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Ponkotsu-chan kenshochuu 1

The man who wants to be relied on.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 24, 2019 04:32 | Go to Ponkotsu-chan kenshochuu

-> RTS Page for Ponkotsu-chan kenshochuu 1

Aaaaaand why the heck am I even here. I'm not even finished with Saike and I'm attacking yet another Fukuchi series when it's not like I have the time for it. orz. Chances are that there's no way I can keep this up weekly so if someone else wants to step in after this that's probably fine. I just had to stake my flag for this even if I'm not gonna be able to do it. Though if you all wanna wait then I can do somethin' or somethin'.

Really, translating this was a joy. I'm still a little bit wary about it becoming a straight romcom since I don't care for those, but at the very least Fukuchi's aura shines through the whole thing from start to finish so I have that to look forward to. I'm not gonna stop people from scanslation *but* you must ask me first (at requestsforrufi@gmail.com), credit me at the end, and I wanna see what's going up before it goes up. If you agree to those then have at it, oh and again I seriously doubt I'll be doing this weekly.

The author behind “Saike Once Again” Tsubasa Fukuchi's new serialization!!!!
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo Rmmmmble)
{Had the misfortune of..Inheriting his father's “evil look” and...}
{his mother's “blunt way of speaking.”}
???: Hey.
You guys need help with something?
Everyone: N—No! We're good!
Pl—Please go right in!!
Don't mind us!!
(Sfx- Zazazaza sshffft)
(Sfx- Hyuuuuuuhhh whoooooo)
(Sfx- Kasa kasa kasa tpm tpm tpm)
{And not a single person relied on me...}
(Side text- At a glance he looks like a suuuper scary guy, but on the inside he's...not too bad?)
(TN- Typically I try to translate titles in a way that makes them accessible to English audiences, but there's...just no way to do that with this title that doesn't sound awkward. Maybe something will come to me later...)

(Top text- Four months after “Saike Once Again” ended, he's back at high speed!!)
(Yellow circle- A heart pounding new serialization of 42 pages)
(Red text- This girl is cute but she's *****!!)
(Handwritten- This guy is the protagonist~)

(Side text- A never before seen piece of junk support comedy boldly starts!!)
1st investigation: The man who wants to be relied on.

{I want to be relied upon.}
???: Putting aside my evil look, If I do something about my curt way of speaking then...
{But it's not easy to be rid of a habit that you've had since childhood.}
(Sfx- Burooooh vroooom)
???: Hey.
Need help with something?
Granny: You must think I'm a country bumpkin,
But I'm not so old that a scam like that would work on me!!
(Sfx- Piyuuuh)
???: Wha?

Granny: Don't you go underestimating the grannies of recent times, boyooo!!!
(Sfx- Pyrooooooo)
{I want to be relied on.}
{Though I had partly given up on it...}
{I mean is it really that extravagant a desire......}
???: Mitoooooooo!!
{However recently...}
{I had met someone at last who relies on me.}
???: Mitooooooo!!
(Sfx- Buiiiiiiiii veooooooom)

{It's this girl.}
???: Oh noo! Move outta the way~!
(Sfx- Buiiiiiin veeeeeen)

Mito: So today is a drone, huh?
???: Mito you gotta stop meeee!!!
(Sfx- Zatsh shfft)
(Sfx- Gashiiii grrinnd)
(Sfx- Guuun wfft)

???: Oh noooo!!!

(Handwritten- Whoaaa!)
{Are we seriously flying in the air right now?}
{On a drone lifting two people?}
{And this soft sensation.}
{I had plenty of doubts floating in my mind....}
{But they're always erased by one “truth”.}
{“Mito, stop me!!!”}
{Right now....}
{This girl is relying on me!!}
???: Mito,
Can you do somethin' about this?!
{I knew it...}
{She's relying on me!!}

Mito: Calm down.
I know you're panicking, but first just stay cool.
???: Got it.
Imma calm down.
(Sfx- Fuhhh)
???: Yeah, I'm calmin' down little by litt---
(Sfx- Gyumuuh smoosh)
???: Opaaaah!!!
{Came to her senses.}

???: Wha
Um, ah, wah...
Opa, Opa...
Mito: Huh?
W—wait, what's wrong? Calm down!
(Sfx- Pitaah crack)
???: Waaaaah!!
(Sfx- Baki baki baki baki baki crackle crackle crackle)
(Sfx- Dogoooohh ththoooom)

(Sfx- Ooooooohhhhhhh)
Mito: A-are you okay,
Yumesaki: Yeah,
S—Sorry about that Mito!!
Mito: So....
What was today's “ability”?
Yumesaki: Ah.
It's sorta....

