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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 9, 2019 21:48 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 25

Little bit later this week but still really good. RYOKO's slowed down a bit but I like all of this character development done right.

(Side text- The Japanese Sword wielding girl vs monster ingredients battle action manga!! The hotly anticipated 2nd and 3rd volumes will hit on February 18th!!)
(Side text-A harmonious summer with family!)

(Side text- Before the White rice is the mystery man who tore off his own arm! This man owned the giant abalone, but what is his deal, really?!)
Dude: Giving this to you will make us square then?
Rice: Are you sane?
Dude: Of course I am. I just need your answer before I faint of blood loss.
Rice: …fine.
(Sfx- Potaaah driiiip)
Rice: Prove your loyalty to us by dealing with your failure.
Should you betray us...

Rice: A myriad of rice will hand down it's judgment.
Don't forget this.
(Sfx- Fuwaaah float)
Parsley: That white bean finally left huh...
Dude: Oh? Interesting you'd say that about our superiors, Parsley.
Parsley: You'd have done better to eat that single grain of rice rather than giving him a hand...or arm.
(Sfx- Suuuhh wffffft)
Parsley: Heheheh, If I did that i'd pay the price back by a thousand fold.
(Sfx- Bushuuhh bloorsh)
(Sfx- Guchi clmpth)
Dude: It's not like I mind really.

Dude: If it's just one extremity to settle this.
Cause my body is meant to be used and tossed after all.
???: Awwright!
(Sfx- Zushhiriii)

(Sfx- dooon thom)
Zen: Snack time!!
Move it, move it,
The Lord sweet cherry is comin' through!
(Sfx- Gorogoro rooolll)
Rere: Yoooo whitey.
Zen: Oops.
(Sfx- Baaaann thooom)
(Sfx- Bikuu poit)
Rere: If you touch the cherry then it's going to rot isn't it?!
Zen: Ah so you remembered~~
Rere: You're doing this crap on purpose ain'tcha?!
(Handwritten- Your entire body is poison, dammit!)
???: Now, now Rere-san.
We don't know when Zen-kun's abilities might come in useful....
So treating him like some kind of germ is a little mean, no?

Dad: So why don't we just keep an eye on him for a bit instead?
(Sfx- Hahahah)
Rere: Hmm...
It's one thing to say something like that but...
That doesn't mean we gotta tolerate his foolishness.
(Sfx- Bori bori chew chew)
Zen: Delish!
Ryousuke: Yeah~
(Sfx- Gataaah clatter)
(Sfx- Bikuri poit)
Zen: Gyaaaah!!
Ryoko: Wh—what's going on?
Rere: Ryoko, If we leave this guy alone all of our food'll go bad!
Ryoko: But it's not like he's had any effect on the food we have here now...
(Sfx- anguri mouth open)
Rere: What's with the people in this house?! You're all naive as hell!

Rere: Nana, you really were a good girl who put up with so much, huh...
(Sfx- Fuuuuu wfffft)
Ryoko: I—I'll go clean the baths.
(Sfx- Gararara clattter)
(Sfx- Gyuuuuuuu squeeeze)
{Ever since Rere-san came the house has become much more lively.}
{Just a little while before I wouldn't have imagined having this many laughing voices here.}}
{How many years has it been since our home has had more people than chairs to sit in?}
{Our days are so lively...}
(Sfx- Pitaaah tapp)

Ryoko: But to me it feels like more than I deserve...
{I wonder if all of this happiness that I have now...}
{Will end up overflowing someday?}
Rere: What are you lacking?
(Sfx- Bikuuh poooit)
Ryoko: Apah!
Rere-san you scared me....
Rere: What's scary is you standing in front of the bath pail and saying stuff like that.
In any case it's about time we got to hunting, yeah?
Let's get goin.

Ryoko: Y—yeah. Hm?
Where's Zen-kun?
Rere: Hm?
Oh he's uh....
(Sfx- Puii wifft)
(Sfx- Chuuuun dinnng)
Ryoko: Rere-san...
Rere: Don't sweat it! Let's just head out and have a girls only hunting tour!
(Sfx- Hahahahah)
{Of course I know nothing is forever.}
Rere: So what are we hunting today?
{So as long as I can...}
Ryoko: Hmmm...
{As long as possible...}
Ryoko: How about Okra?

