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Saike Once Again 102

No Pain No Gain.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 12, 2018 18:01 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 102

Chaotic scans only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Take 102: No Pain no Gain.

(Sign- Brighton Ophthalmologist Clinic.)
???: There are all kinds of good options...
Even if we are able to successfully transplant the corneas, there's only about a 30% possibility your eyesight will return.
You'd be admitted today and including the postoperative time, we'd need to watch over you for four weeks.

Doctor: And then assuming you do fully recover, I'd like you to keep in mind that your eyesight returning would take around four months to half a year.
Saike: There's only a 30 percent chance his eyesight will return?
That's just....
It looks like I'll have to return to Mogura pond after all!!
Hizu: Stop that Saike.
If you do that, then everything I did today would be for nothing.
Saike: But...!!

Hizu: Today's my Birthday.
I told you....
To me this is a day for one to reexamine their regrets and correct them.
This is a “trial” that God gave the “up-until-now” useless me to overcome.
And I'm damn sure going to overcome it.
So just wait for me a little bit...
Saike, Ana.
I'll be back soon!!

Kuroda: How is he?
Saike: He'll be admitted for a while.
Kuroda: I see..
I apologize. It was me who involved him in matters this time...
Saike: It's not your fault Kuroda.
Where's Hi?
Kuroda: We'll be taking care of him.
I'd really like to erase it's ability to “Turn normal people into ability holders” you see...
But my oracle debug requires the one it's being used on to declare they want their “ability canceled”. For it to work...
Saike: Ah, and lesser pandas can't talk....
(Handwritten- I didn't even consider that...)

{We'll be waiting for you...}
{For as long as it takes.}
(Sfx- Gyuuuh grnnnd)

(Sfx- Buuun fwhoooom)
(Sfx- Gashaaaan craaaash)
Johann: You came back in the place of the Lesser Panda...?
(Sfx- Potaaan drip)
Silva: Johann!
Johann: Calim...
You do understand how important that Lesser Panda is, right?
(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)

Johann: Compared to your paltry life....
It's an ability user which is one billion times more important!!
So then why did you halfass the job and come back alive?
C'mon....all I'm asking you to do is not to get in my way.
Silva: You've gone too far Johann.
It's not as if Calim wanted---

Johann: I thought at least YOU were my ally here....
So why the hell did you come back with this useless idiot?!
We are going to make ability users of all people...
So that we can create a just, fair world without discrimination!!
Silva, do you think I'm wrong then?!
Say something!!!
Will: Johann I think you should rest for the day.
This is bad for your body.

Johann: I'm sorry Calim, Silva...
My wounds hurt a bit more than usual today....
(Sfx- Kara kara kara)
(Sfx- Patan slam)
Silva: Don't let it get to you Calim.
Johann is like that from time to time.
Calim: It's fine. I came back ready to be punished after all.

{Four months later...}
Mikan: Ah! Saike!!
Let's head back together!

Saike: Yeah!
We've got exams coming up next month, Mikan.
Are you going to be okay?
Mikan: Yup! Thanks to you teaching me how to study!

Mikan: Y'know that I want to get into Kurijo and study orthodox art....
Because my future dream is to be an art teacher!
And then someday my students will call me to their solo exhibitions....
And say “Teach, you're amazing!!”
(Handwritten- Because there hasn't been a stylish kinda teacher before, y'know!)
Mikan: And then, for my student's birthdays I'll draw their portraits....
Bye Saike!
See you tomorrow!
{It's been four months since then...}

{There haven't been any signs that Hizu-kun's eyes have healed.}
{Ana and I have been continuing our heroic activity as well.}
{Johann and his group haven't made any strange movements either.}
Saike: Ah, it's snowing!
{And to keep him from discovering Hi's whereabouts, Kuroda and his group have been looking after it.}
{If things keep up like this where time passes and nothing happens...}
{Hizu-kun's eyes will hopefully get better...}
Saike: I'm back~
(Sfx- Gacha clack)
{And Mikan and I will be in high school.}

{I thought to myself...}
{It'd be great if these days could continue.}
Mikan: Um...do you need something at my house?
???: Karatachi Mikan-chan, I presume?

Johann: Pleased to meet you.
I'm “M”.
Mikan: Huh?
(Sfx- Jaraa clatter)

{The next day...}
(Sfx- Pirorinn chime)
Saike: It's Mikan.
(Handwritten- Wonder what's up?)
(Phone- Text from Karatachi Mikan.)
(Sfx- Kapaah fwap)
{Received text/ From Karatachi Mikan/ Subject: It's been a while// It's been some time since Nepal, Saike. I thought I should let you know my wounds from back then have healed up quite nicely. Ah, that's right, your friend---}
(Sfx- Kachi kachi click click)

{Your friend Mikan-chan is with me. Let's trade –her for the Lesser Panda. --From Johann.}
{Time passes and nothing happens...}
{Hizu-kun's eyes will hopefully get better...}
{And Mikan and I will be in high school.}
{I thought to myself...}
{It'd be great if these days could continue.}

Yuuko's Kick.
Ana: Yuuko, got a sec?
Yuuko: What is it, Ana-chan?
Ana: Your kick has too many openings.
If you use it, your panties are totally out there, y'know?
Yuuko: Oh C'mon! I'm careful about that!
I am a girl y'know!
To make sure my skirt isn't turned up I kick like this...!
(Sfx- Buun fwip)
Ana: Starting now, you're wearing shorts.
Reminds me of someone....
Ana: You're so cute, Hi.
Hi: Hii!
Ana: But you remind me of someone....
I wonder who?

Mikan: Um...where are we going?
Calim: A place with pretty night scenery.
{What's going to happen to Mikan?!!}

And after two million years, volume 11 is done. I don't know what to say other than "sorry" that things got this bad off, but I guess it is only two volumes away from Japanese releases so that's something....I have been doing stuff behind the scenes but I'm glad to finally be back in my "arena" so to speak with manga TL's. You all may or may not know this but Saike is on it's final arc in the pages of weekly shounen Sunday, and while I'm sad to see it go, I kind of think it's done everything it can do without stretching itself thin. Really, translating this knowing what I do know will happen in the next two volumes puts a unique spin on things I think, too. Anyway I hope to be back with at least the entirety of volume twelve before the year is out. Thanks for being patient, and I'll see you....once again.

PS. I really don't like that translation of the chapter title but I couldn't think of a better one. Don't be surprised if changes mysteriously....

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#1. by MarijnLJP ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2018

I wanted to DM you but couldn't for some reason anyway I wanted to ask if you still are interested in finishing/translating: 'Lonely Professor and Robot Girl's despair like utopia'.

It seems like the other group dropped it, otherwise I would be interested in scanlating it as a whole.

Best Regards,

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