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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 29, 2019 17:56 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 24

Translating not only weekly but almost immediately after the chapter comes out? It's almost as if this is a jump manga or something!!

(Upper Text- A new chapter begins! Start reading this ingredient battle action manga from this issue!!)
(Side text- Volumes 2 & 3 will hit stores on the same day –February 18th!! Volume 1 is in stores everywhere!!)
(Middling text- Ryoko has –gotten—a sister.)

(Side text- From this issue on a new chapter starts!! With the giant abalone defeated (eaten) Ryoko’s daily life undergoes big changes…)
{With the rainy season done, days like today where the heat is oppressive only grow in number..}
{After the abalone incident, this city has gained a new resident.}
Ryoko: Whew…
(Sfx- Gatahh *clatter*)
Ryoko: Ah!
G’morning Rere-san~!
{She’s using the home where master used to live before.}

(Sfx- Giiiii *Grinnnd*)
(Sfx- Baaann *slam*)
Rere: Hooooot!!
That empty house has horrible ventilation!!
It’s like your master or whatever sealed off the house so not even a single ant could get in!
The heck is wrong with you offering me a prison to live in?!
Ryoko: I’m sorry…it’s just you said you wanted somewhere quiet, so…
Rere: Ahhhhh, I’m so sleepy but I wasn’t able to get a wink last night because I was in a friggin’ oven!
(Sfx- Ngaaaah)
Ryoko: Um….if you want we could try Zen-kun’s place –it’s iron but it might be more refreshing…
Rere: SOLD! Lead the way!

Ryoko: It’s in here!
(Sfx- Dooonn *bamm*)
Rere: You sure he didn’t die in there?
(Sfx- Uwahhh)
Rere: Hey whitey! You alive in there? Wakey-wakey!
(Sfx- Juuuhhh *sssizzle*)
Ryoko: Rere-san!
Oh no! Poor Zen—kun..!!
Rere: Forget him Ryoko! He’s probably fried to a crisp by now!!

Zen: Whoa….I had a dream where I was drowning…
{He’s wearing a double layered school uniform…!!}
(Sfx- Baah *fwap*)
Rere: Strip, and do it fast!!
Ryoko: Re—Rere-san, you’re too bold!
Dad: Hey everyone it’s about time for breakfast---
Rere: Ah! Pops!

Dad: W—Well I suppose everyone is at that age….yup.
Rere: Wait! Hear me out!
Dad: It’s fine, Ryousuke is still sleeping.
Rere: Daaaaaad!!
It’s not like that!
I thought I’d be able to relax after coming to this city but after only a few days I’m totally sick of it!
I wanna go back home! Though the food is awesome –let me get seconds!
Ryoko: You’re spilling it Rere-san~
Zen: Say Pops? Do we have anything other than abalone? I’m sick of it.
(Handwritten- Sorry about that!)
Dad: Haha it was a huge catch, after all.

Dad: I see, so it was the abalone that was controlling Dish city huh?
Zen: Yup, that’s probably it.
Ryoko: Unfortunately we weren’t able to find any leads on mom this time around…
Zen: Then let’s go to the next city and look, and then the one after that too!
We’ll walk the entire country if we have to!
Ryoko: ‘Kay!
(Sfx- Fuki fuki *wipe wipe*)

Ryoko: I feel super hyped up for some reason~!
{Wait, you’re hyped up now?}
Ryoko: Awwright everyone, let’s get prepared to hunt down some early summer fruits!
Zen: I’m already A-OK!
Rere: Same here.
Ryoko: Well then…
Let’s hunt down some sweet cherry fruit!!

Zen: Yo, is the sweet cherry fruit strong?
Ryoko: It’s not nearly as tough as the abalone, but you should still be careful!
{Hmm…it wasn’t too long ago that I had my hands full with my own problems, so in regards to Ryoko all I could think of was ‘This girl actually fights monsters wearing a schoolgirl outfit’, but…}
{I feel like she’s got another major weakness…}
Zen: Man these weeds are huge too.
Ryoko: Why are you eating them?!
Zen: And what’s this thing?
Ryoko: A sweet cherry fruit seed!
{Meh, it’s whatever. I’m thinking about this too much.}
{But still…}

(Sfx- Gokaaah *thooom*)
Zen: What’s that?!
Rere: That was close?!
Is this the sweet cherry fruit?!
Zen: Doesn’t look very delicious….especially that head.
Ryoko: We’re only eating the legs that are the fruit, okay?

Ryoko: Rere-san, do you think you could intercept the fruit for a bit?
Rere: No biggie.
Ryoko: Zen-kun you just stay right there!
Zen: Huh?
(Sfx- Kan *hop*)
(Sfx- Gagagagaga *thoomthoomthoom*)
Rere: Wha, Was it aiming for a draw this whole time?

Rere: Whitey?!
Ryoko: You’ve got to dodge that! The tail is laced with poison!
(Sfx- Juuwaah *wfffft*)
Zen: Uuugh!
Rere: Wha…what the hell was that?
Zen: Ah, whoops.
Sorry Ryoko, the fruit part is beginning to rot away!!

Ryoko: I’ll handle it.
(Sfx- Borororororo *roooolll*)
(Sfx- Zupapapapapa *slish, slish slish*)
(Sfx- Botooh *tok*)
Ryoko: Phew! Made it just in time.
Zen: Sweet! You’re awesome Ryoko!

Rere: Wait, he rots ingredients that he touches/!
Ryoko: I wanted to wait for a time where we could sit down and talk about it properly…
Rere: Geez…
Zen: But it seemed hard to believe so we decided against it. But it’s true!
Rere: I believe you. I mean I thought it was the case back with the abalone, and this just confirms it.
Ryoko: Rere-san!
Zen: Whoa, that was surprisingly easy.
But frreal, thanks for that Ryoko! I thought the sweet cherry fruit was gonna rot away for sure!
(Sfx- Peta peta *pat pat*)
Ryoko: Ah…yeah, you’re welcome.
{Ah….this is gonna be an issue.}

Both: We’re baaaaack!!
Dad: Welcome back~ Oh that looks delicious. Are you hurt?
Zen: Nope!
Rere: Yo, Dad, c’mere for a sec.
Dad: Hm?
Rere: Over here.
Dad: Huh? What’s going on?
(Sfx- Jiii *staaare*)
Rere: Um…
Your daughter is…well, she’s really…simplistic, no?

Dad: Ah Rere-san…
So you’ve noticed it too huh?
{Thus the people concerned for Ryoko’s future…}
{Grew by one.}
Rere: Haha…..

Dude: The abalone I was keeping…
Up and died.
Rice: This failure is a major one, human. You’ve betrayed our expectations.
We cannot avoid reporting this to main force.
Dude: Damn, I really just don’t feel like
Talking to my

Dude: Superiors.
Rice: You’re….
Dude: How about for now….
You take this as a settlement?
(Side text- This guy is bad news…!!)

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