{This girl –Yumesaki is in the class next to mine.}
{And three days ago she suddenly became an “ability user”, it seems.}

{Though her “powers” are slightly different than what you'd expect from Manga and Video games.}
{Every day the kind of abilities she has change...so you could say it's a “ability that changes daily.”}
(Handwritten- Ya! Hah! Oriyaaah!!)
(Sfx- Goooooh fwhoosh)
(Sfx- Byoooooh fwhooom)
Yumesaki: So today's power..?
It's ta turn anything I touch into a “drone”!
Mito: So today is a drone huh?
Yet another weird ability, huh?
(Handwritten- Though they're always like this...)
Yumesaki: Right?
{Information about what powers Yumesaki will have for the day are texted to her via smartphone.}

{The sender is unknown.}
{They describe themselves as “God”, but really we don't know where they're located.}
(On Phone- Today's ability is “Whatever you touch becomes a drone”!!)
Mito: Allrighty, let's get right to the “investigation”, shall we?
Yumesaki: Roger that, Teach!!
Mito: Don't call me teach.
For starters let me get another look at today's ability.
Yumesaki: You betcha, master!
Mito: Eh, whatever.
Yumesaki: The power to turn what I touch..
Into drones!!
(Sfx- Kahhh sheeen)

Yumesaki: Waiwhaaat?
(Sfx- Buiiiiiiin veeeeeen)
(Handwritten- Don't look!!)
Mito: Why on earth would you turn your knees into drones?!
(This is exactly what would happen!!)
Mito: Calm down for a sec, Yumesaki!!!
Yumesaki: Whoaaa!!
{Although she doesn't really understand why or where she's getting these abilities in the first place, we do a daily check on what her powers are and what they're capable of.}
{And I provide assistance.}

Yumesaki: Mitoooo, save meeee!!!
(Sfx- Gurun gurun gurun spinnnnnn)
(Sfx- Pyooon pyooon boing boing)
Mito: Just calm down and release the drones!
Yumesaki: Sorry 'bout that Mito.
Mito: Is this girl an idiot or what?
Yumesaki: Awwright, this time Imma try making drones outta my ankles!!
(Sfx- Kirih grip)
Yumesaki: You weren't kiddn'!!!
Mito: SEE?!
Yumesaki: Sorry 'bout that Mito.
I got to figurin' that if they were on my legs I could fly crazy fast....
{She's scrap. Yumesaki's a girl who's completely scrap...}

{Even though she's scrap...}
(Handwritten- I'll try my best next time!)
{She's the first one who's ever relied on me.}
{So if it's for her...}
{I'll prove myself useful no matter what!!}
(Sfx- Katsuh)
Mito: Yumesaki.
You're using that power incorrectly.
Yumesaki: Hm?
Mito: While it's true things like drones fly around and capture one's attention...
Their best use is “to keep something suspended in the air”.
(Sfx- Pitah)
Yumesaki: Mhmm.

Mito: For example, working at high altitudes.
If you could keep yourself suspended in the air then work would go smoothly, no?
Yumesaki: I getcha!
Mito: “Not moving” Does sound pretty boring on first blush, but depending on one's viewpoint it can be an advantage.
However the first step here should be to keep yourself from moving in mid air.
Yumesaki: Gotcha, master!
Mito: Now then, we'll use your bag there to fly up to the top of that tree and practice standing still.
Yumesaki: Okay!
(Sfx- Buiiiiin veeeeen)
Mito: Yup, that's the way.
That's good. Keep it up.
Yumesaki: Yer serious?

Yumesaki: Teehee!
I got praised by master~
(Sfx- Hyuu wheoow)
(Sfx- Gon thok)
Yumesaki: Ow.
Mito: Don't lose focus.
Yumesaki: Sorry!!

{I hadn't gotten a good look at her face up until now, but...}
{Could it be..}
{That Yumesaki...}
{Is actually really friggin cute?}
(Handwritten- Don't mooooove~)
(Sfx- Dooooon)
{No, no, couldn't be.}
(Sfx- Fuhh)
(Sfx- gon Tok)
(Handwritten- Ow!)
{I mean come on, such a manga-like development where the first person who relies on me happens to be a super cute girl couldn't possibly happe---}
(Sfx- Chiraa glance)
(Handwritten- Owie...)

Yumesaki: Ah...
Don't look over here when I'm messin' up....
(Sfx- Zykyuuuun throooob)
Mito: Grugh....It's fine.
Everyone messes up once or twice, don't let it get to you.
(Sfx- Biiiiiiin wifft)
{Holy crap she's cute.}
{What's going on here...Yumesaki is...cute?!}
{Yumesaki who's adorable as all hell is relying on me!!}

{Calm down, me.}
{What does it matter that Yumesaki is cute?}
(Sfx- Bakuun Bakuun throb throb)
(Sfx- Chuu chuu siiip)
(Sfx- Zazaaaan splissh)
{That has absolutely nothing to do with inspecting her powers, does it?}
{It's not really like I'm trying to get buddy-buddy with her anyway...}
{It's because she's relying on me that I have to go all out in supporting her.}
{That's right.}
{This is nothing more than an inspection.}
(Sfx- Guiiin thok)
(Handwritten- Owie!)
(Handwritten- Dangit, Imma do this again!!)
{Right, a secret inspection between the two of us that no one knows about...}

{Wait, but hold on...}
{It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call this a date then, would it?!}
(Sfx- Katuh sheen)
Mito: No! Of course it's an exaggeration!
Don't get ahead of yourself!!
(Sfx- Pikuhh poit!)
Yumeseaki: Y—yessir, master!!!
{Yumesaki chose me to be her partner in these inspections.}
{I don't get why she did, but it's my responsibility to live up to her expectations!!}
(Handwritten- Uwaaah!!)