{I will hunt.}
(Sfx- Katsuhhnn)
Rere: But geez, This place here looks pretty jacked up.
It's like since that moment on that day...
Time's completely stood still.

Rere: I know I ain't got the right to talk, but hasn't living here this whole time been tough on you?
Ryoko: Yeah, but I've gotten used to it.
Rere: Hmmm....
Is that so?
Ryoko: Even after everything happened I still had my friends, neighbors and mother here too.
It's through everyone working together that we were able to keep living.
{I see. So it's not like she lost everything at once...}
Ryoko: I would have loved for you to meet everyone too.
{It's more like as the days marched on she lost more and more of her daily life.}
{I wonder how that must have felt...}

Ryoko: There's some Okra!!
Rere: Hm? Where?
I don't see it anywhere?
Ryoko: Look up this way.
Rere: Whoa, that okra is huge!!
Just what part of this thing is the okra anyway....?
Ryoko: We have to climb to the top and get the fruit.
Rere: Hm...
Awwright, I'm up today then.
Ryoko: Huh?!

Ryoko: It's really dangerous since it's so far up, though! Don't worry, I'll handle this!
Rere: Dude, it's not that different from the abalone so let go.
(Sfx- gashhihhh grab)
Ryoko: No! I don't want you to be hurt!!
Rere: And why the hell are you worried about me?!
(Sfx- Guguguguggu grinnnnd)
Ryoko: Because to me...
These days of living with everyone is like a brilliant light...
A treasure I don't want to let go of!
And I want to keep treasuring all of you!
That's why I'll do it! You just stay there!
Rere: Dammit….Is this what you meant about something being a waste?

Rere: You damn brat!!
(Sfx- Gagagagagagaga blamblamblam)
Okra: Kuraaaaaaaah!!!
Ryoko: R-Rere-san?!
(Sfx- Biiihh fwwwee)
(Sfx- Zugagagaag tamtmp)
Rere: Guh!
Ryoko: Get down!! I'll climb the okra!!
(Sfx- Zutahhh tmptp)

Ryoko: Your attacks won't have any effect from below!! It's dangerous so you have to...
Rere: Shut up!!
(Sfx- Dododododo Thmthtmthm)
Rere: Listen up sailor outfit, yeah you're hella strong, I admit it!
(Sfx- Goooooh whoooom)
Rere: But there's no such thing as these days you think you can protect by embracing them...
by yourself!!
(Sfx- Gagagagagagaga thothothoththom)

(Sfx- Goshaaaaaah Thooom)
Rere: And now I've gotten to the head, yeah?
Ryoko, listen up.
Don't try to shoulder things on your own like I used to.
(Sfx- Shuuuuuhhhh)
Rere: Even though I'm not as strong as you are...
I have enough strength to at least watch your back!
(Sfx- Doooooooooo)

Rere: So rely on your big sis a little,
all right?
Ryoko: ….Okay.
Rere: Now finish it off, please~
Ryoko: Okay!
Rere: By the way, how old were you when Japan got destroyed?
Ryoko: 11 years old.
Rere: Ahh so you're an elementary school dropout huh?
Ryoko: Hey!
Both: We're back~
(Sfx- Doroooooo)

Dad: Welcome back! What happened to you...!? Look at those injuries...
Rere: Ahahah...well y'see...
Ryoko: I'll go get the first-aid kit right away!
Zen: Was the okra really that strong?
(Handwritten- When I should have been there...)
Rere: Naah, you've got it all wrong.
Just teaching someone that you don't need to fight alone.
{I don't have an older sister.}
{But that day in the house...}
(Sfx- Bori bori chew chew)
Zen: I see...
{It really did feel like I had an older sister.}
Zen: I feel like I'm tasting lead in this okra...
(Side text- It's a rough world out there, but you're not alone – “Family” is there with you. Have some okra and let the summer times roll!)

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