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Saike Once Again 104


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 7, 2019 00:22 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 104

Of course I read through this chapter ages ago when it ran in the magazine, but I definitely like it way more after translating it.

Chaotic scans only

Take 104: Trade.

Johann: Saike.

Just leave the lesser panda there.

Calim will use his chains to retrieve it.

And we'll return her to you as promised.


Johann: It's a trade for your precious “friend”.

Take 104: Trade.

(Sfx- Giishii grnnd)

(Sfx- Hyoooooh whooooom)

Mikan: Sa--



Mikan: Saike!!

Johann: Mikan-chan is hanging by Calim's chains.

In short we are calling the shots as to when she will be released.

Saike: Mikan.

Johann: Maybe you thought that if the trade fails you could just go and redo today or something?

I'm afraid that's not possible.


Johann: We've taken the courtesy of blocking your pathway down this building.

And the partners you'd call for help aren't here right now either.

In short, you can't return to today.

So be a good boy, bring that cage here and leave it.

(Sfx- Gyuuhh grip)

Saike: Johann.

What you are about to do is dangerous.

If you use this Lesser Panda's oracle to change everyone into ability holders...

There will be without a doubt those who will use these abilities to be criminals.

Johann: Heh...

You've bought into Yumewo's talk, huh.

You just don't get it.

There will be those who will use their oracles for crimes?


Johann: You're wrong.

With or without oracles crime happens.

All we're doing is exchanging “guns” with “oracles”.

The problem here is the “disparity”.

There are those who have oracles and those who don't.

Right now the world is distorted.


Johann: Things have to be fair and balanced....

And someone has to do it.


{Humans like everyone else!!}

Johann: But I'm a human too, Saike.

Erasing everyone who isn't an ability user....

Isn't something I want to do either.

It was when I was thinking this that I happened upon the Lesser Panda.

Johann: With it I don't have to hurt anyone in my bid to rid the world of disparities!!

And with that the whole world will become a peaceful place, right!?

Saike: That's nothing but sophistry!!

Johann: What's so wrong with everyone being given the same powers?

A long time ago humanity obtained “fire”.

It's the same as that.

Want to know the real core here?


Johann: I know what you're really scared of....

And it's got nothing to do with criminals lurking in those who may get abilities.

You fear that if everyone has oracles, that you'll lose what makes you “special”.

Am I wrong?


{You just...}

{Want to be special, don't you?}


Johann: Your life has changed since you got an oracle.

You who had nothing....

Were granted the role and duty of a “hero”.

But if people around the world were granted the same powers...

You wouldn't be necessary anymore.

You're just afraid of returning to your former self, no?

But that's ultimately your ego.

Mikan: What are you talking about?

You've been talking about oracle this and powers that since earlier...

But Saike is nothing like you people!

Are you sure you've got the right guy?

Saike's just a normal middle school student!

Go on, tell them!

It's the truth, right Saike?!


Mikan: There's been some kind of misunderstanding!!

We've got nothing to do with “M” or anything like that!!

Johann: Oho? Could it be that you haven't told her anythinig?

Saike: Stop it, Johann.

Johann: Hahaha....

Makes sense, actually.

I'm sure you wouldn't be able to stand it if your childhood friend grew to hate you.


Saike: Stop it.

Johann: If you won't tell her I can in your place.

Saike: I SAID STOP IT!!!

Johann: Saike and I are exaaactly the same.

He's an “M” that possesses an oracle that allows him to redo a day.


Johann: Saike, why did you keep that a secret from her?

Because there was no need?

Or because you're a hero?

It's because you knew she would reject you, right?


{I'm afraid of “M”}

{You're kidding right?}

{That you're one of their “allies” is....}

Johann: I said it before, right?

People are creatures who live to discriminate.

All things said, you understand this too, no?

That's why you didn't tell her anything.

But if everyone were to become oracle holders....

Then you'd be liberated from any and all discrimination.

(Sfx- Babababababa bababababab fwapfwapfwapfwap)


Johann: Now then Saike...

Leave the cage there.

(Sfx- Babababababababa fwapfwapfwapfwap)

Mikan: Saike....

That's a lie right?

…...It's the truth?


Saike: I....


Calim: This is a snooze.

We don't have the luxury to waste time on negotiations, Johann.
Johann: Calim?

Calim: All we gotta do is this!!

(Sfx- Pachiin click)

(Sfx- Zuruhhh sifft)



Mikan: Sa---


Mikan: Saiiiiiiiikeeee!!!!

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