{Begone you worldly thoughts!}
{Perish, appetites of the flesh!!}
(Sfx- Powan powan powaaaaan)
Mito: KATSU!!!
(Sfx- Pikuhh poit)
(Handwritten- Wha?)
(TN- Katsu or “喝” is an exclamation used to scold practitioners in Zen.)

Yumesaki: I did it Mito!
It's perfect!!!
(Sfx- Yaaay!)
Mito: G—great...
Now let's sloooowly descend...
Yumesaki: Ah!
Lookie there!

Yumesaki: Sure is pretty.
Mito: Yeah...
Yumesaki: It's scenery I couldn' have seen by myself.
I wouldnta figured out how ta use drones like this on my own...
More than that...

Yumesaki: Ya believed in this ridiculous stuff happenin'....
And I'm super happy 'cause of that.
Mito: Actually, Yumesaki...
Why did you choose to rely on me?
Considering my evil look and the blunt way I talk to people....why me?
???: Yumesaki what the heck are you doing?!

Girl: Geez, you're so clumsy, Yumesaki!
Yumesaki: Ahaha...
(Handwritten Ya'll go on ahead...)
Yumesaki: Why am I so slow...?
(Handwritten- haah)
???: It's fine if you're slow.
(Handwritten- A person from team two?)
(Sfx- Gotoh tok)
???: You might think that being “slow” is a disadvantage on first look...
But it's proof positive that you take your time to look at your surroundings.
And in that way it's a fine “advantage”, yeah?

Mito: Think of it as being able to see things –scenery that no one else can.
So don't let it get to you.

{I reckon Mito don't remember sayin' that...}
{But it's his words that saved me.}
{Mito is a kind person that “looks for the good” in things.}
{It's cause of that I....}
Mito: Yumesaki-san?
Yumesaki: I--
It's a secret!
Mito: Huh?!

Yumesaki: Until I become a right fine ability user...
You'll haveta look after me!

(Sfx- Zukyuuunn Trhooob)
(Handwritten- You'll haveta look after me)
(Sfx- Doooon thooom)
Mito: Gugh.
Yumesaki: Mito!!!
(Handwritten- Whoaaa!!)
Yumesaki: Mito!! You okay?!
Don't ya die on me!!
{If Yumesaki is relying on me then...}
{I don't care what I have to do...}
{I'll investigate whatever it takes...}

{Or whatever God wa--}
(Sfx- Para para para clatter clatter)
Mito: Wha?
What the heck?
(Sfx- Pirorin veeen)
Yumesaki: Ah, it's a text from God.
Mito: Huh?

{Congradulations Yumesaki!!}
{It seems you've found a partner to help with your ability inspections!}
{But it seems as if he doesn't know how serious matters are...}
{So with this he'll have a first hand look at the truth of this matter.}
(On Phone: God: In a year something like 'this' but a thousand times bigger will fall.//Do your best with the inspections!!)
(Sfx- Ooooohhhhh)

Mito: A thousand times bigger than....this?

(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Yumesaki: Um...
I reckoned it would be too much pressure so I didn't tell ya, Mito....
But a year from now,
A crazy huge “meteorite” will fall and exterminate humanity!
Ya get it, right? We're 'pposed to be inspectin' these powers that change every day to figure out which one will stop that metorite.
That's why it's a daily “inspection” ya hear?

Yumesaki: Ya--
Ya wanna pull out?
{So in a year...}
{Humanity will be annihilated...}
{Which is to say...}
(Sfx- Bontsuh whisper)
Mito: We'll be able to spend every day together for an entire year, huh?

Yumesaki: Huh?
Mito: WHA?
(Handwritten- I said it out loud?!)
Mito: N—no! That's not what I meant!
It was more like, uh...yeah! We gotta do these inspections every day or else!!! That's what I meant!
Because that thing that's a thousand times bigger is coming!!
Yumesaki: Y—yeah! Yer right about that!!
(Handwritte- Ahaahahah)
{It's one year until the meteorite makes impact.}
{The curtain rises on the daily inspections of the “Scrap girl with abilities” and the “boy who wants to be relied upon”.}
{Next time: Pudding!!}
(Side text- Save the Earth!! Close the distance between two people! Next time is a inspection with a color page~)

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