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Saike Once Again 105

Sanshiki Sumire.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 7, 2019 00:25 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 105

There are actually a few series I kind of want to finish off/get back to this year, and maybe one new one. Though I think finishing Saike will be paramount since Chaotic scans is working hard on it. RYOKO is also returning so that's a thing too. Tbh, I just want to get back on translating regularly again. Hope I can.

Chaotic scans only

Take 105: Sanshiki Sumire


Mikan: Sa....


Saike: Cr---

{Crap, Crap, Crap....!!!}

{What do I do!? What do I do!?}


(sfx- Baahh fwap)

{It's no good....!!!}

{I can't reach it!!}

{Is there anything underneath me that can be a cushion?}


{There isn't..!!}

{Hizu-kun and Ana aren't here either...}

{Huh? Is this this it?}

{The end of...}

{My life?}


(Sfx- Babababababa fwapfwapfwap)

(Sfx- Bahhh fwhooom)

Saike: Eh?!

Silva: Kuzushiro Saike.

(Sfx- Doooon thoom)

Johann: Si---


Silva: You cannot die just yet.

(Sfx- Fasaaah flipp)


(Sfx- Shururururu wnnnnd)

Silva: Diving Fish!!

(Sfx- Rurururu winnnnd)

(Sfx- Hyooooohhh whooooom)

(Sfx- Dopunnnn bloosh)


(Sfx- Doryuunnnn swfffffft)

Calim: Did Silva just betray us?!

But why?


{What on earth are you doing....}


(Sfx- Gyooooooooooh veeeeeen)

(Sfx-Oooohhhhhh whoooooom)

(Sfx- Doooon Thooom)

Saike: wh....

Why did you save me....?


Silva: Kuzushiro Saike.

I have a favor to ask of you.
Saike: Wha?

Silva: I want you to...

Save him...

To save Johann...!!


Silva: Johann and I met in college where we were classmates.

This was five years before we became comrades with Yumewo.

Our major was archaeology.

It was by chance that Johann and I had the same objective...

So it was really only a matter of time before we'd become close.

There was a certain bit of research that really got us fired up at the time....

And that was...


Silva: The “Root of Oracles”.

{Where did our oracles come from?}

{And for what reason do they exist?}

{To find out was our objective.}

{We kept our oracles secret and traveled with the college's archaeological team...}

{Both of jumping around the globe secretly gathering information.}

(Sfx- Gachaa clack)


Johann: Silva!!

It's been decided!! Our next trip is to Mexico!!

{Johann: 20 years old at the time.}

Silva: Mexico....
The Mana ruins, huh!?

Johann: That's right!!

Get all this crap out of the way!!

(Sfx- gasha gasha gash crash crash)

(Sfx- Basaa fwapp)


Johann: According to our investigations, there's one area in particular that has had a concentration of actual eyewitness accounts of oracle users...!!

The south-eastern part of Mexico –the Mana ruins!!

Silva: But they've already gone over the necessary members needed for the Mana ruins research team, right?

What underhanded methods will you use to cut us in?

Johann: Don't go slandering my good name!!

I just insisted to the processor how important it was that I go to the “Mana ruins”!!!

Silva: But really what's important to you is going there for the “roots of oracles” right?


???: And so without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the new members of the Mana ruins research team.

Johann Dietrich!

Johann: Pleased to meet all of you!!

Silva: I'm Silvaano Da vinchi.

A pleasure.

(Sfx- Pachi pachi pachi clap clap clap)

(Handwritten- Pleased to meet you!)

Silva: Johann, about our oracles....

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

Johann: Yup, it's our little secret!


Teacher: Hm? There should be another person coming....

???: I'm so soooorry!! I over slept!!


(Sfx- Pitaaaan thokk)

???: Owie...


(Sfx- Kohon cough)

???: Um...er...


???: I'm Sanshiki Sumire!!

I transferred over from Japan in spring this year!

Pleased to meet you!!

???: Oh man, we've got a super rookie on our hands.

(Sfx- Ahahahaahahah)

???: Eh?


Sumire: Then you two are new members too?

Johann: Yeah.

Silva: Sumire, why did you join this particular team?

Sumire: Hmmm....

I wonder.....

Should I just out and say it?

Silva: Putting on a show are we?
Sumire: I wonder if it'd be okay to show you two?

Both: What?

(Sfx- Suttaaah tpmmpt)

(Sfx- Peraa fwap)

Sumire: What I have here is an everyday run of the mill sheet of paper with no unusual qualities!


Sumire: Umm.....

You there with the bed-head!

Johann: Bed---

I'm Johann!!

Sumire: Johann-kun. What's your favorite place?

Johann: Wha?

Sumire: Ah, no need to say it!

(Sfx- Boyaa fwap)

Sumire: This it?


Johann: Wha...

Why do you....

That's my house in Germany!!

(Sfx- Dodododdo)

Sumire: Oh? Is that so?

Silva: Eh?

Sumire: I can take an image in a person's head and make a photograph of it...!

(Sfx- Kohon cough)

Sumire: That's what kind of ability this is.
Johann: Wha?

Sumire: I joined this the team this time around because I wanted to search and find the roots of my ability.

You two are ability users too, right?

Both: What?!

Sumire: I know because I can see “fumes” coming from people like that.


Sumire: So then this will be a little secret between the three of us~

{That's when we met Sanshiki Sumire.}

{And the two of us...}

{Fell in love with her.}

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