
They were all created with your genes, so why did they look so radically different from you?

Maha: Do you not know how much effort I went through to create that body...
Mana: That isn't what I meant!!
I wasn't even thinking that in the slightest! If you just think about it a little you'd understand...
You were never that kind of person...

Mana: Has your heart already died?
Maha: You were only recently revived, so you're still confused.
You just need a little time to calm down.
Mana: Stay back!
You're not Maha! My Maha has long since died!!
You're just a fake! A nightmare!!

Maha: I am me, and I love you.
The 143 girls who couldn't become you have no value and that's all there is to it.
Computer: Warning, this ship is getting closer to a flight path to Earth...
The probability of colliding with the barrier is 98%.


Mana: Maha!!!

Maha: Ma...

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