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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 15, 2019 21:21 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 42

And next, the final chapter. I glanced through this one when it first released in WSS, without realizing how significant it truly was. Ugh it actually makes me really angry that RYOKO ended up this way with such a promising story developing. I get the ending probably came out of left field for everyone but to tantalize us with such a good meal we'll never have....

{We first met in the research facility.}
{Both as the same test subjects...}
(Side text- And now “his” truth is revealed....)
{As germs.}

Ryoko: Huh...?
Rere: Who the hell are--
Ryoko: Master!!
Rere: Master?! What the heck are you goin' on about?
Master: Hey. You're looking chipper Ryoko.
(Sfx- Nuhah)

Master: Whoa.
(Sfx- Dohh bump)
Ryoko: We meet again....welcome back!
(Sfx- Sooh pat)
Master: I'm home.
And your dinner table sure has become lively, huh!

Kazuo: Welcome back, teacher.
Master: Kazuo-san.
You're injured....could it be?
Kazuo: Haha...it's proof I'm no fighter.
I'm only alive thanks to the grace of everyone here.
Master: It's no wonder despite it being your house...
I do apologize for not being here.
Rere: Wha...what the heck is going on here.
You guys know him? And this stuff about him being a master...
Ahhh I don't get anything anymore!!
Ryoko: Ah, so this is my master.
He's the one who saved my life and taught me the way to hunt foodstuffs.
Master: Ah, sorry for giving a pretty lady like you a scare.

(Sfx- Pui puff)
Rere: Well...
If he ain't an enemy it's fine.
But flattery will get you nowhere, you hear?
Ryoko: On that note...
Why are you here? Didn't you go to the Green Zone?
Master: I did go. Though let's talk about that later.
I do have another reason to be here besides meeting my beloved student.
Ryoko: Another reason?
Master: Yeah. I knew there were some traces around here but I never would have figured this.
Fate's a funny thing for you to have met Ryoko.
Heeey Zen.
We finally meet.

Ryoko: Huh?! What do you mean?
Kazuo: Wait, you don't mean...
(Sfx- gata clater)
Zen: Me?
Master: Nuhahahahah...
It's just like you to totally forget, huh.
Do you remember me? I'm Daitousai.
And you and me are both germs.

Daitousai: You've...
made sure to take good care of that, huh?
(Sfx- Boyate)

Dude: That's the decision we've come to. We're putting an end to this research which means of course your resignation is effective immediately.
Dude2: But!!
Dude: You do understand what voluntary retirement is, right?
This way there won't be any problems for either party.
Dude: U-understood...
{Speaking voices...}
Dude3: There he goes. But why was he fired?
Dude: You really didn't know?
Tenba's wife is a cop. We can't have the law knowing about our research going forward.
{Who's that?}
{Who's hands...}
{Are these?}
Daitousai: Hey chief.
Did someone quit?
Dude: You learn fast.
More importantly how about that experimental drug?
Daitousai: It's no good. It exploded again and people got hurt.

Daitousai: And...who's that kid?
Dude: Oh.
He's a test subject we got custody of yesterday. We gave him some medicine so he doesn't run wild.
Daitousai: Hmmm, so then...
Dude: That's right, he possesses the same bacterial irregularity that occurred within your body.
Irregular bacterial infection, known as the “germ” for short.

Daitousai: Oh, so he's ridiculously powerful too?
Dude: No. His physical strength is on the level of a regular person. His body hasn't been strengthened at all.
Instead it appears his germ is a dangerous one that affects his surroundings....
Daitousai: Yeah...
You can tell that by just looking.
(Sfx- Jyariii charm)
Daitousai: Hey!
Never thought I'd find a partner here.
Glad to meecha boyo.

Boy: Who are you mister?
Daitousai: I'm Daitousai, and we're both here for the same reason.
Boy: 'Cause we're sick?
Daitousai: Dang, is that what they told you?
Well, putting that aside tell me your name!
Boy: My name...
Daitousai: Whoa, don't tell me you forgot.
Here, let me see that thing hanging around your neck.
That's a mouthful...

Daitousai: Awwright. From today on your nickname is...
Pleased to meetcha Zen! I'll poke my head around here tomorrow, okay?
Zen: 'Kay..
(TN- “Zen” takes the kanji from the first part of “Kashiwade”.)
Daitousai: Heeeeyo Zen! How ya been since yesterday?
(Handwritten- Haaaaay)
Zen: Mister, who are you?

Daitousai: Hold ooooon, dammit! We just talked yesterday!
We're both germs! Remember?
(Handwritten- Does forgetfulness on this level actually exist??)
Zen: I don't know you.
Daitousai: You don't know me...just what happened to you?
These are injections to keep your bacteria in check? What's with this amount though?
The side effect is memory loss?
Zen: I don't remember anything. I'm not even sure....
What my name is....

{So his memories are erased on a day to day basis...}
Daitousai: Welp, no biggie.
We'll just have to make sure we have a day's worth of hanging out, Zen!
{So every day this guy I didn't know came to meet me.}
Daitousai: Hey Zen!! Daitousai here!
Let's hang out!
Hey Zen, check me out! I'm the president!
Today we're gonna have a labyrinth showdown.
Hey Zen-kun.
Let's have a showdown in Shougi.
Mornin' Zen. Be honest and raise your hand if you're the one who dyed his hair today.
(Handwritten- Teacher promises he won't get mad.)

Daitousai: Hey Zen.
Today I'm General Ramen! Though since we can't go outside today...
I've decided just for you we'll create a school atmosphere right here!!
(Handwritten-I got donburi and a school uniform right here!)
Daitousai: I'll give you my school uniform so try it on.
Zen: Okay...
Daitousai: As usual your reaction leaves a lot to be desired.
Just put it on and you'll understand how great it is.
See? It looks great on you.
Zen: The sleeves are all worn out.
Daitousai: I guess so. I'll tailor it later.
{Later that night I heard that voice again.}
Zen: Nnn.
???: WAKE UP ZEN!!

Daitousai: You finally woke up, huh sleepy head?
(Sfx- Dooooooh dooooom)
Daitousai: Now hurry up and get out of here.
Zen: Wha...General, what's that?
Daitousai: It's exactly how it looks. We were tricked and used, buddy...
and this is the result.
(Sfx- Meeeiiiiiihhhh baaaaaaaaaaah)

(Sfx- Gichiii grasp)
Daitousai: Geez, this isn't the kinda guy a knife does anything to. If only I had something bigger.
This place is done for.
Zen, you've gotta survive.
What are you gawking at? Run Zen!!!
Zen: Uwaaaaah!!!
(Sfx- Datsuhhh dash)
Daitousai: Sorry...
You make sure you stay alive, Hinoto Kashiwade!!
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmmble)
(Sfx- Jyatshhh dddsh)
Zen: Hah...

(Sfx- Goooooo rmmmmmmble)
???: Hey are you all alone?
I'm Shirataki. Who are you?
Zen: Uh...I'm....
Hey Zen!, Hey, Zen!, Hey Zen-kun, Hey Zen!
{It's coming back to me....}
Zen: I'm Zen! Yeah, that's gotta be my name!
(Side text- “Zen's” revealed....!!)

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